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February 17 2021




Staying healthy is very important in today’s world and the recent pandemic has proved it more accurate , now it has became a dire need for every individual of any age group to minutely examine their lifestyle, food habits and exercise routine.

 Different organisations that are working in the field of healthcare have became more active in publishing articles doing health related surveys and coming up with statistical  data to make people more and more aware and conscious about their self .In the recent article by WHO it was stated that an healthy individual needs to do at least 20 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. 

Science Behind

According to many TED Talks speakers exercises which increases the heart rate are not only beneficial for being physically fit but have a tremendous effect on the brain as well, cardiovascular exercises if done only for 30-40 minutes ,for 2-3 days a week will help the body to develop neurons and drastically reduce the risk of having any neurological disease specially dementia or alzhiermer. 


Physical activities such as jogging ,walking ,skipping or even climbing steps has a visible effect on the hippocampus ,a area which is located on the front side of the brain ,on the outside we can say it to be between the eyebrows, development of neurons in this particular area of the brain cures uneven sleep cycles, improves concentration helps in increasing the retention capability and reduces stress.

Fitness instructors ,coaches You Tubers have came up with the pandemic workout series on their channels and many fitness tracking apps have also came up on play store which would guide you with your diet ,nutritional intakes ,workout routines and would also provide you with a personal coach or trainer but charging a subscription fee ranging from 199 per month depending on the package one chooses.

Branding Strategy

 Various brands  have even came up with immunity boosters and health supplements fixating this in everyone’s mind that developing an immunity is the most important thing right now, but what is immunity ? Can it be developed just by drinking some health drinks and having lemon with warm water(this is what most people are doing)?Let’s scratch the surface a bit ......Immunity is basically the body’s capacity to protect itself from any kind of foreign intervention and by this I really don’t mean the britishers ,I am referring to germs, viruses, bacteria and pathogens. The serum in the blood is the site where antibodies are produced they in turn fight the battle for our body and if your antibodies win then you are safe from diseases but if they lose you ultimately end up getting sick.

In this race to provide the immunity boosters brands have came up with adulterated products or the commonest of all is that they are labelling anything and everything as immunity booster and fooling the public. This is not improving your health or immunity, what these products are benefitting is just the brands.

 Appropriate amount of information and research is needed to protect yourself from such a scam. This process is time consuming and to get that instantly judging eyes persistent amount of hard work is also what you would be needing. The only thing wrong with the idea or the process of enhancing your skills is the amount of time that is required but you need not worry because I have it all sorted for you with a special mention in the category.

You can order the immunity booster range by Alvizia which contains Alvizia’s Milk Thistle and Alvizia’s Melatonin. You can also order this from any E- shopping website like Flipkart and Amazon at very affordable prices. 

Now we have the basic knowledge about who it works so you must have understood that it’s all about the antibodies present. Eating healthy food which is low in fats but high in proteins and carbs ,consuming beverages with high nutritional value that can detoxify the body  ,doing light to moderate exercises having a good sleeping schedule is always essential whether in the times of corona or no corona one should always stick to them as these lifestyle amendments will automatically increases the bodies capacity to fight.


The world has suffered from pandemic such as swine flu in 2009 which affected approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide. Looking at the health graphs of the population it is clearly visible that similarly like covid 19 the people who suffered from the diseases in any pandemic also show some of the after effects such as diabetes ,heart diseases, lung diseases or kidney related problems and the people who already have any of  such symptoms previously are the ones most likely to contract a new virus, the condition is a signal of the unhealthy lifestyle that needs to be corrected.

According to many leading health newspapers and journals Covid 19 is not the last pandemic that the world will encounter there are more to come so everyone must pull up their socks and should prepare themselves from any such future calamity because now each one of us now how it is like and how things work.


The topic won’t be completed until I give you some addition information about the ways and methods to maintain your health. 

The methods are discussed below:

Exercising or Yoga : This is one such thing that you need to practice on a regular basic at home even if you have minimum or new equipments. 

Eat healthy : Eating healthy is something that is not a mere method of staying fit but should be incorporated in your life as a lifestyle habit.

Consume more water : Water intake is something that is a must throughout the year. It is also recommended to have lukewarm water throughout the year. There is no hard and fast rule linked to it. The thing that should be kept in mind is that water consumption is a must.

With this you are backed up with all the knowledge to enhance your immunity and fight back in any extreme condition. So best of luck for that.

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