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March 20 2021



Have you ever felt truly insulted because someone commented about your facial acne at a party?

Or did you ever compare yourself to your close friends and loved ones and figured you’d be better off staying home instead of attending the party altogether?

Is Acne causing you to worry recklessly and endlessly and destroying your social life? 

Here are some commonly mistaken facts about Acne that cause people of all generations to be shocked once they’re revealed. Just because the people around you have misconceptions, doesn’t mean you need to sit there and entertain their wrongs. Now’s the time to clarify all your doubts and queries through this nutshell of information and then show this article to all those people that have completely misunderstood the truth about Acne.

Myth: “As teenagers, it’s pretty normal and obvious that we’ll get Acne.”

Fact: This is highly mistaken because Acne is evident in all age groups. Of course, adolescents and teenagers are more likely to be prone to it due to hormonal changes, but most oily-faced individuals get acne. It’s a very common skin disease targeting people, age no bar. Even though almost 80% of teenagers suffer from acne, most of them tend to grow out of these frequent breakouts after they reach their 20s and 30s. In rare cases, Acne prevails right until their 50s and 60s, leaving scars and blemishes for a lifetime. 

Myth: “The only way solution to remove Acne is constantly washing my face.”

Fact: We believe washing your face is hygienic and considered the norm, but it isn’t the only get away from Acne. Sometimes people are genetically engineered to get Acne at a certain age and it doesn’t leave no matter how much you wash your face. Twice a day of face-washing is deemed normal to get rid of bad bacteria, but constant washes cause more harm than good. When washing, make use of a mild action soap and warm water, with circular motion rubbing to completely cleanse. Harsh scrubbing could lead to damaged skin. 

Myth: “If I can’t get rid of my Acne, I should try tanning my skin.”

Fact: This is never the solution. Enjoying a bit in the sun is perfectly alright, but prolonged hours of exposure are harmful to your skin. The toxic ultraviolet rays of the sunlight can lead to serious skin irritation problems and cause allergic reactions. In some cases, you begin getting more prone to skin cancer. Premature aging becomes another risk factor associated with tanning. To avoid excessive suntans and sunburns, it’s advisable to apply sunscreen with a minimal SPF of 15, indicating it won’t block up your pores. 

Myth: “I touched my dirty hand to my face, and now I’m bound to get Acne.”

Fact: It’s one of the reasons, sure, but not the only reason. Just because you used a muddy hand to scratch your cheek or have poor hygiene, doesn’t mean that you’ll get acne for sure. But, it’s best to avoid such instances, or else you might regret it for a lifetime. At least twice a day of skin-washing should be sufficient to remove dirt, debris, and oiliness from your skin surface. This complex skin disorder doesn’t solely rely on clean and fresh skin. 

Myth: “The main reason I’ll get breakouts is my Stress.”

Fact: In a way, stress does instigate and stimulate the acne breakout process but it’s never the only sole cause. There is a lack of evidence that shows psychological proof of acne. Just because you live a stressful, hectic life or have recently undergone a strenuous breakup or lost your job and are now anxious/depressed, doesn’t make you a victim to Acne. 

Myth: “It’s easier to pop pimples so I can avoid my Acne from spreading.”

Fact: This is the worst possible misconception amongst youngsters and should be avoided at all costs. No matter how tempted you are, never, ever pop out your pimples. Don’t peel away that upper layer of skin and do not pinch out your blackheads. This excessive squeezing causes a great strain on your skin and irritates it. The triggered inflammatory responses are the root cause of increasing bacteria growth around your zits. 

Myth: “Rubbing toothpaste on my skin is an awesome cure for Acne.”

Fact: Wherever you heard this from, you’re wrong! Toothpaste is named so for a reason, it’s a dental care product and does not belong anywhere near your acne. The fluoride content could lead to aggravating your facial acne and causing immense problems. Any website that suggests it to be a ‘safe home remedy’ is highly mistaken. Some cases have reported toothpaste to help dry out their existing pimple, but there’s no proof of it avoiding future breakouts. 

Myth: “I have Acne, so it’s alright to avoid Moisturizing my skin.”

Fact: It doesn’t matter whether you have clear skin, oily or dry skin, or acne-ridden skin, moisturizing is an essential element. Lack of hydration could leave your skin prone to high rates of irritation and make it a breeding ground for acne and the like. People with breakouts should avoid using moisturizers containing cocoa butter, parabens, and minerals as these tend to prolong breakouts. 

Myth: “Because of my Acne, I can’t wear any cosmetic or makeup products.”

Fact: Makeup is open to everyone, gender no bar. Just because you’ve got oily skin or heavy acne, doesn’t mean you should avoid makeup and beautification altogether. It’s perfectly okay, as long as you use safe ingredients, preferably as per your skin type, and avoid abrasive products. Your foundations should be free from oily residues and lightweight. Always remember to use a makeup remover to wash away any remaining makeup before you retire for the night. As long as your cosmetics are non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic, you’re good to go. 

Myth: “My facial Acne will clear up as long as I leave it alone.”

Fact: Now, this may be the case with hormonal teenagers and adolescents experiencing their usual bouts of breakouts because as they age, they’ll witness fewer and fewer visible signs of acne. However, it’s not true for people over the age of 20 or those prone to seriously painful breakouts. It’s always advisable to seek out medical help when the matter seems out of hand. This chronic, long-lasting condition is existing beneath your skin’s surface and won’t go away without any help. To avoid its worsening over time, it’s better to resort to some interventions. 

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This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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