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March 27 2021



Nutraceuticals are food or food products which help in maintaining our health by modification of normal body functions.The term has two components “Pharmaceutical” with “Nutrients”. This industry has gained immense popularity recently because of the current health trends worldwide.

These products include food or part of food which include items such as: Dietary fiber, antioxidants, PUFA’s, probiotics, probiotics and many more. These help in the management, prevention and overall improvement of various health conditions such as: diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, pre and post menopausal syndrome, arthritis, cholesterol related issues etc. 

Nutraceuticals is an emerging sector, which aims towards making food to act as the drug to prevent, manage or control certain diseases. Factors such as consumption of junk food, sedentary lifestyle, increase in environmental pollution, stressful work environment has led to an increase in the number of diseases.Most people have completely adopted this new way of living and are unable to manage everything in a decent manner which ultimately negatively affects their health. 

Now, is this a new concept

The concept of “nutraceutical” first arrived from a survey which was conducted in the UK, France and Germany, where a healthy diet was preferred by the consumers over exercise as a way to maintain health. The name nutraceutical was first given by Stephen De Felice (founder and chairman of FIM) in 1989. 

This sector includes a wide range of products emerging from :

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Herbal Industry 
  • Agribusiness 

It covers a wide range of therapies including: Diabetes, Blood pressure, Bone diseases, Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, Skin problems, Hormonal related issues, Mental health issues and even in Chemotherapy. 

There can be a wide variety of ways by which we can classify the products included under nutraceuticals. One way of classification is based on the type of products usage:

Dietary Fiber: There are two kinds of fiber, which we consume in our food

  •  :Soluble Fiber which includes the fiber which can easily be broken down by our body, such as those present in ; oats, beans , barley and fruits.
  • Insoluble Fiber which cannot be broken by our body. For example; cellulose, gums, pectin’s etc.

PUFA’s (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids): These are the essential fatty acids and need to be taken through diet, the main ones being: Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. These substances help in the prevention and control of diseases like : hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, arrhythmia, depression and in thrombosis. 

Probiotics : These products include live microbial feed which when ingested helps in promoting the intestinal microflora. These may commonly include bacteria like : lactobacillus , bifidobacterias and gram positive cocci.

Prebiotics: Chemically these products have short chain polysaccharides, which cannot be digested by the human body, so they help in altering the composition of the gut microflora and aids in it’s optimization for the benefit of our health. In general these are fructose based oligosaccharides which can commonly be found in foods such as : banana, tomato, alliums. They help to improve:

  • Lactose intolerance 
  • Helps in neutralization of toxins (either generated in the body or consumed form outside)
  • Maintains healthy gut microflora 
  • Helps in the reduction of constipation

Antioxidants: These are the substances which help in the neutralization of free radicals which are generated in our body due to normal cell processes . The cells in our body generate energy by food, during this process some free radicals are also generated and need to be neutralized because if left untreated may cause damage to the cell membranes and even our DNA. Naturally occurring agents like : Vitamin C, Vitamin E acts to block or neutralize these radicals and protect our body. 

A wide variety of health supplements are available in the market these days which consist of such products and can be used safely to maintain our health. People with severe diseases must not consume anything without a doctor's prescription.

You may wonder where I can find these products ?

Alvizia Healthcare provides a bunch of such health supplements which can be used safely .All the products listed on their website are made in a WHO-GMP certified facility and are ISO approved. Moreover the ingredients used to develop the products are FSSAI approved . All this ensures that the products made are of appropriate quality . 

Various products such as :

  • Flaxseed oil : ALENFALX cold pressed omega 3,6,9 flaxseed oil which contains antioxidants and omega fatty acids, which helps in the prevention of hyperlipidemia, liver diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • Hair, Skin, Nail supplement : Alvizia’s hair, skin and nail supplement consisting of biotin which actually helps in maintaining beautiful and healthy hair , skin and nails . 
  • Evening primrose oil : ALENEVE Capsules made up of 10% GLA which helps in maintenance of healthy and beautiful skin and at the same time helps in prevention of other health conditions as well . 

Nutraceutical industry is a fast growing sector these days since people are trying to shift from more chemical based products to more herbal and natural products. Everyone knows the importance of herbal substances since they provide good results in the most safe and effective manner. Apart from consumption of health supplements one should always try to incorporate doing yoga or exercise in the schedule since it helps your body to relax and at the same time maintains our health by providing protection from various diseased states . Exercising tends to improve the blood flow in our body which ultimately provides all the health benefits . Lastly , one should always remember to have a good night's sleep and get the proper amount of rest which our body needs after working for long amounts of hours . Just like any other machine which requires charging to start functioning , in the similar fashion our body needs relaxation to remain fresh and all charged up for the following day. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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