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February 12 2021



Having smooth and flawless skin is a dream for every person. Due to lifestyle changes we can get a lot of problems associated with skin like hyperpigmentation , acne and scars. Many times the spots left after breakout clear out for people but for many this remains a big problem and can take up days or even weeks to clear. 

Moreover environmental changes also make a big impact on our skin. Pollution levels are increasing day by day , which becomes problematic for the skin and sun damage can lead to hyperpigmentation and skin burns.  

Hence we need to find correct skin care products to make sure that our skin remains healthy. Diet plays a huge role in this regard . Consuming a well balanced diet provides our skin with all the essential nutrients which are required for the maintenance of skin. Apart from this, a wide variety of topical products are available which are heavily used world wide and can help to clear out the skin. But in most cases topicals products do not work and need a lot of time to be applied and followed regularly. If you take a well balanced diet then it becomes much easier to maintain healthy and glowing skin . 

Let's look at some of the major reasons for the skin to develop problems such as acne or hyperpigmentation :

Lack of sleep : Getting a good amount of sleep is highly essential to get a healthy and glowing skin. The sleep cycle can really affect the condition of the skin . Having inadequate sleep can lead to production of hyperpigmentation , puffy under eyes , fine lines , wrinkles and dark circles because of the production of cortisol (stress hormone). 

Sun damage : When our skin is exposed to the UVA and UvB rays of the sun it triggers melanocytes (cells producing melanin) to produce more melanin which leads to discoloration of skin and other skin issues. 

Hormonal changes : It is very common in females to go through hormonal changes which is the leading cause of acne and hyperpigmentation . Females in either their menopause or during puberty suffer from such issues. This is because the hormonal fluctuations during this time period are the most prominent and hence it reflects on the skin as well. 

Some underlying diseases : These may include things like : photodermatitis , eczema , acanthosis nigricans , diabetes , obesity , dermatitis , infections etc , as a result of such changes , our skin becomes more prone to breakouts and other serious conditions . 

Side effects of certain medications : Certain medications can lead to skin issues like patients on rifampin (medication used for the treatment of Tuberculosis) get skin rashes during the course of the treatment. It is reversible and the skin goes back to normal once the medication is stopped.

Excessive use of harsh chemicals on the skin : Constant use of harsh chemicals on the skin can cause reversible or sometimes irreversible skin damage. So, it is better to use products that are either of herbal origin or if the products contain chemicals then the use of such products must be controlled in an appropriate way.

Insufficient consumption of antioxidants : Free radicals in our body are generated during normal cell process and functioning and if these agents are not neutralized it may lead to cell damage and even DNA damage. These agents are naturally neutralized in our body m=by means of antioxidants such as Vitamin C , Vitamin E and even Melatonin . 

How can you protect your skin from damage and keep it healthy ? 

There are a number of ways by which we can maintain our skin . The following are some of the steps may be followed :

Use of sunscreen : It is very essential to apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun even for a short period of time. Sun damage may result in ageing , fine lines , wrinkles and it can be prevented by regular usage of a proper sunscreen. 

Drink Plenty of Water : Water helps to keep the elasticity of our skin and provides hydration which prevents occurance of dry skin.  Water rejuvenates the skin in the most natural way. Moreover, it provides a good glow to the skin. 

Eat fruits rich in antioxidants : As mentioned earlier that neutralization of free radicals are very important since they can lead to a number of problems. Foods rich in antioxidants include : oranges , ambla , pomegranate , guava , peaches , grapes etc. Moreover drinking lime or lemon juice is also a rich source of providing Vitamin C.

Exercise : It helps by improving the blood circulation in our body. As this happens more blood reaches to our skin and other organs as well which improves the functioning of these organs and helps to provide a good glow to our skin as well .

Minimal use of chemicals on skin : chemicals can disrupt the skin and make our skin look dry , crusty ,  irritated or even red. So, it is best to go with the use of herbal products and try to reduce the use of harsh chemicals on skin.

Maintain a healthy body weight : It is very crucial since it will help to control any underlying health condition associated with weight gain such as type 2 diabetes or acanthosis nigricans which will automatically help in proper maintenance of our skin.

So, where can you find a natural herbal supplement that you can incorporate in your diet to improve the condition of your skin? 


Alvizia Healthcare provides a wide range of products for this purpose available on the website. Some of the products include :

Flaxseed oil : It is made of flax seed which is really good for your skin. Consumption of the seeds is completely safe and provides amazing results . The product is : ALvizia’s ALENFLAX cold pressed omega 3,6,9 flaxseed oil.

Detox formula :  Alvizia’s Milk Thistle Capsules which helps in cleansing of our body and hence may help to clear out the skin as well. 



Glutathione : Alvizia's Alenglow Premium L-Glutathione 500 mg and Vitamin C Kit provides a combination of L-Glutathione, Alpha lipoic acid, Grape seed extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. All these are antioxidants and help in getting amazing skin. 


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