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July 22 2021

American, Ginseng, Benefits, Softgels, Pills

American, Ginseng, Benefits, Softgels, Pills

Panax quinquefolium, commonly known as American Ginseng is a herb predominantly found in the regions of Asia and North America. It has established a name for itself as the most commonly applied medicinal herb worldwide mainly due to its antimicrobial and anti-diabetic activity. 

Cultivation and characteristics

American Ginseng has the greatest area of cultivation in Wisconsin which was later spread over to China, Japan and Korea. Ginseng roots have fleshy white colour and are distinctly branched. Cultivated roots of ginseng are typically harvested after 3 to 4 years of growth, whereas as wildly grown ginseng is harvested only after the 8 the year of growth. 

Processed ginseng is mainly of two types- White ginseng constitutes the roots that are dehydrated in the sun. Red ginseng is formed by the application of steam and extreme temperature to thermally processed roots which result in damage to the enzymes that degenerate active compounds. This procedure prolongs the shelf life of ginseng without changing its therapeutic properties.

Commercially, American Ginseng is currently available in the market as various products such as powder, pellets, tea, dried shredded slices, dried flowers and flakes. Many formulations also include ginseng in hair conditioners, shower gels, lotions and shampoos. The roots and rhizomes of ginseng are also finding their application in diet supplements, drugs, candies and drinks. 


American Ginseng is a plant rich in bioactive phytochemicals, mainly ginsenosides or panaxosides which are potentially beneficial as hypoglycaemic, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective and anti-tumour agents. Ginsenosides are designated as Rx wherein R stands for root and x stands for the polarity of the compound according to the mobility on the thin layer paper chromatography in alphabetical order. 

Other important constituents of ginseng include oleanolic acid, ocotillol and polysaccharides which hinder inflammation by inhibiting inflammatory-related nitric oxide( NO), cytokines and tumour necrosis factor ( TNF), interleukin ( IL-6) and interleukin 1. This property of ginseng makes it a potent indicator for its application in diseases linked with inflammation. Apart from these compounds, American Ginseng also contains terpenes, phenolic compounds, amino acids, flavonoids and other vitamins and minerals. American Ginseng is mainly composed of Rb1, Rb2 and Rg1 ginsenosides.

Health benefits of American Ginseng

American Ginseng has a strong medical application in a variety of formulations due to its widespread effects on the functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and immune system. Triple ginseng formulated by Alvizia healthcare wonderfully derives the full benefits of American Ginseng extracts and thus making it an essential supplement to improve health.

The characteristic feature of American Ginseng is that it is considered as an Adaptogen, meaning a substance which can restore homeostasis and thus improves human health. Its main effects on the various systems of the body include:

  • Nervous System 

American Ginseng has found to be useful in Alzheimer’s disease where its application showed an increase in acetylcholine (AChE) production resulting from choline- acetyltransferase up-regulation which significantly improves learning and memory functions in the brain during experiments. American Ginseng was also found to have an anxiolytic effect which can be applied in those suffering from anxiety disorders.

It was also found that American Ginseng has a profound neuroprotective effect which can minimise ischemic damage in the neurons thereby leading to improvement in the cognitive response. It also showed in some experimental studies to induce inhibition of neuronal apoptosis thus decreasing neurite damage during stressful conditions.

  • Cardiovascular System

Because of the presence of antioxidant properties in American Ginseng, it is being applied to protect against stroke. It is also known to inhibit hypertrophy and the onset of heart failure. It also displays a preventive effect against cardiomyopathy caused by oxidative stress. By regulating nitric oxide synthase(iNOS) expression, American Ginseng also protects the heart from reperfusion injury.

  • Gastrointestinal System

American Ginseng extract shows the property of reducing the inflammatory cells and oxidative load in the oesophagus thereby protecting against oesophagal damage caused by reflux oesophagitis. Some experiments also prove that it protects gastric mucosal damage induced by chronic alcohol consumption.

  • Anti- diabetic usage

In those with type 2 diabetes mellitus, abnormalities of regulation in the glucose metabolism occur. American Ginseng is found to increase glucose uptake in these patients which may affect the hypoglycemic effect reducing the blood sugar levels in the body. The anti diabetic effect of American Ginseng can be due to its potent anti oxidative nature. It also showed the properties of having a protective effect against oxidative stress brought about by hydrogen peroxide and antimycin A. 

Experiments show that American Ginseng has anti diabetic effects similar to metformin thereby leading to vessel stress relief and reducing the inflammatory reaction. Application of American Ginseng attenuated postprandial glycemia and also possesses insulin sensitising effects thus improving the metabolic parameters. It was also found to significantly reduce the levels of glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) and fasting blood sugar levels in diabetics.

  • Prevention of obesity

Obesity occurs due to the intestinal absorption of dietary fat which can be undone by inhibiting pancreatic lipase activity during digestion. Studies show the action of American Ginseng extracts as lipase inhibitors thereby preventing high fat diet induced fat storage in adipose tissue and intercellular lipid accumulation thus preventing weight gain. 

  • Anti aging action

The antioxidant property of American ginseng is found to minimise the chronological and biological aspects of aging. It also protects against premature ovarian failure (POF) by regulating prostaglandin biosynthesis and ovulation which are considered the markers of accelerated aging. American Ginseng also reduces the extent of demyelination thereby improving Multiple Sclerosis related symptoms. 

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