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February 17 2021



Nothing appears to be as good as Healthy feels! 

And surely, achieving this optimum health scenario often seems to be a task. With the current Pharmaceutical market thriving thanks to the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are shifting their focus towards more natural solutions compared to chemical substances. People want organic medicaments, they wish to believe the medicines they’re ingesting have an appropriate background and make them feel righteous. 

A sector called Nutraceuticals is here to stay and makes potential buyers and patients feel just that way. The sudden popularity of dietary supplements and nutritional derivatives in the form of either capsules or tablets or other dosage forms has witnessed a steady growth ever since the beginning of the pandemic. With people getting more environmentally conscious, the focus is now on how the marketing and sales of products will be able to surpass cruelty-standards and deliver optimum therapeutic solutions with natural methods. And Nutraceuticals stand corrected!

Here are 10 solid reasons why investing in this phenomenal segment will prove beneficial in the long-term: 

The Name Itself 

The term is derived from two distinct words, ‘nutrition/nutrient’ (meaning an energy-giving source) and ‘Pharmaceutical’ (meaning something that has a therapeutic/curative action). So, in short, these substances are derived from food sources and contribute an additional nutritional value to your system, exclusive of the food’s nutritional content. 

The Different Kinds 

There are typically four major classes of Nutraceutical products, namely: - Dietary supplements:

These usually follow the oral route of drug administration and are available in dosage forms like tablets, capsules, pills, suspensions, emulsions, syrups, etc. These usually include one or more than one dietary material like for example amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, etc. 

Medicinal Foods:

Such product types are devised specifically under the guidance of a professional like your personal physician for the management and containment of a disease condition that is dietary, whereby certain dietary requirements form a part of the treatment course. 

Functional Foods: 

This includes food items that undergo modifications to lavish them with certain medical or physiological uses. Also, other ingredients could be added to increase its therapeutic effect. 


Quite popular forms of nutraceuticals containing microorganisms that have intentional health benefits, usually found in the form of yogurt or liquid drinks. 

Avoid Nutrient Deficiencies

With today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, we’ve got less and less amount of time to worry about our health, our bodies, and the essential vitamins and minerals that we may be lackings. You might have noticed how after conducting a routine checkup at your Physician’s clinic, there’s been evidence of low platelet count or a Vitamin C deficiency, indicative of the void of some vital component within your body. Despite having 80% of the right substances within your system, a sheer lack of the remaining 20% still plays a role in determining your health. Nutraceuticals are a painless way to make up for the deficiencies of vital ingredients you may be facing, keeping you healthy and fit to tackle today’s hectic lifestyle. 

Redeeming Qualities

If you’ve invested in a trusted source for your Dietary supplement supply, you’ll notice how every packaged product boasts of having fresh, organic, cruelty-free substances that enhance a certain vital function of your body. And the claim holds. Nutraceuticals are thriving thanks to their carefully sourced and selection of ingredients, analysis of batches for the presence of toxins or contaminants or bad bacteria, and sheer lack of extraneous ingredients. It’s also delightful to note their consistency because the batch is going to provide you with the same ingredients in the same quantity displaying the same potency, every single time. 

Ease of Procurement

With digitization taking over the world thanks to the doom of the pandemic, purchasing decisions for the buyer have never been easier. Today, you can seamlessly browse from a variety of options if you have a stable internet connection. The websites provide you with evidence of every ingredient and nutritional aspect of the potentially good product, keeping you worry-free for making a special trip to the company. An example would be our stress-free and organized website: where you can receive a stream of options and notable information about our products with just a few clicks! 

Avoid Side-Effects

Nutraceuticals are enhanced with naturally obtained, fresh, and organic ingredients meaning they function similarly to the body’s system. This raises the bar for otherwise allopathic solutions, which require a large investment, both in terms of money and time. With its higher rate of acceptance within the human body, nutraceuticals pose almost no side effects and also possess a higher rate of efficiency. The harmful effects of synthetically generated and modified products are completely avoided in this scenario. 

Not just Physical, but Mental Health too

If you were under the impression that these nutrition bites were only limited to your physiological well-being, you thought wrong. Nowadays, with the epic progression of resources and advancements in the Pharma R&D sector, ingredients that help boost memory power, stimulate thought-processes, enhance your critical thinking skills and supply a rejuvenation to your brain cells are in the making. Your mental health is in good hands thanks to these great inventions, no longer forcing you to resort to strenuous ways to help rid yourself of anxiety/depression/insomnia. 

Therapeutic and Preventive Nature 

Unlike usual medications that only aid in getting rid of the problem, consuming Nutraceuticals actually can help to avoid the problem altogether. This indicates how the preventive therapeutic aspect has taken over major talks in town today. We’re exposed to a large variety of potential diseases and infections and Nutraceuticals can help us combat such issues easily. One vital function is how they help strengthen your immune system, preventing oxidative damage to cells and keeping you fit from within. 

Beautification enhancer

Facing problems of acne, eczemas, early signs of aging? Are you prone to hair fall or rough, damaged hair that seems to cause problems in your daily life? What about weak, brittle nails that always chip off or break apart when faced with minimal pressure? We’ve got Nutraceuticals to tackle each of these dilemmas. These naturally occurring substances also help in beautifying the skin, enhancing your texture, tone, skin surface, and providing a generally positive outlook to life. Your nail, skin, and hair health shall be in check thanks to them! 

Control your Lifestyle diseases

With constant innovations in the dietary and nutraceutical supplement fields, there exists potential to curb or control lifestyle sicknesses as well. This includes problems like obesity, osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, liver/kidney malfunctions, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, immune dysfunctions, etc. 

Now, it’s pretty evident why you should switch to a healthier outlook and invest wisely in your medication segments. With the trusted products of Alvizia Healthcare here to stay, your well-being is in safe hands! 

Try this revolutionary movement of Nutraceuticals today by making your first purchase with us! 

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