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March 12 2021



Being efficient at managing weight is not a something that is very difficult to understand or learn. With the right techniques and proper knowledge, you can be a pro at it, same as your nutritionist and dietician. People think that in order to lose weight they need to consult some expert and spend, one, but as they say all good things in life are for free, so you don’t need to do any of this. Just read this blog carefully and at the end of it you could easily decide the best way for yourself. 

Eating healthy is an important aspect but apart from it what can you add to your daily routine that can help. This bog will tell you about that only, whether it be exercising or some other new techniques which are practised widely and are also showing good results with minimal efforts. 

So let’s begin:

Cardiovascular Exercises

 Don’t get confuse between the two – exercise and cardiovascular exercise, they are completely different things. Popularly known as cardio, it is the most energetic form of exercise. The main purpose of this type of exercise is to warm up your body and make the heart beat rise. It is one of the best way to lose weight if you want some quick and effective results. Cardiovascular exercises make up sweat very easily and you would tend to feel tired in the very beginning itself but don’t give and hold back. This is a sigh of you changing your body. 

Cardiovascular exercises are also done in the beginning of some regular exercises but the ones who are into it for long. If you are beginning with the weight loss process then half an hour to one hours of cardio a day is enough for you. 

You can practise cardio at any time of the day but make sure that you are not going to sleep immediately after that and also that you are empty stomach for 4 -5 hours. If you feel dizzy during the process then have a fruit mainly apple or a banana before exercising or you can also have a cup of black coffee for instant energy.   

Cardiovascular exercise is continuous without any major rest as in interval training. So make sure that you are fully energised for the process. 

It is also recommended to do exercise in the beginning of the day not necessarily in the early hours but just after waking up. The reason behind this believe is that in the morning when you wake up there is no stored food to provide you energy. When you exercise during this time your body needs energy and then it uses the stored fat making you lose weight but if you exercise after eating your body first uses the energy from the stored food that you have consumed and then it moves to the stored fats. 

It not so that exercising in the evening won’t make you lose weight, but it is just that the process would take a longer time in comparison. 

Types of cardio

HIIT : This is the high intensity interval training. As the name suggests it is a cardio exercise with interval. The intensity of this exercise is very high.

LIIT : This is the lower intensity version of the cardio training. It is usually adopted by the beginners so that it doesn’t strain their body very much.


Another set of exercise that people usually indulge in is aerobics. Aerobics is a set of exercises that are done on a set pattern or rhythm. It is designed to increase muscle strength. It is said that you can even burn up to 600 calories in one session of aerobic. 

Though aerobic is also a part or one of the branch of cardiovascular exercise but has its own benefits. 

You can enrol yourself you an aerobic session near your place or can practise via you tube videos a well. 


Zumba is a fun way of remaining healthy and active. This form of exercising was developed by a Columbian Choreographer. Zumba is basically a mixture of dancing styles like salsa, cumbia , etc. When the core dancing moves from these dancing styles are combined together they form a group of pattern known as zumba. So with getting fitter you are also going to be good with your dancing skills. 

Zumba has been classified in many categories depending on the type of people opting for it and also according to the fitness goals. 

Various categories of zumba exercise are :

  • Zumba Gold
  • Zumba Toning
  • Zumba steps 
  • Zumba circuit
  • Aqua Zumba

There are many more in this list. If you are someone who wants to make working out really fun then you can opt for it style.

Intermittent Fasting

Moving forward from the physical activities, now comes something that can be incorporated as a slight change in your eating habits. Don’t worry it is not about don’t eat this and don’t eat that. It’s just about the right way and right time to eat. Eating food during a fixed time span can also aid in weight management.

Intermittent fasting can be easily explained as a way of losing weight by keeping a fast. In this you divide your day that is the entire 24 hours in two groups of 16 hours and 8 hours each. Now it is recommended to eat during the 8 hour group and keep a fast for the next 16 hours. During this 16 hours you should not eat anything but can consume liquids such as green tea and lemon water. Having tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, shakes, smoothes and other sugared drinks are not allowed. 

Intermittent fasting works for most of the people but remember one thing that do not overeat during the eating time. 

Remaining in calorie deficit is most important. If you indulge in over eating during the eating hours then the process  would be a worth less one. 

You can check out the Alvizia’s weight management products to reach your goals faster. Green coffee beans can be consumed during the not eating hours of your intermittent fasting as well. The link is given below. Do check this magical product. So these were some easy and simple ways of remaining fit and to ensure that you do not put on that extra kilos. With this weight management blog I hope things are a much more  clear than before.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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