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March 27 2021



In today’s time, the culture of Fast Food Restaurants has been insanely popular. From children to adults all have a regular urge to eat something fried daily. Moreover, India is a country of spices and lots and lots of fried food is consumed in our country in the name of these annual festivals. Adding to this fact, most people do not exercise due to various reasons which just adds to the unhealthy lifestyle we all are living for so long now.

Due to this, the majority of the population suffers from diseases such as; hypertension, diabetes, obesity, skin problems, mental health issues, fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems and many more. The major problem to all this is associated with the kind of lifestyle we all are living. Eating completely unhealthy and not exercising. Due to this reason, various Detoxification Therapies are getting a lot of attention these days. People constantly look for the best detox formulas in the market so that they can effectively get rid of various toxins in the body and potentially live a healthy life.

Looking at the hectic work schedule these days, the use of Detox Therapies is understandable. So, let us look at the importance of Detoxification in our body :

  • It helps eliminate various free radicals that are generated during normal cellular processes in our body. Elimination of these radicals is extremely crucial to maintain proper health.
  • Helps to clear skin.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Helps to reduce insulin resistance and hence prevention of diabetes.
  • Helps to keep our vital organs like; Liver, Kidney, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system healthy.

Now the question arises, where can one find all this easily in such a way that we can thoroughly detoxify our body with minimal side effects?

Nature has the answers to all our problems and for detox, it is Silybum marianum commonly known as MILK THISTLE.

It is a herbal supplement which is used to maintain a healthy liver and protect it from biliary disorders. The active component of this herb is Silymarin which is a mixture of flavonoid components and helps to protect the liver from various diseases. Moreover, it has shown to maintain healthy skin, reduction in cholesterol levels, reduces insulin resistance, makes our bones strong and acts as an immunity booster.

Let's look at some of the historical data available for this herb

The first report on Milk thistle was made by Dioscorides (Greek Physician) who recommended the drug to treat serpent bites. Pliny the Elder (Naturalist) in AD 23-79 mentioned that the juice of this herb along with honey can help in “carrying off bile” while, in middle age, it was used as an antidote for liver toxins. For many years Native Americans have been using it to treat boils and other skin related conditions. Moreover, Germans used it for the treatment of dyspepsia, hepatic cirrhosis and liver disease.

How does this herb act?

Silymarin is a very well known antioxidant having chemoprotective effects on the liver. Studies performed in labs indicate that this ingredient helps to stabilize the cell membranes which prevents the toxins from entering the cell and hence damage or lyse it. In rats, it increased the levels of glutathione in liver cells and reduced oxidative stress.

Why use This herb?

In recent times people have completely changed their lifestyle and the new changes have somewhat been detrimental for their health. Like eating junk food, not getting enough exercise and the worst problem of all being the environmental pollution these days which negatively affects our health. So, on our part, we can try to maintain our health by going natural and try incorporating as many herbal products in our diet as we can to protect the most vital organ of our body: Liver. So, it is better to take preventive measures to make sure that we can remain fit and free of diseases to live a more happy life.

How to use Milk thistle?

It is easily available as a supplement in various food stores and has no fixed-dose. For best usage always refer to the packaging instructions of the product. It is also available in the form of tea and capsule.

Where can you find this supplement?

Alvizia Healthcare has just the right product called Alvizia’s Milk Thistle Capsule (600 mg) 70% Silymarin Capsules 420 mg Flavonoids. Each bottle has 60 capsules (Detox, health and support supplement.)

Nutritional Value of the product : (Values according to per serving / 1 capsule)

  • Energy Value: 4.42
  • Carbohydrate: 0.042
  • Proteins: 0.31
  • Total Fat: 0.37
  • Milk Thistle: 600 mg

This product: Improves heart health, removes excess body waste, promotes weight loss, helps in liver detoxification and possess anti-ageing effects.

This product comes in soft gel form which is better over other forms for this formulation like; tablets, pills or capsules because the gelatin the capsules help to protect the ingredients of the capsule form oxidation and further prevents degradation of the product. Moreover, these soft capsules are very easy to swallow with smooth shape and contour and elegant appearance.

This product is made in a GMP approved facility which ensures the safety of the product for consumption. Alvizia Healthcare is ISO certified as well which delivers the best quality product for your use.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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