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June 03 2021

prevent type 2 diabetes, prevent cardiovascular disease,  protect the brain from aging, Increases fat burning

prevent type 2 diabetes, prevent cardiovascular disease, protect the brain from aging, Increases fat burning

Nowadays, green coffee has become more common in the health and wellness community than ever before. In this article, we will learn about green coffee and outweigh its risks and benefits.

What is green coffee?

So the green coffee beans are the regular coffee beans only, but they are not being roasted. They remain completely raw. Green coffee extract is quite popular as a dietary supplement. Also, you can purchase green coffee in whole bean form and use it to make hot beverages just like roasted coffee. 

Here it is worth mentioning that this light green drink will not be similar to the roasted coffee one. Its taste is more like herbal tea than coffee. Through the origin of both roasted coffee and green coffee is similar, their chemical profile tends to be different. 

So have you heard of chlorogenic acids?

Chlorogenic acids are compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And hence provide many health benefits. The green coffee is rich in these chlorogenic acids. Roasted coffee also contains chlorogenic acids but during the roasting process, most of it is lost.

These raw unroasted coffee beans are said to provide numerous health benefits. In this article, let us explore some of them.

Does green coffee extract aid in weight loss?

Dr Oz is an American celebrity physician and talk show host. He promoted the green coffee extract as a miracle weight loss supplement in 2012. And since then, many health experts believe that green coffee has a significant impact on weight. It accounts to be one of the popular weight loss supplements worldwide.

Various studies have been done on mice wherein they were treated with green coffee extract and it was found that green coffee extract reduced their total body weight. Nevertheless, human studies have been less conclusive. The human studies were done on small sample size and for a short duration and hence the research remains inconclusive. 

Till now there is no definite evidence that green coffee is effective for weight loss. More big and well-designed studies are needed. 

Green coffee may reduce the risk of some chronic diseases

Other than weight loss, green coffee offers health benefits. The chlorogenic acids present in them reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 

A study was done involving 50 people with metabolic syndrome. Such people have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. When they were given decaffeinated green coffee, they experienced an improvement in their fasting blood sugar, blood pressure and waist circumference. Yes, these results are promising but more studies are needed to conclude.

Risks and side effects associated with green coffee 

Well, green coffee is considered safe for most people. However, there are some risks associated with green coffee. 

Excess of green caffeine

Just like roasted coffee, green coffee also contains caffeine. Caffeine when taken in moderate amounts is considered safe. However, too much of it can cause negative symptoms like anxiety, sleep disturbances and hypertension.

Now it depends on the variety and brewing method that how much caffeine is there in one cup of coffee. Roughly, 1 cup of either black or green coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. During the roasting process, some amount of caffeine may be lost And hence green coffee may contain slightly more caffeine than black coffee. However, the difference between the two is negligible.

Green coffee supplements offer 20-25 mg per capsule. If you wish to take a green coffee supplement, make sure to take them in a moderate amount to avoid any risks associated with it.

Green coffee may affect bone health

A 2-month study was done on mice where they were given a daily dose of kg green coffee extract. It was found that they experienced significant calcium depletion in their bones. This suggests that long term intake of green coffee extract may not be good for your bone's health. That being said, more human research is still needed to conclude the effects of the green coffee extract on bone's health.

We can summarize it by saying the hat overconsumption of green coffee might cause negative symptoms. Nevertheless, more human research is still needed to study its effects.

The recommended dosage of green coffee

As said that overconsumption of caffeine in green coffee might result in some adverse effects. Hence it is important to know about the suggested dosage of green coffee.

One study used upto 400 mg of green coffee extract twice daily. The results of the study were that no negative effects were seen with this dosage. If you are considering, to begin with, the supplement, make sure that you consult your healthcare provider about the same. As such, there is no recommended dosage for green coffee extract.

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Green coffee refers to the raw beans of the coffee plant and its extract is commonly used as a weight-loss supplement. Other than that it promotes healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It contains caffeine just like roasted coffee. Fewer adverse effects have been reported when taken in excess. If you are considering adding green coffee to your routine, do consult your doctor before beginning with it. You may use the whole beans to make a hot beverage.

If you are interested in buying green coffee or its extract, shop it locally or find the green coffee extract supplement online. You may also try Alvizia pure garcinia Cambogia extract HCA, Green tea extract, green coffee bean extract and black pepper.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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