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March 31 2021



Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is very essential for the growth and nourishment of the hair. Biotin is a substance that initiates the breakdown of certain fats and carbohydrates in the body. Vitamin H, vitamin B7 are the other names for biotin. The deficiency of this vitamin can have severe effects on nails and your hair making them brittle. 

There are no scientific and tested results that can prove a person to be deficient in biotin, so all we have are the symptoms on which we can rely upon if we want to detect its deficiency.

Biotin Capsules

Biotin Deficiency

Diabetes: Diabetes can be a major cause of low biotin levels in a person. Diabetes affects the nails and hair making a person deficient in biotin. Hair fall and hair thinning also results from the deficiency of biotin. If you are experiencing an itchy scalp and can also see the redness of the scalp then beware of the biotin deficiency it may be coming your way. 

Pregnancy and weight loss can also be one of its causes.

What causes biotin deficiency?

Medicinal consumption: Heavy medication and consuming medicines constantly for a long time can lead to biotin deficiency. Medicines are responsible for killing and destroying the good bacteria that are present in the intestine and the gut and hence leading to another problem which is biotin deficiency.

Dieting and fasting: Though both these things i.e. dieting and fasting are good for health but in some way or the other it can also lead to the deficiency of many essential vitamins and minerals in the body. If you are on a diet then you tend to maintain a low carb and fat proportion. Eating in only limited quantities and only that much which can give you enough energy to survive the day may give you a lean body but will fail you in many other aspects. Biotin deficiency is quite common in such situations.

Biotinidase deficiency: This one of a biotin disease that is very uncommon and is encountered only in a few. Let’s understand why this deficiency happens first of all. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin-like vitamin B and Vitamin C. Being water-soluble it is regularly removed from the system for means of urination and sweat. Hence it becomes even more simple to understand that the thing that is removed needs to be replenished again. It is not so that the person suffering has not been consuming biotin anyhow but their bodies are not able to process the consumed biotin. So it doesn’t matter how much biotin a person consumes, it would simply have no effect leading to biotinidase deficiency.

Phenylketonuria: This is a condition in which the proteins (amino acids) called phenylalaline build up in the body. This is one of the genetic disorders.

Negative effects of biotin

Effects on the newborn: Pregnant women need to consume more biotin in the form of biotin-rich foods. Biotin is very important for the baby. Biotin deficiency in the mother can lead to various birth defects in the baby, these may also cause a major problem in the growth and development of the baby.

Nails become brittle: Brittle nails are one of the visible negative effects of biotin loss. The discoloration and hardness of the nails are some of the symptoms that should not be ignored.

Biotin Benefits

Positive effects of taking biotin

Helps in relieving nerve pain: Pain in the nerves is a common complaint of people who are suffering from diabetes. Taking biotin in the form of capsules or any other desired form can help you with this problem. It is also scientifically proven that biotin helps in such situations.

Can cure disability: High doses of biotin can help with some kind of disability. Though there I no such proof as to how this is possible and the amount to which a disability could be cured but yes there is some truth to such a claim otherwise it would not have been mentioned. Disability like paralysis is one such problem in which consuming biotin can be helpful. 

Eyesight: Another point goes to biotin for its other advantage. Biotin can help in maintaining a good vision and if proper doses are taken it can also improve your vision to an extent.

Muscle cramps: Muscle cramp is another complain that people make. This problem is most common among people who are undergoing some kind of dialysis. Dialysis is a process whose after effect may include muscle cramp. So biotin has been found effective in such cases. One piece of advice is to consume biotin orally this would be more effective and would also serve the purpose quickly. People who have undergone kidney dialysis need to consume more amount of biotin than normal. They can also consult their nutritionist regarding it before taking any step in this direction.

Smoking: People who are involved in practices such as smoking usually have a low level of biotin in their bodies and are in a position in which they need to consume more of it. So smokers need to maintain a higher biotin level than nonsmokers.


Can be consumed orally: an oral dosage of biotin is what most people go for. By consuming it orally it can reach different parts of the body and can give you the desired results much quicker. Biotin tablets are easily available in the market.

Alvizia is one such brand that is one of the largest sellers of biotin tablets. Its biotin capsules are 100% organic and safe to use. They are easily available at any online shopping website. You can also buy it directly from their website. The link to but Alvizia’s biotin capsules are given below.

Can be applied on skin: Many brands that have come up these days in the market do promote the use of biotin in their products. As people have become more and more aware of the usefulness of biotin so do the beauty brands and it is also good in a way. 

This was all the important information about biotin that you need to include anyhow in your routine.

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