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March 12 2021

DIABETES - Alvizia

DIABETES - Alvizia

Diabetes has become the commonest chronic disease that the people all around are suffering from. Whether it be a child or a teen this insulin deficiency can take anyone in its trap. The worst of it all is that there is no permanent treatment or cure available. So all you can do after you are diagnosed with this disease is that to rake the proper medication and follow a strict diet. These are the two things that play a very important role in maintaining your good health. 

Diabetes is said to be a genetic disease. A genetic disease is the one that is passed on for generations. The genes are transferred from the parents to their offerings and then to their offerings. This forms a never-ending cycle. So it is better to adopt a very strict and healthy lifestyle before it is too late. Though there is no such assurance that after adapting to all these things you won’t ever get it but as they say prevention is better than cure. So with a hope to stay fit, lively and cheerful all lifelong this is the best possible way available to lead life. 

Role of Insulin 

Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas. The role of insulin is very important to regulate the processing of glucose. When the pancreas is unable to produce insulin then the body glucose is not processed which leads to a condition called diabetes mellitus. Medicines that are taken ensure that the glucose in the body is processed. 

What can cause Diabetes?

Obesity: Obesity is seen as the major cause of diabetes in young children. Overeating and unhealthy eating are what leads to diabetes. Packed food is loaded with sugar and hydrogenated oils that affect the health severely. Obesity leads to rising in weight which ends up making a person prone to various other diseases as well.

Genetics: You make be having a good lifestyle but still end by being diabetic. This is the sheer case of your genes at play which make you catch this disease. 

Lifestyle: A person living a sedentary life is more at risk of catching a disease than the others. Physical activity and regular movement of the body is very important. That is why it is always advised that children should go out and play instead of slouching on the couch the whole day.

High cholesterol level: The rise of bad cholesterol makes the person sick in many aspects. Cholesterol is itself very bad and harmful for the body. High cholesterol level can affect your pancreas as well as stopping the insulin production. 

You can add some fish oil capsules as a health supplement in your diet. Fish oil is very effective in high cholesterol levels. Alvizia’s fish oil capsules are the best that you can go for. 

Impaired glucose tolerance: It is seen sometimes that the body of a few people cannot digest food glucose at all. It is not that they are suffering from diabetes but it is the natural conditioning of their body. The blood sugar levels are always high. Such people can have diseases at any time.

Age: Age is another such factor that increases the risk. With the increase in age, many body organs lose their normal functioning. This abnormal behaviour is what can lead to diabetes in the long run. 


Lose of weight: If you start to lose weight suddenly then this is a cause of concern and needs your attention. Rapid fall in body weight without any exercise or supplements is a symptom of diabetes.

Increase in Thirst: If you feel thirsty quite often and your intake of water has increased more than the normal levels then this can also be a sign of diabetes.

Frequent urination: Abnormally increase in urination and the extreme yellowness in the urine is also a symptom.

Lethargy: If you are having an extremely lethargic approach towards things and start to feel tried quite soon then get yourself tested for diabetes soon.

Weak eyesight: Experiencing blurred vision and weakness of eyesight is another symptom. 


Controlled Food intake: The diet and food intake should be closely monitored. The diet should contain more vegetables and fruits and less starchy foods such as rice. Sugar consumption should be strictly avoided and foods such as potato which is high in starch should be avoided as well. 

Increase your water consumption: Drinking water is the best natural remedy that you can opt for in any situation. Water helps the body in many ways and so in diabetes as well.

Eat-in proportions: Not only what you eat and when you eat is important but also how much holds equal importance. Eating in small portions help a lot as it will not allow the glucose levels to rise high quickly. If you eat in bulk then this problem is generally encountered. Eating many times a day will do but only in small quantity. As the body would easily manage the consumed glucose and starch. 

Physical Activity: Physical activity is a must to fight any bodily disease especially when it is diabetes that we have to fight against. Yoga can also be practised in such a case. Specific yogic postures such as “bhastika” and “pranayama” are very effective. Practising only these two exercises regularly can work well for you. These exercises make the pancreas work and initiate insulin production when practised for a long time.

Avoid smoking and drinking: These two thinks are very dangerous for your health and if you are suffering from diabetes then even more. So alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided and quitting smoking is also necessary. It would not only manage your diabetes but also make a significant change in your health.

Lose weight: Weight management is equally important. Obesity or being overweight can also affect your sugar levels. Losing weight is important in this context as well.

So this is all about diabetes mellitus. The articles aim to easily explain the causes and early symptoms. If you know the symptoms in the very beginning then you can easily counter the disease as well. Tracing such symptoms and working for it at the right time is necessary. Work before it’s too late. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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