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May 13 2021



Beauty and Brain shall collaborate to create an unexpected fusion of myriad and bliss in the Cosmetics Industry this 2021. With the advanced efforts devoted to Research & Development, constantly changing consumer focus, and shifting market segmentation, Cosmetics as a whole is going to experience a ravishing transformation as this year begins to settle in. No longer do people only focus on the bare necessities - a shade to highlight their lips, a bit of kohl to bring out their eyes, red blush on their cheeks to accentuate a natural look, a clean shave to enhance their grooming - these are all matters of the past! 

As times progress and innovations happen, consumers, wish to educate themselves more than ever before, reading ingredients’ lists at the back of beauty products, diving into popular trends that surge the social media world, and approaching skin specialists for all their queries to be answered effectively and efficiently. The

pandemic made everyone even more conscious about skin and body care, making them alert about various changes and eco-friendly options. Keeping up with the current market scenario, here’s a list of the most probable trends that are going to takeover age-old traditions and customs in the Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals sectors this renewed year: 

- Skinimalism 

Minimalism engages with our Skin to form this next-level upsurge in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry. Pinterest labels this as the newest ‘glow-up’ depicting natural, minimal, or absolutely no makeup at all! Here’s the trend that wishes to showcase you in all your true colors, the ones you were birthed with and born to possess. Beauty gurus that establish this as their mantra are no longer afraid of displaying their blemishes, scars, acne, dark spots, blackheads, dark circles, pores, etc. Everything’s all out in the open and ready for everyone to embrace. Others could opt for minimalistic makeup with nude or bland shades to just fit your skin’s tone and texture. 

- Masks as a Style Statement

Owing to the preventive measures taken on account of the coronavirus spread, the global beauty world has kickstarted a trend that’s probably here to stay for a few years. Masks you dawn are no longer only meant for protection but beauty experts suggest people are going to start delving into designs, patterns, sizes, shapes, and varied other segments in these masks too. Cosmeceutical companies are also leveraging on this aspect by inculcating ingredients and properties to their versions of masks. Be it Sheet, Clay, DIY, hydrating or cleansing powers - these trends are rising with the hour. 

- Quarantine Bangs

Not a shocker anymore, but we bet most of y’all have pictured yourself with shorter hair ever since the lockdown has begun - more specifically, bangs! As temperatures rose to new levels, both literally and metaphorically, being clumped into your houses has led to thoughts of just chopping off your long locks and adopting a style that could accentuate your face more. Cosmetic gurus are praising the impacts the quarantine has had on its victims in a way that this is how short-length hair is gaining more impetus and girls have never looked prettier. The best part is the whole ‘DIY’ concept of these bangs, elegantly suiting a majority of the populace. 

- Glamorous Hygiene

Users are now looking to beautify their sanitizers, hand washes, face masks, and much more. Certain equipment like these are here to stay for years to come, and embracing them with a smile is a great way to go! It’s as they say, where there’s a necessity, there’s luxury! Completely defying the harsh soaps and sanitizers segment, skin and body care brands are now focusing on providing lush, royal, and premium experiences by their new luxury hygiene product line releases, keeping consumers invested and satisfied like never before! 

- Transparency in Formulae

Gone are the days when our ancestors purchased a bottle of cream or lotion just for the sake of their timely usage. Today, with increasing awareness and compliance towards transparent Cosmetics and Cosmeceutical products, customers wish to know the exact ingredients as they are and in the specified quantities to make better-informed purchasing decisions. Companies are now pushing their efforts towards more sustainable solutions as buyers wish to see an added corporate social responsibility from their well-loved brands. Leveraging on custom loyalty with this concept is going to be phenomenal this 2021. 

- The Zoom Look

With the advent of virtual communication, no other time has seen such a vast usage rate before. Right from video calling for casual chatting or video conferencing on platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, or Webex, consumers want to look their best and also have a range of ready-to-adopt styles at their fingertips. People are flocking to investigate cosmetic procedures with minimally invasive routines to look video-fit for their next meeting and surprisingly, are ready to shell out the big bucks for this purpose. So, it’s not going to be weird when you see advertisements and promotions for the same. 

- Cruelty-Free and Vegan products

Going Green is the new Black as Cosmetics lovers are shifting towards protecting our innocent wildlife inhabitants by using sustainable, cruelty-free products. Nowadays, just a simple proclamation of products having these signs and symbols makes the audience go gaga! Staying away from ingredients sourced from animals, this trend had witnessed its establishment quite a few years back but is becoming the new norm after users dived into researching and rejuvenating their makeup choices. Animal-tested products are also avoided to the maximum. 

- Digital Dermacare

Since people with skincare problems resorted to ringing up their Cosmetologists to seek solutions during the lockdown, many experts took to the world wide web to provide their services and sell products catering to this dermatology segment. IT advances and new releases were seen as Mobile Phone applications that targeted the younger generations with Beauty-focused apps, product delivery services on a subscription basis and AI-centered tools and devices began to be launched. The virtuality of this endeavor has created a popular trend that makes beauty and derma care seamless to procure. 

- Inclusivity and Diversity

The beauty sector has vanquished products that only focused on white skins and is now incorporating more localized and globalized trends. We’ve got products and services aimed at all age groups, right from the toddlers up to the elderly. Beauty standards are broadening their horizons by selling unique color ranges, demolishing the concept of one-size-fits-all. The highly inclusive setup of the market is garnering an increasing populace and featuring multicultural trends is become a statement in and of itself. 

- Big Data for Cosmetics

Data is magnanimous and never-ending, so devising methodologies for efficient collection of the same and using it to your advantage is going to be the next big trend, already evident in the Cosmetics industry. Every year, brands conduct surveys, distribute questionnaires and even offer free goodies in return for your genuine responses. The reason is they want to deliver as many customized solutions as they can. By targeting your every minute need, brands expand their market share and become leaders in the most nichest of segments. Big Data and Cloud solutions are making it easier for accurate collection and storage of such data to enhance consumer satisfaction. 

- Natural Supplements for Beauty 

The big bang of Nutraceuticals especially took over the therapeutic segment after customers opted for a natural remedy to their problems. Supplements that are organically obtained and cruelty-free are in high demand amongst health-conscious buyers, looking to beautify themselves from all angles. 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we prioritize this trend by delivering premium, naturally sourced organic supplements for your well-being and beauty needs. Here are a few choice products from our vast range: 

Biotin capsules for complete skin rejuvenation and nourishment.

Milk Thistle soft gel capsules containing Silymarin that replenishes and strengthens your skin cells.

Garcinia Complex containing the trinity power of Green Tea, Green Coffee, and Garcinia Cambogia extract with anti-aging properties.

Aleneve softgels containing Evening Primrose Oil which plays a vital role in reducing acne and giving your skin a glowing finish. 

AlenGlow skin support kit consisting of L-Glutathione and Vitamin C supplements. 

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