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October 01 2021



Digestion plays an important role in maintaining your overall health as it is the digestion of the food you eat that gives you the most benefits or side effects. Was it not for the digestive system, then no matter what you eat, how much healthy eating you may indulge in the body wouldn’t get anything out of it? It is only possible through the process of digestion that your body breaks downs the complex food substances that you take in and converts them into smaller particles that the body can digest. After the food gets processed in the stomach then only the nutrients in it can get to the other parts of the body through the blood. 

The process of digestion

Do not misjudge the process of digestion. Many think that the process of digestion is only related to the stomach, but it is not so the process of digestion is no less complex than the other processes going on in the body. The whole process involves not only the stomach, but begins with the mouth, then travels down the food pile to the stomach. The liver also plays its role by adding some of the digestive juices. The food travels through the small and the large intestine as well and the leftover processed and the waste product is flushed out of the body. With the throwing off the waste product, esophagusgusss of digestion gets completed. When food has to travel such a long path, then it is very much possible for the track to get some of the disorders. 

Disorders of the digestive system

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease:  Also referred to as GERD this is a common stomach problem. See, what happens is that your stomach is a small pouch that is fitted inside your body to store food. Your stomach is small and when it gets filled you automatically get a feeling that you are full. Your stomach also releases some of the digestive juices that are needed for the digestion of the stored food. Along with the digestive juices the stomach also has some of the gases stored. These are the same gases that release when you burp. The burp is the signal that you have filled your stomach to its maximum capacity and now you should stop eating. When the space in the stomach is filled to the utmost the gases escape out of the mouth through the esophagus. So do problems is in the stomach. When the acids escape it causes a burning sensation, this condition is known as GERD.

Peptic Ulcer Disease: Ulcers are small sores that form in the lining of the stomach. These are painful and cause problems. Peptic ulcers cover a much larger region extending from the stomach to the small intestine.

Ulcers occur when the acids of the stomach do some damage to the inner stomach lining. Though the inner lining of the stomach is protected naturally by a layer of mucus, but sometimes due to some of the other causes, this mucus lining becomes thin making space for the acid to do the damage.

Stomach ulcers are caused by medicines that are hard for the body to digest. These medicines, if consumed for a long time can lead to stomach ulcers. Bloating, pain in the stomach, GERD, and rapid loss of weight are also some of the symptoms that are linked. 

Stomach Flu: This is the most common type of problem that we all go through at some point in time. This is mainly a bacterial infection of the stomach. In this condition the digestive process becomes hampered. Vomiting and diarrhea is a condition that are the most common symptoms associated. It is best recommended to have light food and consumption of more liquids is good in such a situation. When there is so much infection the stomach is unable to process it. Food in the form of liquid with fewer spices can be easily digested. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: When the infection of the stomach persists for long, it forms inflammatory bowel disease. This condition is linked to loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. Most of the symptoms of almost every stomach and digestive disorder are somewhat similar and linked. Pain can also be felt at times. Part of the colon is also getting affected by bacterial inflammation. 

Constipation: when you have a difficult bowel movement, such and condition like this it continues for a week or so then it is a confirmed case of constipation. In this, you always feel heavy and restless. This is the condition that has affected more than 63 million people around the globe. Consuming a lot of water is said to be helpful in this condition. Consuming warm water is considered to be more effective. 

Some alterations in the food habits can also help such as an increase in fiber intake and green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contain roughage which has a lot of fibre content and hence helps in easier bowel movement. 

You can also try out a detox at home. Constipation may occur if your stomach is upset from unhealthy eating habits. Alvizia’s detoxification range can do wonders and can also help you with the problem of constipation.

Hemorrhoids: this can be a painful condition because the blood vessels of the anal canal get infected and swell up becoming the cause of pain. This condition is linked to constipation and constipation can be one of the causes of this condition. There could be itching at times, which can be cured by a simple remedy of bathing with warm water and applying some lotion that should be prescribed by the doctor.

So these are some of the stomach related problems and conditions that people are facing around the globe. Having a good diet that is high in fiber and low in fats is essential and should be followed. Keeping strict control on the diet is the best prevention.

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