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February 02 2021



What is stamina?

By definition, stamina is the strength and energy required that exerts oneself given an extended period of time and allows one to sustain both physical and mental effort. One increases stamina so that they can endure stress and strain for longer periods of time. It supports in allaying fatigue and exhaustion and increases one's energy levels. High stamina, enables one to perform their tasks more efficiently.

Try a few of these tips to strengthen and build your stamina.

Plenty of physical activity

Event though exercise is probably the last on your list of things to do, considering your lack of stamina, when you're low on energy, regular exercise can definitely help boost your stamina. Not only does it enhances their stamina but improves one's overall quality of sleep, functioning and ability. As a beginner you might find yourself exhausted but in the long run, you will experience an overall increase in both energy and stamina.

You can try both

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, swimming, biking, dancing. All exercises that increase your heart rate as causes you to sweat.

Strengthening exercises that includes lifting weight, and bodyweight exercises.

Yoga and meditation

It is known that yoga and meditation can also elevate your stamina and improve your focus. It also helps with dealing with stress and anxiety and enables one to face their obstacles with much more composure and endurance. Individuals who practice yoga and meditate tend to experience less fatigue and exhaustion.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet

The food that you eat determines not only provides you energy but affects your health, overall. One should follow a well-balanced diet comprising of all the required vitamins, nutrients and minerals. By eating healthy foods including lots of fruits, vegetables and lean mat, low in fat, you will tend to stay active and full of energy for longer periods of time.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will keep your muscles hydrated. Water has a number of benefits, it keeps your body active, and protects your body from different ailments such as kidney stones, and dehydration. Therefore, try drinking lots of fluids a few hours before you carry out a strenuous activity or exercise as it help you increase your stamina and fight that fatigue.


By including ashwagandha, a herb that boosts vitality and overall health, in your diet. It is a herb that increases your concentration and aids in enhancing your cognitive function. By reducing stress, it also helps in building your stamina and increasing your work efficiency. Another added advantage is that ashwagandha has as such no side effects and considered pretty safe and effective for all.


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