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February 17 2021



Most of us have tried weight loss techniques at least once in our lifespan. And, if you’ve resorted to browsing the web or asking around for your loved ones’ advice, the term ‘Green Tea’ gets used most frequently. However, have you ever come across something called Green Coffee? 

You’re not reading that wrong. Many will argue that Brown and Black are the only Coffees they’ve ever seen or heard of. To the maximum, you might have drunk your classic Cafe Latte or Iced Coffe, but Green Coffee? The name might bring on the heebee-jeebees. 

Well, you can rest assured because, in this informative article, we’ve covered all that there is to know about Green Coffee, myths surrounding it, backed by hardcore scientifically proven facts, and some more. Let’s get right to it! 

For starters 

When the grains of Coffee berries undergo refining, without exposing them to heated temperatures, what’s procured is Green Coffee extract. This ultimately ends up retaining all the naturally bestowed properties and inherent qualities, making it

rightful for human consumption. In simpler terms, unroasted beans generate your desired Green Coffee extract, which is widely famous on the weight management market in today’s health-conscious world. 

The reason why they’re sold unroasted as the extract is to accumulate as much Chlorogenic acid as possible. As per scientists, this is known to have immense health benefits and works as an efficient weight controlling agent. Once roasted, coffee beans tend to miss out on their potentially beneficial chemicals, losing their hype. 

Due to it being loaded with vital nutrients and essential vitamins, Green Coffee is ruling the hype around health and hygiene sectors today. You’ll find users blogging about its positive health effects, or convincing you to experiment with newer trends and techniques of consuming it, be it in the form of a beverage like your Lattes or even as a component in your beloved desserts. 

Its flavor varies distinctly from regular coffee. There are also varying reasons for people to consume different Coffee strains and varieties daily. For example, Black coffee forms a perfect mechanism to deliver the desired aroma and a strong flavor for some drinkers, whereas Green Coffee is milder and works towards reducing weight. 


If you’re wondering what ingredients make up this weight loss magical supplement, Chlorogenic acid is the most widely renowned one. This major component plays a key role in weight management. It functions as a potent antioxidant that helps diminish the total amount of free radicals present within the human body. In people experiencing signs of premature aging, Chlorogenic acid works to prevent and treat this condition to some extent. A lack of free radicals works as a protective measure against immunological diseases, even simple ones like the common cold or the flu, and other infectious diseases. 

When treated with heat, as some factories mistakenly do to satisfy a certain crowd of customers, this Chlorogenic acid content is tampered with, lessening its therapeutic effects, leaving the Green Coffee extract bland and advantage-less. When taken as a beverage, unroasted in the state, this acidic content reaches its optimum amounts. 

Other proclaimed pharmacologically active ingredients include malic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, etc. which contribute numerous anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties too. To maintain accurate levels of essential human fatty acids, the presence of these trace elements is required. They mainly work towards protecting and nourishing the liver and cardiothoracic activity.

When discussing the chemical composition of Green Coffee, we find trace amounts of tannins, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, and of course, caffeine. These play important roles in stimulating lymphatic drainage, an essential process to kickstart thorough heart activity, activating the nervous system, improving memory, and eliminating spasmodic pains and migraines/headaches. 


The market today is booming with constant innovations and varieties of these Green Coffee products and kinds. People are associating certain kinds with certain aspects and benefits, whereas prominently, almost the same properties are depicted by all these varieties. 

The most commonly found types include powdered beans (crushed), granular beans (powdered and then steamed to produce pellets), and freeze-dried beans (vacuumed to undergo dehydration). For some customers that prefer to enhance their taste buds, flavored options are now widely sold too. These come with premium packaging and other prime factors that attract a larger consumer base.

Reasons You Should be Consuming Green Coffee 

Regulates your Blood Glucose Levels 

This indicates the sugar content in your bloodstream, the higher the level, the greater the risks of encountering various complications. Antioxidants like Chlorogenic acid work by regulating and controlling this level within your body. Glucose levels are also lowered, helping patients suffering from diabetes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mostly, green coffee has been recently prescribed by diabetologists for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, as the frequency of insulin spikes gets greatly reduced. This way they have better control over their symptoms and disease maintenance becomes easier. 

Aids with Weight Loss

Research is indicative of the fact that the principal constituent of Green Coffee aka Chlorogenic acid works as a means to burn body fats and reduce stored fat content, thereby reducing glucose levels too. This stringent reduction in the absorption of carbohydrates will in turn lower bad cholesterol levels. On conducting a research study using a live audience with middle-aged adults, drinking instant regular coffee helped far less with weight loss as compared to Green Coffee. The population also reported a feeling of rejuvenation and active vibes after intake. Caffeine has also proven to have the effects of speeding up metabolic processes by almost 16% in comparison to decaf. 


Bid farewell to your wrinkles and age-marks and scars that form over some time because the antioxidant content in Green Coffee will help you fight this strenuous battle of time. Antioxidant activity is known to vastly tone down the action of aging, thereby demonstrating shinier, healthier skin and facial features. The wrinkles get lessened over time and your body feels more active than ever. Dead skin cells are banished and your body is no longer a breeding ground for them. One excellent property is that the excessive redness caused by exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun is avoided too. 

Boosts Immunity

Green Coffee possesses a liver detoxification action that in turn helps speed up the process of immunity-building. You’re no longer an easy target to harmful infectious diseases like coughs, colds, cases of flu, etc. Even if you do contract any of these, your body is more competent to fight them off and the acquired strength helps keep you away from their attack. Dieticians are recommending this ingredient to be added to your daily diet as a means to combat chronic illnesses too. 

Heart Health

This has been reported by quite a few case studies. The antioxidant action aids with cardiovascular health and stimulates active blood circulation. Green Coffee tends to eliminate toxins within the bloodstream if any and improvise cardiac output. Arteries and vessels feel replenished and the entire circulatory process is smoothened. This helps to avoid common heart disorders like strokes, arrhythmias, heart attacks, fatty acid accumulation, etc. 

Mood Elevation

Ultimately known to help improve depression, anxiety, mood swings, unstable behavior, erratic thoughts, etc. Major reports have showcased next level improvements in cognitive performance, helping people be more focused, concentrate better, and memorize to some extent. Psychological well-being is enhanced and this result was significantly observed amongst athletes. This is precisely the reason why the usual population opts for a warm cup of hot coffee every morning to kickstart their hectic days. Green Coffee is a healthier option. 

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