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September 30 2021



Same as the women suffer from a lack of involvement and discussion about something that is most important to talk about which is sexual health. The situation is no different when it comes to males or even worse. The first step to cure a disease is to talk about it and accept it. If you are not only accepting your body, then how are you going to treat the problem. Men often regard a sexual problem as an abomination or a cause of shame that has come over them, but everything that the body is made up of can get damaged or can be prone to some of the other diseases. It’s quite natural and common, but society and the social factors have made the condition even worse and all these things are just not considered to be right and on top of it they are deemed as a cause for which a person can be looked down upon. Considering all these social situations most people do not even opt for help and share their problems. This is not only affecting their physical self but also their mental health. 

Causes of sexual problems

Drugs and Alcohol: Consuming drugs and alcohol in an excessive amount can directly affect your sexual health as this can stop the production of the male sex hormone and can also affect the quality of sperms.

Other Factors: Other factors like medication, hypertension, diabetes, and heart-related problems are also seen as some of the common causes that can lead to many of the male sexual problems.

Social and Emotional Cause: Stress and anxiety play a very important in determining how your sexual health is going to be. This can be one of the reasons that a work-life balance should be maintained. Working excessively and taking too much stress is the main is one of the top-notch cause that is coming up these days.

Person Background: the atmosphere and environment in which a person has been bought up also plays a role as it is often seen as many people who are raised in such a background lack severely in the sexual information and sometimes that are also taught that practicing sex and talking about it is a sin that they should not commit and sex is a mere way to procreate and should only be done for that purpose alone which is wrong.

Ejaculation Disorders

This is the condition that plays with your ejaculation. The various disorders that are linked are:

  • Premature Ejaculation: With the term, pre-mature added it is clear that this is a condition in which the ejaculation occurs very soon such a condition is not right.
  • Inhibited Ejaculation: Inhibited ejaculation is also known as retarded ejaculation. This is a condition in which the ejaculation is too slow and delayed.
  • Retrograde Ejaculation: In this condition, the ejaculation occurs but in the reverse direction that is instead of moving out all of it moves back inside. This is a condition that can be witnessed in people with diabetes and those also who have gone through some kind of surgery of the prostate. People having neurological problems can also face this condition.  

Erectile Dysfunction

The word erectile itself means to straighten up. So the problem of erectile dysfunction in simple words is the incapability to hold an erection for a while and erection is a major thing that is required during sexual intercourse. 

The problem at large is relayed to the dilated blood vessels. The blood vessels known as the arteries are responsible for supplying blood to the penis but when they fail to or the supply is somehow reduced erection is not possible. Stress, anxiety, depression, and lower testosterone levels are the major cause. Age factor also plays a role as older men are less likely to have an erection. A chronic disease or injury to a part is also a reason.

Low Libido

Libido means the sexual drive or the want to have sex. The term can be used for both the males and the females as they both have some kind of libido but with relevance to the topic let’s talk about the males. Low libido means that the man is not feeling aroused or ready for some sexual activity it is the lack of interest in any sexual activity. The problem is associated with the lower levels of one such hormone called testosterone. This hormone is responsible for maintaining the entire sexual male health. From the production of the sperms to the erection process, all this is dependent on this hormone called testosterone.

The condition can be treated with proper medical guidance and avoiding any such cause that you think might be the cause of low libido. Whether it be any psychological, emotional, or physical cause all of these need your complete attention.

Ways to cure sexual problems

Exercising and Meditation: exercise and medication are also recommended by many of the doctors for improving your sexual performance and is also effective in cases of erectile dysfunction. Exercising causes an increased flow of blood in the entire body hence curing many of the ailments.

Proper Diet: Eating junk and eating anything and at any time also plays a vital role in maintaining one health, it is also sexual health. Try eating nutritious food that is more in proteins and less in fat to have a better lifestyle. 

Counseling: People these days also opt for a couple of counseling sessions for such problems. Counselors who are experts in handling such cases might help you as well because sometimes it’s not the problem of the body but the mind and attending such sessions might bring about an improvement. 

This was a complete discussion about the topic and also about the causes and its cure. You can also opt for Alvizia’s complete men series that has all the products that can help you. Try out the products in their complete range. It also has a testosterone booster for your sexual problems.

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