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March 02 2021



Detoxification or removing harmful toxins from your body is all about resting, nourishing, cleansing your body and mind inside out. It will not only protect you from diseases but also help in having a healthy body and mind. Given below are some easy ways for rejuvenating your body.

  • Choosing the right meal: This kind of diet helps in eliminating all kinds of toxins, harmful chemicals, preservatives, that may enter into your system as a result of consuming too much packaged-food, eating outside, lack of nutrients and poor food habits. This will help in the faster absorption of useful minerals and vitamins into your system. Lemon juice and water in the morning, fruit juices or vegetable soups go a long way in cleansing your liver and kidneys as well as limiting the consumption of potassium. Refrain from packaged juices and switch to completely organic vegetables obtained from locally grown or farmer markets. Some of the recommended juice detox recipes include Turmeric ginger smoothie, amla and neem juice, cucumber and ginger detox smoothie etc. Focus on good fats like nuts, almonds; instead of dairy products switch to almond, avocado or soy milk. Include balanced amounts of good protein, good fat and good carbs but don’t go low fat as good fat will never make you obese. Snack on almonds, nuts, berries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts every three hours in small quantities. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Water is the solution to everything, in fact, our body consists mostly of water. It plays a vital role in the prevention of diseases and is the only key for proper detoxification of your entire body. Besides, it maintains the normal functioning of various organs, eliminates excess fat and prevents early ageing. It flushes out harmful microbes, toxins, chemicals, free radicals from your body and it cures most of the skin issues and gives you clear glowing skin. Also, avoid plastic water bottles as much as possible, besides being harmful to the environment they are also bad for your health; use either glass bottles, stainless steel or copper water bottles. This will also keep your hormonal levels normal. Water deficiency in your system can induce sleepiness, dark circles, low blood pressure, digestive problems and what not! Besides drinking fluids you can boost your water intake through the fruits and foods you are eating. For example, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, zucchinis, leafy greens etc. Thus, total hydration reaps immense health benefits and is an important part of detoxification. 
  • Drink healthy beverages and avoid alcohol or caffeine: Sugar, alcohol, unhealthy beverages like caffeine etc, interferes with your brain health and metabolism. Minimize your caffeine intake and replace it with green tea or chamomile tea. Vitamin C will help in restoring and balancing your system. Withdrawal symptoms resulting from these can be resolved by drinking plenty of water, sleeping, working out etc. Kill random hunger pangs by snacking on nuts, seeds, fruits, dry fruits, protein bites, cooked beans or peanut butter. Vitamin B3 supplements help in detoxifying your body from alcohol and is a vital mineral for healing your body during the time of detox. Refrain from high sugar foods as they result in vitamin deficiencies and may create excessive stress on your body. 
  • Start your day with a glass of lemon water: Consuming lemon water in the morning has plenty of benefits. It helps in digesting food, keeps you hydrated, keeps your skin glowing, gives you the essential potassium boost, helps in preventing kidney stones, checks the vitamin C level that you need for preventing flu or diseases and what not! Taking lemon with hot water helps in losing weight, increasing the collagen level of your skin and preventing acne breakouts. 
  • Have enough sleep: Researches have shown that adequate and sufficient sleep is needed for the body’s natural detoxification to occur. 6-8 hours of minimum sleep will not only freshen your mood, it will also help your brain to recharge and reorganise itself. 
  • Take probiotics: Probiotics help in increasing the good bacteria in your gut which helps to freshen and detoxify your system. More the number of good bacteria in your stomach, the less will be the chances of harmful microorganisms invading your body. They also help in increasing the absorption of nutrients, B vitamins which help in detoxifying your body in a better way. Patients under antibiotics will also feel a lot of rejuvenated after taking probiotics.  
  • Sweat your toxins out: Stretching your muscles and body is important for letting the blood flow efficiently and preventing fatigue. Exercising daily is a good and easier way to detoxifying your body. A lot of toxins are said to flush out from the body in the form of sweat, for example, heavy metals, bisphenol etc. Doing proper workouts like yoga, pilates, light cardio or even a 20-minute run goes a long way into excreting the toxins out of your system. 
  • Decrease your sugar and salt intake: Many of us have increased levels of sodium and sugar in our body, which we don’t need; if you require an additional boost of flavour, add pepper or garlic instead. Limit the usage of sugar and replace it with maple syrup, honey, fruit jam, monk fruit or coconut nectar. Artificial sweeteners are harmful to your body too. High sugar inputs will cause fatty liver, diabetes, kidney diseases, and other chronic diseases which eventually prevent your body from naturally detoxifying itself. Similarly, too much salt can increase your body’s water retention which can be eliminated by taking foods rich in potassium. 
  • Avoid packaged food: Natural options are always better than processed substitutes. Not only are they financially beneficial they are stomach-friendly too. Replace frozen meat and veggies with farm-fresh alternatives, try cooking healthier and preservative-free versions of those frozen meals at home. 
  • Include the right supplements: When it comes to using supplements that aid in detoxifying your body, milk thistle is the one that tops the list. It is a herb which is found in the form of supplements that has potential antioxidants and also anti inflammatory properties. It protects your liver, boosts glutathione productions, reverses the damage done to your liver caused from alcohol, antibiotics or pollution. Other supplements include magnesium, diatomaceous earth, schisandra and garcinia cambogia. 

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Thus, maintaining the consistency and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will definitely help you in properly rejuvenating and detoxifying your body. 

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