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February 08 2021



Coffee is the most favourable and sought-after beverage in the world, so is the desire to lose weight and remain healthier! Weight loss and its management is a long-standing goal of achieving a healthy life. High costs and potential side-effects have led obese people to choose nutraceuticals that may aid them in weight loss.
According to a Food & Health Survey by the International Food Information Council Foundation, the number of people who want to lose weight or to be healthier is on a rise, about 36% of people want to lose weight.

Coffee has many variants, each having its audience. Amongst these, one which is gaining popularity in the health & fitness community is the Green Coffee Beans.

What are Green Coffee Beans?

Green Coffee Beans are beans which are not roasted. The extract derived from these beans is the natural and raw form containing a higher level of Antioxidants and Chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic is a major polyphenolic compound (50%) along with caffeine in coffee and has many beneficial effects on health. So, your cup of green coffee might help you in fat loss by thermogenesis, reduces calorie intake, and decreases food cravings.

Coffee beans are naturally green, but they are roasted before selling which destroys the majority of the chlorogenic acid, turning them brown.

Brown coffee differs from Green coffee, not just in colour, but also in the chemical structure, and amount of nutrients. These changes result in the difference in the health benefits offered by green coffee and brown coffee.

The green coffee extract also contains a lesser amount of caffeine (20 mg of caffeine per cup), that means unlike the roasted coffee (contains 100 mg of caffeine), it won't have any addictive effects on humans! That concludes green coffee is a power pack with negligible side effects when consumed in the right amounts.

Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Helps in Weight Loss: Green coffee extract is an effective weight reducing agent. Several studies have shown that green coffee enhances energy metabolism and reduces lipogenesis, which leads to the suppression of body fat accumulation and increases fat metabolism in the liver.
In a study, mice were fed with chlorogenic acid showed a reduced visceral fat content and body weight, also a significant decrease in the serum triglycerides level was observed.
The results from a clinical study performed on 30 overweight people showed consumption of instant coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid i.e. green coffee for 12-week induced a significant reduction in body mass index and body fat, compared with the control.

Effective against blood pressure: Green coffee can lower your blood pressure levels. A study conducted on 28 subjects with mild hypertension were given 140 mg/day of chlorogenic acid, showed a decrease in blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic). Thus, indicating chlorogenic acids from the green coffee extract is effective in decreasing blood pressure and safe for patients with mild hypertension.

Another study was conducted on 117 male volunteers with mild hypertension, were divided into 4 groups and they were administered chlorogenic acids for 28 days by placebo, three-drug doses of 46 mg, 93 mg, 185 mg of chlorogenic acids per day.
Systolic blood pressure of 93mg and 185mg decreased significantly indicating daily use of green coffee extract has a blood pressure-lowering effect in patients with mild hypertension. 

Effective against type-2 diabetes: Green coffee extract can be used to lower the risk of diabetes and other potential diseases.
Diabetes type 2 is mainly caused by insulin resistance and green coffee consumption is found useful in reversing type 2 diabetes.
A study on 48 mice was conducted for 15 weeks, they were administered with green coffee extract, the result showed a reverse insulin resistance by downregulating the genes involved in adipogenesis and inflammation in visceral adipose tissue.

Effective against Alzheimer's disease: Type 2 diabetes is also a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Green coffee is said to have protective effects in case of Alzheimer's disease.
A study showed that 40-50% chlorogenic acid improved cognitive function in mice, although further studies in humans are required.[

Rich source of antioxidants: Antioxidants are substances that protect and help our body to fight against the free radicals in the body, thus green coffee intake can boost our body's immune system.

Are Green Coffee beans extract safe?

Green coffee beans extract is mostly safe as it is in the raw and unroasted form, that indicates it has lower caffeine thus reducing the risk of addiction.
High doses might cause side-effects the same as that of regular coffee- nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, and stomach upset. 

How to get take Green coffee?

Green coffee is usually consumed in the extract form by using supplements.
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