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March 30 2021



Garcinia is obtained from the tree by the same name garcinia that is grown in parts of Asia mainly in the southeastern part. This is a quite medical and magical tree that contains HCA with is an enzyme. HCA stand for Hydroxycitric Acid.

The usefulness of Garcinia


Many times we all feel that we cannot exercise for long and can’t even maintain the normal exercising routine. Well, this is because of our low endurance capacity. Having a low endurance can be felt as larger rest air (i.e. the time after any physical activity that your body usually takes to recover and get into the normal condition). Whenever you feel like your muscle start to pain after even moving for a short while or you start to feel shortness in a breath then all these are the immediate symptoms of low endurance. To overcome them Garcinia should be incorporated in your regular intake of health supplements. Garcinia is known for increasing your endurance.

Garcinia Cambogia: Safe for Weight Loss?

Controls Appetite

Garcinia plays a major role in controlling your appetite and hunger pangs that you experience. Hunger pangs that one feels immediately leads one to eat something and hence disturbs your appetite. This is why garcinia is an important health supplement when it comes to weight loss and control.


The HCA that is present in garcinia can effectively control your weight as it has a high amount of citric acid that helps your body to cut fat. Don’t mistake garcinia for a fat cutter as it isn’t, but a health supplement that can help. People suffering from obesity are recommended to take garcinia complex tablets regularly.

Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, weight management

Helps untrained people

Athletes who have been away from the playfield for a long time find too difficult to perform. It also takes time for them to return to their normal form and regain all their lost stamina and strength. Garcinia comes to their rescue in such situations. As mentioned above by increasing the endurance.

Blocks production of fat

This is one thing that can help a lot. If you have conditioned your body in such a way that it does not even produce or store fat then one half of the problem is already solved, isn’t it? Therefore garcinia does the inner work for you by blocking the fat production in the body. 

Other benefits

 Garcinia is not only useful when it comes to weight loss and something that is related to the physical bodily movement but has many other benefits such as it can relieve you from diarrhoea, joint pain and constipation problems. So garcinia is a wonderful thing to incorporate. 

Some precautions that must be taken

Side effects

Garcinia can have some mild side effects but can be prevented if consumed correctly. If you are allergic or something or if or any undistinguished reason if garcinia doesn’t suit you then you may encounter some mild fever, itching and headache. So it is better that you first consult a doctor and then only take any further step. If you think that you can face any such situation then please avoid consuming garcinia without any medical prescription.


 Women who are pregnant and lactating mother should avoid consuming garcinia as it may affect the health of the child. 

Hidden facts about Garcinia

Size of the fruit

As you already know that garcinia is extracted from a tree. This tree bears some fruit from which garcinia is processed. Usually, this fruit is of the assize of tomato but can grow up to the size of a grapefruit.

Garcinia, Green Tea ad Green Coffee Bean Herbal Extract

Also used as a flavouring agent

Apart from being of so much medicinal help and value the fruit of the garcinia tree is also used as a flavouring agent to add that extra taste. Garcinia fruit when grows up is dried and smoked and turns somewhat black. This fruit is now used extensively as a spice.

Hidden fat

Can you even imagine something that can be a healthy replacement of all the ghee and butter that you consume. If until now you couldn’t, now you would know that thing for sure. This thing is nothing other than the seeds of the garcinia fruit. Yes! It’s a fact that the seeds of the garcinia tree have at least 30% fat content. This is the reason why the seeds can be used as a replacement and this is not just theory but an actual reality. The seeds are being used in parts of the world.

Fat conversion

One of the biggest reasons that led garcinia to be known to the world is its weight loss enzymes, but do you know how does it happen. There is no miracle behind, but a simple procedure that involves a process in which the stored fat gets converted into calories. This conversion leaves no fat stored in the body and hence aids weight loss. It was 1998 when garcinia was first tested. It is only after this when people began to lose weight and gave all the credit to this miraculous product. 

The rat experiment

Though it is a very funny fact but needs to be shared to add a bit of humour to the information provided. Garcinia was discovered when few rats who consumed the garcinia fruit began to lose weight after a consistent period. These rats were observed and the results were shocking. This is what led to the actual discovery of garcinia.


It is generally prescribed that you should go for the solid version of garcinia as it is a more complex and easily suited form. The medicine form is easy to consume and carry around. It is also the form than can be easily found without any adulteration. 

Garcinia capsules if taken on an empty stomach provide you with the maximum results. Otherwise, it could be consumed before meals as well. 

Alvizia’s garcinia complex capsules are the best that you can go for.

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