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April 13 2021



True Beauty is the Illumination of One’s Soul 

A healthy life is always inspired by a will to make changes, reform your old habits, dive into a simple bliss where beauty and well-being could go hand-in-hand. Such a dreamy lifestyle is not far away from your hands! Nature’s gift to mankind is a natural substituent that aids in not just beautifying your outlook towards life but also your body’s charm. You read it right! We’ve got an ingredient that could make you go ga-ga as you bedazzle those around you with your beautiful presence! 

Bringing to the limelight, Alvizia Healthcare’s Biotin supplements - Nature’s treasure chest with benefits for natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle, with nourishment right from within! 

What is Biotin? 

Unanimously referred to as vitamin H or vitamin B7, Biotin is a water-soluble, vitamin-B complex constituent that contributes to a large range of normal bodily functions. It is widely recognized for its role in converting digested food into

energy-deriving molecules that support your well-being. It works collectively with vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) in key areas like hair, skin, and nail regions, and also instigates fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Even though it’s available in trace amounts in food substances like legumes, nuts, meat, whole grains, eggs, etc., it’s practically impossible for every human to achieve the correct amounts. 

For this reason, Biotin supplements are largely craved in the Beauty and Health sectors by a huge number of beauty gurus who claim their varied range of therapeutic actions. A thorough solution to your nervous, digestive, metabolic, and cardiovascular problems - this wonder vitamin works its magic beautifully! 

A fun fact: The name has Greek roots whereby ‘Biotos’ means life/sustenance - it’s prescribed to be taken during a woman’s pregnancy period for enhanced embryonic growth and development! 

We’ve enlisted a series of assured benefits people have reported after consuming accurate amounts of this Beauty supplement: 


Thickening your hair growth by strengthening the strands and follicles, nourishing your scalp area, and ensuring you have minimal hair-fall, Biotin is the queen cure for hair problems. Its intake makes your hair look lustrous with that beautiful shine, increases your hair volume, promotes sustainable hair growth, and greatly enhances your outlook! The sole reason for this is that vitamin H works in producing some amino acids that in turn help secrete keratin (which is basically what your hair comprises). Studies have shown how a lack of Biotin will increase hair shedding and thinning. 


For individuals suffering from a severe deficiency of vitamin H, their nails’ internal quality and external appearance were greatly compromised. This indicates massive proof that Biotin works wonders towards improving the integrity of your nail beds, thickening nail cuticles, in turn making nails stronger. A certain study indicated how a large number of a controlled population’s nails were seen to thicken after consuming Biotin supplements. Their endurance rates also rise, along with a noticeable reduction in the breaking and splitting of nails. 


Biotin is involved in the generation of selected fatty acids that contribute towards the external appearance of your skin, brightening the glow, giving it a healthy tone, and making the complexion clearer. Time to bid farewell to blotchy skin patches or acne-ridden areas, because Biotin aids with those too. Leaving your hampered skin unrecognized could lead to severe problems in the future like psoriasis or pus-filled boils, hence taking a step in the right direction is key! Newer cells are produced and sufficient oil gland secretions are obtained, Biotin also dehydrates the skin well, keeping the skin’s environment well-balanced. 

Tissue and Cell Growth

Muscles and tissues aren’t meant to last a lifetime, however, your body replenishes on vitamin B that helps rebuild these tissues after their breakdown, aiding your muscles in sustaining more damage. This property also alleviates the uncertain aches, pains, cramps, muscle, or joint inflammation experienced by some people. One surprising role of Biotin includes the regulation of DNA formation - regulating the working and replication of genetic data within each cell of your body. This is especially important during pregnancy as cells are rapidly undergoing replication and proper cell growth needs to be monitored to avoid complications. 

Neurological Protectant

Biotin, in collaboration with other vitamin B complex constituents, helps regulate and assist smooth conduction of neurotransmitter activity and transmission of nerve signals. It exhibits a strong defence mechanism against neurodegenerative disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s, and in turn, helps improve memory skills. Reports have provided evidence of people experiencing a boost in concentration spans and a generalized positive outlook towards life. 

Foetal Development

As mentioned, Biotin is increasingly important for pregnant women who don’t possess the right amounts of it required daily, which may cause birth defects in the child. It is considered by experts to be as important as taking additional supplementation of folic acid as it lessens the probability of complications during birth, improves foetal health and development. 

Regulating Blood Glucose Levels 

Biotin has shown remarkable ability in the stabilization of blood sugar levels, prominent in diabetic individuals. With its capability of stimulating the secretion of insulin and its eventual regulation, people suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes have experienced massive relief. When people go through nerve damage due to the building up of enzymes, biotin is consumed to promote accurate enzyme activity, thereby preventing its accumulation. 

Weight Loss 

For those people concerned about weighing too much, or wishing to accomplish their ideal weight goals, biotin has shown to help boost metabolic processes, meaning faster digestion and lesser accumulation of unwanted fats. Unlike a typical diet pill, biotin supplements will aid in speeding up the weight loss process provided you still are consuming a healthy diet and exercising regularly. 

For Cholesterol and Thyroid

You must be aware that LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is typically called ‘bad cholesterol’ because when present in excess it promotes heart diseases, thereby raising the chances of you getting a heart attack or a stroke. Research studies have shown how biotin when taken with other vitamins helped lower LDL levels and subsequently increase HDL levels which are ‘good cholesterol’. It also showed how biotin helped regulate appropriate thyroid activity which in turn helped with good sleep, lack of hunger pangs, energy-supplying, alleviating pain, etc. 

Improves Mood

Biotin, apart from acting as a vitamin, plays the role of a coenzyme as it helps synthesize fatty acids and certain types of amino acids. This means it helps your body make use of the energy you supply it with when you consume a rich diet by the conversion of your ingested nutrients into body fuel. This plays a key role in keeping you revitalized, regulating mood swings, aids with digestive issues, and keeps your thoughts on a positive track.

As you’ve seen the long list of benefits that research and actual evidence supports about Biotin, it goes without doubt that an addition of this powerful, transformative supplement could not only infuse sheer beauty but also aid with simple well-being. Why not let Alvizia’s precious Biotin formula help you achieve your life goals today? 

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