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March 12 2021



Consumption is alcoholic drink is common these days whether it is a party, night out or a gathering of the friends on a weekend. Some people enjoy consuming alcoholic drink because of its different taste and few consume it for relieving themselves of the day to day stress. Alcohol is made up of fermented grapes, wheat or maize. Alcohol is considered to be an antidepressant which gives the feeling of pleasure and joy to the person consuming. People who experience such an emotion feel relaxed and relieved of all their anxiety, problems and tensions. They began to consume alcohol on a day to day basis to experience that feeling again and again. Too much consumption of anything is very bad. The person then becomes an addict and is always dependent on alcoholic beverages to escape reality. Overconsumption of any alcoholic drink regularly can severely damage the liver and can also lead to the death of a person in certain cases. Consumption of alcohol should be avoided by pregnant women. 

There are many kinds of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, mead, a fermented tea, etc. 

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Too much consumption of alcoholic drinks can cause alcohol poisoning. When many alcoholic beverages are consumed within a short period, alcohol poisoning is sure to happen. Such a condition requires immediate medical treatment and emergency procedure.

Drinking too much 

Alcohol poisoning affects different people in different ways depending on the structure of their body and their gender. The ratio of drinks that a male and consume and that a female can consume is different. Males can generally consume more alcohol than females. Hence the danger level is the difference for both of them. Males can consume 4-5 drinks on an average but bringing on it during a short period causes poisoning. The same goes for females.

Risk Factors Involved

Alcohol poisoning comes with its risks involved which are :

  • Dehydration
  • Hypothermia 
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Damage to the brain
  • Death in some cases

Preventive Methods 

Consumption of alcohol should be monitored and should be taken by the age of a person. It is advised not to consume alcohol at all. 

Consumption of alcohol should be avoided when you are empty stomach. Being on an empty stomach fastens up the process making the body absorb more quickly than its usual speed. 


The digestion and absorption of alcohol are not the same as that of the food we eat. Alcohol is processed in the body way faster than our regular food. As soon as we take in alcohol it is absorbed by the body. That is the main reason for its quick and instant results. When you drink according to the set standards you are at no risk but when you overindulge in the drinking of alcohol that too within a short time, then you are at a greater risk.

 What causes Hangover?

Everyone wants to consume alcohol without suffering from its after-effects but never can this happen. Consumption of alcohol comes with its drawbacks such as hangover. 

The next day when you wake up, you don’t feel fresh and light during the early morning hours instead you feel dizzy and nauseated. Headaches are very very common in such scenarios. This headache and all these combined feelings are termed as a hangover. 

But what is the main cause of your body reacting like this? Studies show that when you consume alcohol your liver works at double the speed and during this whole process of digestion it requires a certain amount of water. So water from different parts of the body is directed to the liver to aid the process of digestion. When you wake up the next morning there is a feeling of dehydration that persists because now your body is deprived of water for a very long time. Your brain as well is suffering from the same condition due to loss of much water making the vessels long for water. This condition causes severe throbbing pain. 

So next time you suffer from a hangover you would know the exact cause of it.

Ways to cure a hangover

Have a good sleep: Alcohol can interfere with your sleep cycle badly and not sleeping when having a hangover is even worse. When suffering from a hangover avoid travelling, working on laptops and other such devices and avoid loud music as well which can further work towards making your condition even more severe. Having good sleep can help in such a condition.

Eat Well: Not eating anything can also affect you badly. When you would eat something your body would regain all the nutrients and water that it has lost.

Try hangover drinks: People find hangover drinks helpful in such a condition. These are the drinks that can help you hydrate and gain all the water that your body has lost in the process of absorption. Coconut water, Lemon water and whipped raw egg can also help. Try to consume them in large quantities.

You can also try out Alvizia’s hangover kit with contains pills that can help you with your hangover. 

Avoid working out: Doing physical exercises the next morning after waking up even when you are not feeling well can again hamper your health. Though alcohol has many calories and can make you gain weight on a regular consumption that does not mean that you need to rush to the gym immediately. Exercising in such a condition can eve give you some kind of injury as your body is not in your full control. 

So as for knowledge, you know all the dos and don’ts of alcohols and the severe condition that you can suffer from if you binge drinking this alcoholic beverage. Also, one thing should be kept in mind that if you are drinking then just drink that much amount which your body can easily process. It is seen at times that people do not know the amount that would be enough and end up passing out. Always know your limitations and the precautionary measures before trying out anything.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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