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April 12 2021



Quite funnily, yes! Today’s ingredient was genuinely named the ‘King’s Cure-All’ thanks to its all-in-one kind of therapeutic relief provided even during the historical periods. Ancient civilizations spoke marvels of this product’s widespread benefits and at Alvizia Healthcare, the formula has been refined to meet quite a lot of your expectations. Learn just what exactly we’re talking about by reading ahead! 

On display, we have right here, Aleneve, a product designed solely for our beautiful women who wish to experience the lavish lifestyle effects of this soothing solution - Evening Primrose Oil soft gelatin capsules! 

This rich source of omega-6 fatty acids is derived from its native plant’s seeds which are scientifically called Oenothera biennis. Known since ages for its numerous applications for the human body - especially having a systematic reference - this oil has been purchased repeatedly by a large number of beauty gurus who claim its all-around effects have worked wonders on their skin and general well-being. The major component targeting these potentially beneficial effects is GLA i.e.gamma-linolenic acid, a commonly obtained substance in plant oils. Its healing properties are the reason people in the past used to call it the King’s Cure-All. 

This botanical ingredient forms a primary additive to most skincare products solely because of its revitalizing abilities, hormonal balancing skills, and skin health maintenance. But, omega-6 isn’t the only one to be grateful to for this. Let’s breakdown each ingredient’s positive effects so you have a brief of what to expect: 

Linoleic acids 

These usually possess anti-inflammatory actions, they activate the moisture-retention ability of your skin, hydrating it just the right amount. They also aid with soothing the skin’s surface, preventing acne formation, reducing unbalanced chemicals within the surface, and prolonging periods of skin softness. Their wound-healing ability has been attributed to making the skin more elastic in nature, thereby having anti-aging properties. 

Gamma-linolenic acids

These also tend to reduce inflammation and help nourish your skin cells by promoting fatty acid secretions in the desired amounts. Healthy, sustainable, and strong skin could be obtained thanks to the softness and elastic nature it imparts to your skin’s surface. In turn, the smooth functioning of the internal skin layers takes place. 

Stearic Acid 

Beauty enthusiasts often recommend this as a part of their products’ ingredients as it possesses skin softening and cleansing abilities. It contributes to the removal of excessive sebum, oil, dirt, and sweat from the skin. This would undoubtedly leave your skin with a healthy glow. 

Oleic Acids 

Also said to be rich sources of Omega-9, these have shown evidence of having antioxidant properties that help keep your skin healthy and increase the supple nature of its surface. 

Palmitic Acid 

Famous for its emollient-like activity, it is a common saturated fatty acid found in Evening Primrose oil. People experiencing excessively sticky, oily, or greasy skin types could benefit from the soothing and refreshing nature of this substance. The skin remains moist, so dryness is avoided and intact, indicating that easy wear and tear is eliminated too. 

Now let’s move on to some verified benefits of our King’s Cure-All, the reasons why an investment in this botanical magic shall pay you in years of bountiful bliss! 

For Acne

For those suffering from severe acne breakouts, some of the common noticeable symptoms might be dry skin patches, oily layers, itching, greasy feeling on the skin, etc. Evening Primrose oil has been advised as a solution to better hydrate the skin, alleviate acne formation, relieve oily sensations, and provide a seamless glowy texture to your general skin tone. Studies have also shown how it improves the dry, scratchy feeling in multiple clinical trials case populations, garnering positive feedback from those that included it in their diets. 

For Eczema

Atopic dermatitis is the scientific term for eczema which is the skin condition leading up to reddish colored rashes and an itchy sensation spreading all through the skin surface, leading to unbearable discomfort. Originating from North America, this Evening Primrose Oil has been prescribed as a possible solution along with original treatment options to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with eczema in a large number of patients. It especially helps reduce the unbearable itchiness that occurs on skin patches. 

For Kidney Stones

Renal stones refer to the formation of hard mineral and acid salt deposits within the kidneys, blocking the smooth passage of urine from the tract, resulting in painful urination. Studies have indicated how the gamma-linolenic acid content of this product could help decrease this oxalate salt accumulation, which is the most common type of kidney stone content. So, it has been attributed to both, preventing renal stone formation and also aid with infection-induced stones. 

For Cystic Fibrosis

This is a genetically inherited disorder that primarily attacks the lungs and associated digestive regions, making mucous, sweat, and digestive juices thick in viscosity, blocking out the lungs and ruining pancreatic functions. People with this disease tend to have much shorter lifespans. A study conducted in Spain suggested that prolonged administration of small doses of gamma-linolenic acid is observed to have a therapeutic effect on the pulmonary conditions of patients suffering from this disorder. Since this ingredient is the majorly active one in the product, Evening Primrose oil may have potentially good benefits too. 

For Epilepsy

You must be aware of this seizure disorder that renders disturbed nerve cell activity within the brain, compromising on neurological functions. A singular trace constituent of Evening Primrose oil displayed anticonvulsant activity in multiple research studies, which is what promotes it as a possible therapeutic measure for epileptic patients. These studies also proved how the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in the product seemed to help stabilize neuronal membranes, preventing convulsions from happening. 

For Vaginal Dryness

Known as an organic remedy for various women’s reproductive health problems, this product has helped with vaginal dryness and in the alleviation of PMS symptoms. The omega-6 rich content has enabled it to work as a natural lubricant, especially helping generate more cervical mucus to prevent vaginal dryness and itchy sensations. 

Alvizia Healthcare urges all you gorgeous ladies to avail of this primetime formula and bask in the immense benefits of the same! It’s never too late to work on beautifying yourself, from the outside as well as from deep within! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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