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April 10 2021



Today’s article is solely focused on delivering the immense benefits of one of those therapeutically acclaimed amino acids called L-Arginine, which is an essential component of your body system. Almost every protein-rich food product consists of this constituent and rightfully so. It’s numerous health benefits have scored it a high rank among athletes and gym enthusiasts as a potential part of their dietary intake. Let’s find out why this holds! 

L-arginine is considered to be a crucial amino acid as healthy people could derive maximum amounts of it through their daily food consumption. A surprising fact is that it also gets synthesized within your system’s kidneys inside your body itself. However, the amount of this synthesis is not nearly enough to partake in all of its beneficial aspects. This is the sole reason why fitness gurus opt for supplementation of the same.

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve made it pretty easy for you to access the greatest form of L-Arginine supplements - both hassle-free and organically formulated capsules for your healthy outlook! We’ve listed down a bunch of reasons why you should definitely invest in this wonderful ingredient as a part of your daily dietary habits! 

Enhances Blood Flow

L-Arginine assists with increasing the production of nitric oxide within the body and prevents its breaking down. The main function of nitric oxide is the reduction of blood pressure and ensuring that smooth and efficient blood flow takes place for effective circulation through the arteries. People that inculcate this component within their diets have reported reduced risks from contracting hypertension or heart strokes. Following studies were conducted on a population consisting of pregnant women and individuals with high blood pressure, thereby denoting said reports. For improved cardiovascular health, L-Arginine supplementation is usually advised! 

Anti-diabetic implications 

After conducting massive research studies on two varied populations, one with diabetic patients and the other people suffering from Type 2 diabetes, it was discovered that L-arginine levels were found to be severely low, accompanied by disrupted metabolic pathways of amino acids and less insulin production. In another study with people suffering from metabolic syndrome, it was found that the onset of Type 2 diabetes was greatly reduced after the people were supplemented with L-Arginine in measured amounts. It has been concluded by a few clinical trials that such supplementation could possibly promote the formation of insulin-secreting cells within pancreatic cells. Simultaneously, oxidative stress occurring within Type 2 diabetic patients’ cells could also be avoided due to this. Antioxidant enzymes like SOD (superoxide dismutase) are raised in level along with nitric oxide. Reduced oxidative damage is observed towards heart cells and blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow and preventing the risks of cardiovascular disorders.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction 

As mentioned before that this component helps increase blood flow by smoothening circulation and improving arterial potency, it goes without saying that males could benefit from it by its ability to help treat erectile dysfunction. What happens is that disrupted arterial blood circulation could actually prevent accurate flow to the penis which is why erection becomes strained and difficult. Research has proven that L-Arginine supplements could help nourish blood permeability, thereby alleviating this erectile dysfunction in males suffering from lowered nitrate levels. Studies have also implied that L-Citrulline could be supplemented as the body itself converts this into L-Arginine which performs the task well! 

Immunity Booster

Your immune system is the one that keeps you from falling prey to widespread infections or mild allergies inclusive of cold, cough, flu-like symptoms, and maintains your body’s overall immune health. If your immunity is compromised in any way, your chances of falling ill when exposed to small amounts of bacteria or viruses increased tenfold. L-Arginine supplementation has been proven to improve one’s immune health as it increases the levels of nitric oxide within the body. This stimulates the immune system to fight against pathogens (disease-causing agents) that are responsible for inducing a diseased state within you. Now, your body is safe from penetration of unwanted or foreign disease-inducing agents/materials, keeping you strong and fit! 

Wound-healing ability

A clinical trial consisting of geriatric patients was given L-Arginine supplements over a certain period of time and they experienced wound-healing properties. There was a meticulous reduction of infections and speeding up of the healing of burn injuries over a prolonged period. Topical application of the same was also found to reduce anal fissures. In trials conducting skin autografting, improvisations were observed in blood vessels, skin tissue regrowth was strengthened and sped up. Over time, this component also improved sore-healing. With increased nitric oxide levels and collagen promotion, wound-healing properties were proven. 

Relieving Anxiety Symptoms

If you get overly worrisome or happen to get into anxious thoughts with even the slightest of a trigger, L-Arginine supplementation could act as a mood-stabilizer and promote a good mood. When accompanied by L-Lysine dosage, stress hormone levels could be modified so as to modulate stressful conditions. Patients experienced greatly reduced anxiety symptoms and avoidance of a generalized depressive mood, thereby alleviating stressful thinking. 

For Athletes and Sports enthusiasts 

Nutritional supplementation usually indicates that you’re interested in shifting towards a higher intensity level of workout and if so, intake of arginine or L-Citrulline (which in turn gets converted into L-Arginine) could work wonders for you! Do you often get exhausted after extensively training at the gym and hence, need to take a few days off before you return to training in your hectic schedule? Well, improve your regeneration rates by taking these capsules. By improving nitric oxide levels in your body, blood flow to the tissues is promoted and muscle relaxation occurs seamlessly. By this, increased amounts of oxygen are supplied to your muscles, giving them enough nutrients after a hardcore workout regimen! 

Your endurance performance is highly dependent on the level of oxygen supply to your muscles and tissues. When this occurs, you could train for longer periods and also undergo higher intensity exercise regimens with acquired ease. A study conducted on professional cyclists proved exactly this fact. They observed a stringent rise in their overall physical activity after taking L-Arginine. This improved their performance, endurance and also vastly reduced fatigue from taking over their active lifestyles. 

If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted fat accumulation, L-Arginine has been observed in a number of clinical trials to have vital fat-burning abilities. On consuming these capsules, studies have indicated that glucose could be quickly transported to muscle cells, thereby improving glucose metabolism, hence burning unnecessary fats and assisting athletes with weight management. Through this, fat gets utilized as a potential energy source. 

Promotes Hair Growth 

The role of L-Arginine in hair health can be attributed to its association with nitrogen monoxide levels. This is widely prominent in individuals having low nitric oxide levels or having a significant deficiency of the same in their diets. On intake of L-Arginine, this deficiency is compensated and potassium channels get opened up, displaying a vasodilatory effect. When this happens, blood vessels undergo dilation, blood circulation is improved and this increases blood supply towards hair follicles, strengthening them, thereby promoting hair growth.

When you bleach your hair, some amount of damage also occurs to its follicles. One supplying sufficient amounts of this supplement, this damage could be avoided during hair coloring. The deteriorating and weakening effects of hydrogen peroxide are avoided too, which occurs during the oxidative coloring process. It is capable of penetrating the hair fibers, thus making your hair strands stronger. 

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