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February 25 2021




We have always known coffee by its rich brown color and bitter and stimulating aroma. Ever heard of the term “Green Coffee”? As the name suggests, these coffee beans are green in color. This color is the natural color of coffee before roasting of the beans after which the color changes to brown. The difference between green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans is not only in terms of color but the chemical constituents too!

Let’s look at the difference in a little more detail. 

First of all, the roasting of the raw coffee beans reduces the chlorogenic acid level, which is an important constituent responsible for the hoard of health benefits raw green coffee provides. The amount of chlorogenic acid in dried green coffee beans is 65mg/g in arabica and 140mg/g in Robusta variety. This amount plummets by 70% leaving only 30mg/g in roasted coffee beans. Secondly, roasted coffee beans have a higher level of caffeine present. A cup of roasted coffee consists of 100mg of caffeine. On the other hand, a cup of green coffee provides only 20mg of caffeine. As a result, if you want the advantages of coffee without stimulating your nerves and feeling all jittery, green coffee is the best option for you. 


  • They contain Antioxidants! The major role of chlorogenic acid is to act as an antioxidant and reduce the body’s oxidative stress by destroying free radicals. Oxidative stress can be harmful to the body as it may lead to diseases such as Parkinson's, arthritis, and emphysema. It may also prevent Chlorogenic acid regulates the glucose and lipid content of the body. 
  • Ready to shed some pounds? Green coffee is your friend. The same chlorogenic acid mentioned above is responsible for burning excess fat in the body and boosting energy. In a particular study, the daily intake of green coffee by women resulted in a decrease of 3.6% fat and a loss of 5.4 kg weight on average after 12 weeks.  It aids in preventing slowing of metabolism rate and lowering sugar absorption that keeps your insulin level consistent. 
  • With a lowered level of caffeine, green coffee helps maintain focus and boost cognitive performance. Chlorogenic acid and caffeine work by indirectly increasing the levels of dopamine, the happy hormone by inhibiting adenosine neurotransmitter (depressant) in the brain and thus, keep you in a good and positive mood. 
  • Green coffee beans prevent insulin resistance and keep glucose levels down. Consequently, they prevent the emergence of type 2 diabetes. 
  • Research suggests that green coffee extracts containing 50-140mg of chlorogenic acid daily can reduce blood pressure levels. 
  • Want to look younger? Green coffee extracts are used in several dermatological products. They prevent the redness associated with sun exposure because of the presence of chlorogenic acid. These also have anti-aging properties. They prevent wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, and maintain skin smoothness.  


While people have been drinking tea for centuries, green tea is native to only India and China. Although only 20% of the tea-drinking population drink green tea, green tea has been mentioned in the traditional Chinese and Indian texts for its medicinal benefits. Green tea has been made from leaves and buds of the plant Camellia sinensis. It has not undergone the harsh withering processes that remove the essential antioxidants from the plant. For this reason, it is medicinally valued. Let’s look at the benefits in a little more detail. 

Green tea consists of mainly catechins (polyphenols), caffeine, theanine, and vitamins (B2, C, Folic acid, E, Beta- carotene), saponins, fluorine, minerals (Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese)


  • Cancer prevention: Research by the National Cancer Institute has shown that green tea reduces tumor growth when tested in laboratory and animal studies. This is primarily due to the catechins present in green tea that kill cancerous cells and hinder their growth. 
  • Drinking green tea, a minimum of 5 cups every day improves heart functioning and reduces the mortality rate. This was shown by a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association. 
  • Reduction in the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) or the bad cholesterol was associated with ingestion of green tea either as a beverage or in capsule form as shown by studies conducted in 2011. 
  • Drinking green tea has also proved beneficial in reducing the growth of cells in cases of inflammation and skin diseases, thus concluding a novel treatment for such types of ailments. 
  • The catechins present in green tea show a deodorizing effect by preventing bad breath. 
  • Fluorine and catechins are responsible for preventing tooth decay. 
  • Vitamin C present in green tea is a catalyst for healthy skin and mucous membranes as it promotes collagen formation. 
  • The beta-carotene present in green tea help improve night time vision. 
  • A research study conducted by Alzheimer’s society showed a reduced risk of Alzheimer's after administration of a high amount of green tea extracts. 

    Green tea is available in the market in various forms: 

    • Teabags
    • Loose-leaf
    • Green tea supplements as capsules or liquid extracts 

      Both Green Tea and Green Coffee are highly rich in antioxidants. However, their use is limited due to the bland and bitter taste of the liquid preparations. So why not utilize the benefits in the form of supplements? Supplements are easy to ingest and do not leave an after-taste. 

      ALVIZIA’S Garcinia Complex, available in the bottle packaging of 60 soft gel capsules, utilizes the therapeutic benefits of both green tea and green coffee bean extracts along with black pepper. Its main component is Garcinia’s extract constituting Hydroxycitric acid or HCA which has fat-burning and appetite suppressant actions. The synergistic action of green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, and HCA helps in reducing weight and boosts energy.  

      So, now that we have looked at the myriad of benefits offered by both green tea and green coffee beans, it will surely reap benefits by including this in your diet!

      This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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