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February 17 2021



Detoxification or detoxication means the process to detox something or someone. Due to the regular and unhealthy lifestyle our bodies tend to take in a large amount of toxic substances. These toxic substances can hamper the normal functioning of the body making it sick or causing many health problems in the long run. You can understand this concept with an example i.e. imagine a machine that you use at home, you are taking care of it, maintaining it, and keeping it in the proper place after every usage but then also it can be seen that dust and other small particles get collected inside it. This dust if piled up and if kept on collecting like this will definitely damage the machine someday .To prevent such a condition we oil the machine and clean it inside out. Same is the case with the human body. Tough we can’t open it up can clean it but we can definitely clean it up in some other ways.

 With increasing concern over health and fitness this word has became quite common. You would have heard people saying that they are on detoxification or want to go for detoxification. In the real sense they just want to get rid of all the chemicals and toxins present in their body. The method of detoxification is either medicinal in which you are required to take help of some outside chemical agent to get cleared up or there is physiological process as well.

What are toxins ?

Till now you must have had got an idea that toxins are the harmful substances have reside within a living cell. These substances are fully capable of giving your body any disease and weakening the immunity of your body. Severe effects on the boy’s immunity directly leads to the decrease in the body’s capacity to fight against any disease. Now the body is fully capable to contract any disease. How much toxin a substance is depends on the level of toxicity present in it. 

In humans toxic substances enter the body in the form of dust, heavy metals, processed food, etc. 

Toxins can further be divided into categories such as 

Biotoxins: these are the toxins that are present in the form of some biological organelle. This category is further subdivided in more groups.

Environmental Toxins : This is the most common type of toxin that comes in contact with the humans. Pollution, Industrial wastes, dirt, dust, sooth, etc. are the commonest example.

Toxic Foods to be Avoided

Processed and canned food is mainly the food that you should be avoiding as the level of toxicity is very high in them. All of us k now that processed food is unhealthy. It remains packed in cans and containers that helps in the growth of microbes. These microbes that enter the body make the passage for other diseases to enter as well.

Here is a list of food that you should stop eating immediately:

  • Pizzas

  • Packed juices that contain high amount of sugar

  • Carbonated drinks

  • White all purpose flour bread

  • French fries

  • Burgers

  • Fried and oily things

  • Most of the bakery products

Methods To Detox 

Till now w e have talked about the causes and what should be avoided. Now let’s talk about the cure which is equally important. 

There are various methods by which we can detox our body easily and efficiently, lets read about them in detail.

Lower the consumption of processed food and sugar: This is the first step that you must start practising from today onwards. Apart from processed food sugar is something that should also be avoided. If you are really finding it difficult to completely remove sugar from your diet then you may switch to healthier alternative. Usage of jiggery powder is healthy and beneficial. Jaggery power can also reduce your craving of consuming sugar.

Include more antioxidant rich food in your diet: Antioxidants tremendously increase your immunity and also remove any harmful substances from the body. The proverb “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away “ is not just said in vain. Apple is loaded with antioxidants. Nothing can be better than starting for day with a big red shiny apple. Other food that can be include are turmeric, juices, honey, etc.

Drink more of water :  Water is the natural chemical regulator of the body. It is responsible for regulating the temperature of the body and transports the waste material out as well. Toxins are also the waste material of the body which need to be thrown out. Drinking more water on a regular basis will definitely flush out all the toxins from your body.

Apart from normal water here are few more liquid based drinks that you can opt for:

Green tea: Green tea is also very rich in antioxidants. Not only it makes the body free of antioxidants by also improves the skin quality.

Lemon water : Lemon water is the easiest of all. You can even drink this drink many times a day as there are no side effects of it. Drinking lemon water in the morning is very effective in weight loss as well.

Cumin plus coriander water: Boiling cumin in water and adding coriander to it makes it a drink worth having. You can prepare this water and store it up. Cumin seeds are known to have antioxidial properties. You can also include it in your daily meals. 

You can also try out the Alvizia’s detox and cleanse range that is specially customised for this purpose only. You can try out their milk thistle and the hangover kit in this range. Alcoholic drinks contain lots of toxins , so to keep them away do consume the capsules in the hangover kit. The link is down below:

Fasting : Fasting is another effective and easy way to reduce the level of toxicity in your body. Our mythological scriptures also state the importance of fasting. All the religions around the globe promote the practice of fasting. All of them have some or the other way of fasting or some theory behind it but the science and its effects on the body remain the same. Its generally suggested to observe at least one of fasting in a week. It is the natural and automatic process of the body to clean itself.

This was all in brief about the science , benefits, process and methods of detoxification. You should also try it for yourself and reap its benefits. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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