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March 22 2021



A pleasant cup of tea is capable of 
warming you when you’re cold 
cooling you down when you’re too heated 
cheering you up when you’re depressed and, 
calming you down when you’re too excited! 

Nowadays, health-conscious crowds are shifting towards a new regimen of daily lifestyle called the ‘Detox Way’. This involves completely changing one’s dietary habits to fit the latest trends and popular techniques to undergo a full body detox, meaning, the removal of toxins and other harmful foreign matter and ingredients from the body by adopting a natural therapeutic method. 

Out of the wide range of detoxes and cleanses available in the market today, a Tea Detox holds immense importance. Fitness gurus are drastically changing their local mantras to promote healthy Tea detoxes to their followers and fanbases. The revitalizing and rejuvenating powers of a good cup of tea works wonders on your health and overall life! 

However, people are more often than not, confused about what kinds of teas are existent in the market or they’re too busy dabbling in the variety that they fail to form a rigid schedule and adopt one preferred product. We’ve shortlisted a few renowned solutions of Tea Types that one can safely and most efficaciously adopt in their Detox session to achieve the best results. Each type is supported with its beneficial uses to help you make the right choices! 

So browse through and settle for your tea companion! 

1. Green Tea 

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Honestly, we recommend this a lot because the public and health experts have labeled it as the ‘King’ of Detox teas. A seamless solution to weight loss, this tea is ample in antioxidants and works as the perfect alternative to various other unhealthy drinks and beverages. These antioxidants, thanks to EGCG (epigallocatechin), protect your body from harmful oxidative damage caused by free radicals attacking your cells. One important part is avoiding the addition of milk or excessive sweeteners to your cup, just plain ol’ green tea in your fav cup to kickstart the day. If you’re looking forward to a zesty vitamin C boost, you could try the Japanese ‘deep green tea’ varieties too. 

Alvizia Healthcare presents a perfect way to incorporate Green Tea into your hectic schedule if you can’t find the time to brew yourself a cup. You could try our: 

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2. Match Tea 

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Both Green Tea and Matcha Tea are derived from the same plant species i.e. Camellia Sinensis, the only difference lies in the fact that Matcha Tea is available in powdered form, whereas Green Tea appears in a teabag. Matcha includes the complete percentage (100%) of green tea extracted into powder form, giving you a concentrated way to procure benefits. All you’ve got to do is mix the fully derived powder into a cup of water and sip away. This works as a tremendous immunity boosting agent and promotes sound sleep at night. 

3. Oolong Tea 

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This is commonly named Wu long Tea in Chinese populations and has scored a great audience in the Indian market today. It’s usually unsweetened and used by people to replace their soda/juice intake, shifting towards a healthier option. Research studies show its potential to help promote weight loss, thereby aiding with weight management. Based on your tea master, this tea could be partially oxidized to perfection, giving it a sweet and mild taste and texture. The components called theaflavins help prevent lipogenesis (fat accumulation) and aid with weight control

4. Black Tea 

An acquired taste, but this category of Detox Tea is slowly yet surely taking over health-conscious buyers. The major ingredients in Black Tea are flavones, chemical constituents working as natural pigments to contribute towards lowering BMI amongst obese populations. It also improves immunity, heart health, alertness and stimulates the brain to perform more complex and creative-thinking-based activities. 

5. Ginger Tea

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This revolutionary ingredient is famous in most Indian households for its antiinfective and preventive care functions. Oftentimes, to get rid of a high temperature or a recurrent cold, ginger tea is had sizzling for quick relief. This cleansing action has benefits on your digestive health, breaking down a dry and wet cough, clearing sore throats, etc. If you’re looking for some spice content, adding a bit of lemon juice or a zesty mix won’t do you any harm! 

6. Kombucha Tea

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Although it is known to have minute amounts of caffeine and alcoholic content, Kombucha Tea is a popular Japanese probiotic tea option even to date. People looking to get rid of their persistent hangover opt for this as a detox solution. Another advantage is how the contents of this tea help stimulate liver functioning, aiding with your digestive processes. Some users also recommend it as a way to boost your mood and inculcate a pleasant, active feeling to life. 

7. Rooibos Tea

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Buyers usually call this ‘red tea’ or ‘red bush tea’ and use it as a flavor-alternative to black tea and green tea. Coffee lovers tend to blend this tea type with other demystifying flavors and herbal spices. Rooibos Tea is known for its high amounts of antioxidants and is caffeine-free. This South African-derived tea product is abundant in useful chemicals like flavonols, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid that promote fat breakdown and improves metabolism. 

8. Dandelion Root Tea

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Indian Ayurvedic experts promote this variety to a large extent. For those suffering from UTIs that decrease urine output, this kind of Detox tea aids with diuretic activity, thereby increasing urine production. It has been found to have laxative actions in those suffering from constipation. With its ability to flush toxins at a slow but sure rate, this Dandelion Root tea aids with short-term weight loss. 

9. Milk Thistle Tea 

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This delicious variety is a famous herbal blend that works marvelously to cleanse your liver and promote its metabolic activity. The chemical ingredient, Silymarin, helps to prevent cellular damage to your liver cells and is also known to have plenty of other potential benefits like prevention of cirrhosis, increasing protein synthesis, ridding the body of toxins, etc. Research also suggests its use as an antidiabetic agent, and helping to keep your skin and brain healthy. 

Alvizia Healthcare has a way for you to procure the best benefits of Milk Thistle without much hassle, making use of our stress-free organic nutraceutical supplement:

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10. Earl Grey Tea 

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This English favorite, classic detox product is Black Tea infused with the orange peel of bergamot oranges which portrays it with a citrusy flavor, claiming it to be a preferred breakfast tea. It has popularly gained the title of being a ‘day detox method’. The ingredients it contains make it an energy-boosting element to every individual. These include caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine that contributes to the slow release of caffeine to assure a kickstart to your digestive and energizing processes. The vitamin C-packed essential goodness also plays a role here. 

11. Rosehip Tea 

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As the name suggests, this tea is produced thanks to the rosehips from a typical rose plant. Toxins accumulate in your body and cause damage to your nervous system, calling for strenuous headaches and migraines. This can be alleviated by consuming Rosehip Tea, where the side effects of detoxification can be avoided due to the potent vitamin C content. When red/orange berries are replaced with rosehips, simply infusing this mixture with warm water can provide you the perfect evening detox tea. Its subsequent antioxidative properties also enhance weight loss. 

12. Burdock Root Tea

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Especially a sought-after product in Chinese populations, this detox product also forms a vital component of traditional Chinese medicine scrolls. An ancient delight, Burdock Root tea strongly reduces fluid retention and causes toxin flush-outs in the body, providing a complete detox. If people face distended stomachs or bloating issues, they should invest in this tea for proven relief. 

Now that you have a personalized list, it’s best to shift your unhealthy lifestyle and adopt a successful detox routine to alleviate stressful problems and live peacefully and actively!

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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