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April 17 2021



A popular dietary supplement called Ginseng has carved its spot in multiple hearts ever since it took its Asian roots on the planet. It boasts of mighty health benefits, making sure your lifestyle is deemed fit and active and always bubbling with rejuvenated energy! And what’s more, we’ve got ample evidence that proves just that! 

Let’s dive right into the tricks of unlocking life 2.0 by consuming healthy amounts of Ginseng. 

There are about 11 different breeds of these short, slowly growing herbs having fleshy roots shaped like forks and having light brownish tones to it. However, three of these 11 variations are the core reason for building immunity, thereby contributing to enhancing your healthy aging process - Korean (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer), Siberian (Eleutherococcus senticosus), and American (Panax quinquefolius, L.) Ginsengs. 

Worried about how you could benefit from the power of these three remedying substances without spending too much? We’ve got you covered. 

Alvizia Healthcare thrives on its fantastic therapeutic formula of Triple Ginseng - the power of three vested into one - for complete and true rejuvenation of your body’s cells, significantly promoting active living upon consumption at affordable prices. 

Originally, only Ginseng’s roots were considered to be its active constituents, however recent studies have proven how its therapeutic properties also lie in its flowers, fruits, and leaves. It masks the deteriorating effects of a bunch of disease conditions like lethargic symptoms, hypertension, high glucose levels, tumors, obesity, etc. Its anti-aging capabilities aim at nourishing your body inside out. Two of its strong points include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions - the gratitude of its major active ingredient i.e. Ginsenosides. Other notable ingredients like phenolics, phytosterols, alkaloids, ginseng oils extracted from the roots, amino acids, carbohydrates, and various other nitrogenous substances only enhance these positive effects. 

Working antagonistically towards stress, anxiety, and depression-like symptoms, Ginseng has the ability to energize your brain cells, making them thrive on active thinking, pondering to deeper levels, critical-evaluation of complex situations and revives problem-solving skills. It also shows memory-boosting qualities, which in turn prolongs the normal human lifespan to some extent.

Its antioxidative effects help combat deteriorating oxidation occurring within cells that hamper the usual body functioning. Your intracellular and molecular pathways shift towards brighter ways of smooth functioning of consuming Ginseng. Lipid peroxidation is decreased significantly too, followed by a rise in oxygen-derived free radicals that are responsible for lessening skeletal muscle damage and reducing inflammation after performing a strenuous exercise routine or working out for prolonged hours. This makes your body vibe more towards living a fitness-centered lifestyle, encouraging you to build stronger habits. 

As you grow older, your heart becomes slightly hypertrophic, meaning its cells and tissues increase in size and this dampens its usual response towards sympathetic stimuli. Ginseng’s anti-aging effects will avoid this cardiovascular deterioration from happening, promoting cardiac contractility which alleviates impending heart disorders and keep you pumping healthy blood for a pretty long while!

Another delightful benefit of indulging in Triple Ginseng is its protective and preventive ability towards catching flu-like symptoms. This is especially very reassuring during these pandemic times. Studies have shown how Korean ginseng, in particular, has the power to increase survival rates of your lung’s epithelial cells if at all they get infected by a virus. 

Ginseng is also found to stray you away from falling prey to sleeping disorders as its calming, soothing effects will help out your mind and thought processes at ease, enabling you peaceful slumber which shall help you live a more active life once you wake up for a fresh day!

At Alvizia Healthcare, we cherish your body’s vitality, reminding you of your most priceless possession a.k.a. your health. After all, your body reacts to what you consume. Let it thrive with Triple Ginseng and activate your lifestyle! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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