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March 12 2021



Have you ever felt jealous by looking at someone’s thick, voluminous hair hanging down and wondering how lucky they are or have you complimented someone’s natural hair? Things like this do happen and all we think about is that they are just God’s favourite child to have been blessed with such good looking hair. Well what if I say that you too can have the exact same hair or even better by just taking care of them. So can revert back by saying that you are already doing enough for your hair and isn’t that much then I must tell you doing more or less has no value until you are doing it right. Some corrections in your previous habits and some new additions can give you the desired results. 

Below mentioned are some useful pieces of advice that you should go through and see that if they work for you or not.

Things to incorporate

Massaging: Massaging is the old age formula for good looking and healthy hair. It is something that our grandmothers used to practise, such a legacy is something worth preserving and passing it on to the future generations. Oiling and massaging  improves the quality of your hair and helps them strengthen. If you are suffering from any problem such as premature greying or if your hair is acquiring that brown texture then start to apply hair oil on your scalp twice a week. Massaging the scalp maintains a steady blood flow and initiates a faster hair growth. You can take any hair oil for that instance but if you are looking out for some cheap and sustainable one then you can definitely go for coconut oil and mustard oil. 

A proper hair wash schedule: Washing your hair too much on a regular basis can deprive them of some essential natural oils and not washing them even once a week can lead to hair problems. Wash your hair thoroughly with some good shampoo twice a week to maintain its health.

Condition: Conditioning is necessary as it completes your hair care process. Starting from oiling them then washing them opens the pores, applying conditioner closes the pores and provides an extra nourishment to your hair. If you want then you can also try out some DIY homemade conditioners as well.

Egg and Curd is applied in the hair can serve the purpose extremely well. 

Some common Hair problems

Hair fall: Hair fall is something that most of the girls out there are tired and sick off. Each one of us has definitely tried out some or the other method to prevent them even if chopping them off is the only option left. There is something that we must understand, normal hair fall is common and is a way in which old hair fall off and make space for the new ones and excessive hair fall  also lasts for just a few weeks. It is usually observed when the seasons change. 

Stress can be another reason for falling hairs. Try to relax and ease out to prevent further hair loss. 

Even after all this hair fall continues then do consult a dermatologist. It may be the signs of the onset of some disease.

Dandruff: Dandruff is a form of fungal infection on the scalp. It is most common during the winter months. It is generally the flaking of the scalp. Nourishing them and eating healthy is a way to prevent dandruff plus hair loss. Applying lemon juice on the scalp before washing your hair can help as it is infused with high levels of vitamin C that is essential. Applying a homemade paste of amla( gooseberry ) can also work out.

Split ends: When your hair grows long it tends to split into two parts from the ends. This usually happens when you do not get a haircut for quite some time. Whenever you encounter such a situation take it as a warning and immediately rush to the nearest saloon and get your hairs trimmed. Having split ends would deteriorate your hair quality.

Folliculitis:  This is one of the lesser known hair loss diseases. It is an infection which develops if you get a cut somewhere or in general caused by some other agent.

Super foods to consume

Eggs: Hair fall may be caused by a deficiency of certain proteins and nutrients. Egg is a good source of healthy proteins that would fulfil the need of the lost proteins. 

Deficiency of biotin is another factor that can cause the hair to fall. Consuming an egg can pay off the loss of biotin as well. If you do not want to consume egg then you can consume Alvizia’s Biotin capsules that will make up for your biotin loss in a faster and easier way.

Spinach: This one of the green leafy vegetables can work wonders for your hair. Rich in iron, zinc and folate consume spinach to get that shiny hair look. On top of it spinach also has some essential vitamins as A and C.

Berries: This one of the super foods is tasty, juicy yet healthy and beneficial. Loaded with the qualities of Vitamin C, berries can easily make it to your shopping list.

Oyster: For all the seafood lovers, oysters can be the next best option. Such good qualities would give you another reason to have this one of your favourite seafood. 

Soybean: A very option for all the vegetarians is soybeans. Soybeans is said to keep the hair in its growing phase and promotes hair growth. This growth phase is known as anagen phase.

You can also try out Alvizia’s hair, skin and nails range that would also help. These products are highly rated and have a guaranteed effect. To buy the product the link is given down below.

These are some of the few things that are highly recommended to incorporate in your lifestyle for healthy hair. Dermatologists also approve of giving it a green chit. So don’t wait any further and start to work upon your hair from now onwards.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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