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January 11 2021



Our body needs a regular intake of fats, carbohydrates and certain vitamins in minerals to regulate the normal functioning of the body. Fats and carbohydrates as we all know are the primary source of energy. Carbohydrates are basic unit of energy supply. Fats are in turn are the complex carbohydrates. The breakdown of fats in the body results in the production of immense amount of energy, more than that produced by carbohydrates themselves.

 What we regularly eat irrespective of whether we are vegetarians or non vegetarians , each one of us manages to get the right or even more amount of carbohydrates. Rice and wheat are the primary form of carbohydrates when it comes to vegetarians whereas meat can be a source of carbs and fat in case of the non vegetarians, but what about the other things proteins, minerals , vitamins ? 

We usually tend to miss out on many of them, so this is the place where the health supplements come to your rescue. Health supplements can be taken in any form i.e. pills, shakes or powders that are readily available in the market. 


Vitamin capsules are widely used by people all around. Vitamin B and C are water soluble vitamins. Water soluble vitamins means that they get mixed with the water of the body and are regularly flushed out of the body as well in the form of sweat or urine, but you need not worry as vitamin B and C are mostly present in the commonest of all the things that we consume like citrus fruits. The main purpose of the intake of vitamin capsules is to maintain the required level of other vitamins which are fat soluble. These are also the vitamins that is not taken in the right amount cause various diseases like rickets, night blindness and beri- beri. Health supplements in the form of vitamin capsules help in this condition .


Calcium, another important component that is needed by our body to grow stronger. The bones of the body and the teeth are made up of calcium. Deficiency of such a vital component can cause severe effects like weak bones which make them more prone to injury. Discolouration of the teeth is another such condition that can occur. In infants the deficiency of calcium is more common. Infants and newborn children require a higher amount of calcium to grow. Though milk provides their body with the right amount of calcium but the problem arises when the little ones grow a little and refuse to have milk or other dairy products. Then also their body is in requirement of the right amount of calcium.

Health supplement specially made for the children like chewy calcium tablets and powders that can be mixed with milk or with the flour while preparing food helps. In this way children are not deprived of any nutrient. In the same line of health supplement, there is another version of these milk powders that have came out in the market for women. It is believed that intake of dairy products is very less when it comes to women. Surveys also hold the statement o be true. Bones get weaker after a certain age and to prevent it milk powders should be consumed. 


Probiotic is actually a process of consuming some weakened and live bacteria orally.  There are many bacteria and microorganisms present in the stomach and the intestine. Some of them are good that supplement the process of digestion whereas some of them harmenful, preventing the process. Probiotics helps in maintain the level of good bacteria inside the body. This is another health supplement that we can use.


Moving on to the next nutrient we have the most important of them all that is non other than protein. Protein is required by all of us but if you are someone who workouts really hard and is aspiring for a toned and muscular body then the appropriate of protein is all what you need in addition to your daily exercising routine. Nuts, pulses, cottage cheese, chicken meat , tofu and soy products are the main sources of protein, but is all this enough to get the required muscle growth? The answer is no, the problem with these form of proteins is that they are not only protein, they are complex compound of various other nutrients as well, but for proper muscle growth you need the right amount of protein that gets absorbed in the body directly and the whole of it is utilised in the process of building. Consuming protein in the form of a health supplement such as protein powder which is nothing other than amino acids helps a lot. Protein that is taken in by the body in the form of food is broken down in simpler form called as the amino acids. It is this form of the protein that the body can absorb. Consuming it directly in powdery form eases the process of absorption. Whey protein is another latest option in the protein products range that can be consumed. Whey protein is the dried out powder substance that is made from the residue of milk after cottage cheese is made out of it. The part that we think is waste and can’t be used is actually magical and cam be used wisely.

However consuming excess amount of protein powder than the actual recommended amount can have some harmful effects on the body as well.

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