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April 15 2021



‘Prioritizing good sleep is the best kind of self-love’ 

Do you find yourself yawning away for hours when you’re supposed to be hustlin’ to finish that submission or seal the deal on that project? Does sleeping rest at the bottom of your priority list? Do you think ‘sleep is only for the weak’? 

Sleep ain’t a luxury. It’s a necessity for optimal functioning. 

Now’s the best moment to change that mindset, revamp your lifestyle, and dive into the bountiful benefits of having an adequate sleep cycle for a replenished and wholesome life. Sleep is equally important to staying fit and eating a healthy diet.

Your entire schedule during the daytime is actually 100% dependent on how your night went. Was it spent sleeping for just 2-3 hours? Or pulling an all-nighter to complete your pending work? Or jamming away at the club instead of getting that restful shut-eye? 

Here’s what a Healthy Sleep Cycle looks like 

Your body’s internal clock termed the ‘circadian rhythm’ is responsible for your natural sleep patterns. However, with this fast-paced, ever-evolving world, there’s plenty of nuisances that could disrupt this cycle, rendering you incapable of putting in the average hours altogether. This could be harmful, not just in the short term but even 30 years down the line. 

Let’s have a look at what a basic sleep cycle broken down into 5 stages seems like.

Stage 1: This could include ‘light sleep’. You’d probably drift in and out of sleep and even the smallest disturbance or click of a pin could wake you instantaneously. Slower eye movements occur here. 

Stage 2: Your brain waves are gradually reducing in motion and this makes your eye muscles move slowly too. This is a sign of the beginning of sleep. 

Stage 3: Here’s where your brain waves are eventually much slower and could be called delta waves if viewed on a monitor by a professional. This is typically labeled as slow-wave sleep. 

Stage 4: Here’s wherein you’ve fallen into a deeper state of slumber. If anyone tries waking you, it’s going to be a slight task depending on the type of sleeper you are. Heavy sleepers have been transported into a dreamy state already! People that sleepwalk or have nightmares, all of it happens in this stage. 

Stage 5: Your body’s preparing to wake up from its previous deep sleepy state. This is the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage where eye muscles move quickly and one’s breathing patterns become disorganized. A steep rise in heart rate and blood pressure is observed. This constitutes the final stage. 

With the progression of the night, stage 4 gets shorter and stage 5 gets more apparent. This entire cycle takes about 120 minutes

Here’s why it’s important to maintain a Healthy Sleep Cycle Psychological well-being

- Sleep rejuvenates your brain, preparing it to be increasingly productive after you’ve woken up. It starts devising new pathways to help better organize your thought processes, curate better decision-making and problem-solving, and boosts creative spouts of thoughts. Your mental health could be at its peak phase provided you’re putting in adequate hours of sleep. 

Physical fitness 

- Healthy sleeping habits could help stray you away from cardiovascular diseases, kidney malfunctions, hypertension, diabetes, and other lifestyle sicknesses. One of the major advantages includes the prevention of gaining unnecessary 

weight. Lack of sleep increases your hunger pangs, making you crave unhealthy snacks and dishes, thereby leading to obesity in the long run.

Sense of Safety 

- Sleep deficiency oftentimes leads to fatal accidents or life-threatening phenomena which could easily be attributed to a state of distractedness or tiredness. A feeling of microsleep could also be the cause. These are small waves of sleep that attack you when you haven’t slept well the night before. Avoiding large-scale damage and feeling a sense of safety while performing day-to-day tasks is essential and possible, thanks to good sleep. 

Socially adept 

- Your networking and social interactions are also highly dependent on the hours of sleep you put in every night. A drowsy state of being hampers your conversations with others and could indirectly damage relationships, without you meaning to do so. Keeping you bubbly and energetic to tackle daily situations is vital for a smooth life.

The average adult requires a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep, at one shot. Taking breaks in between or napping for a few hours daily won’t cover up this requirement. This nourishing period comes easily to some, but quite often people experience difficulty falling asleep at night. Fear not, because the team at Alivizia Healthcare has got you covered! 

Our product called Alensleep comes in soft gelatin dosage forms to ensure you get just the right amount of sleep and benefit tremendously from this supplement of Melatonin which proves to be a natural sleeping aid. Being a non-habit forming component, you can literally rest assured! 

With Alvizia Healthcare, you should invest in a good night’s sleep, right away!

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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