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February 03 2021



Obtained from the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis, green tea originated from China and has since become popular in different countries across the globe. Being considered as the one of the most healthiest beverages, green tea certainly comes with many benefits. Rich in catechins it has excellent anti-oxidising properties, that helps prevent cell damage. One of the least processed beverage, it is made up of unoxidized leaves, unlike oolong and black tea which are made up of oxidized leaves. With varying health benefits green tea has uses for everything from losing weight to reducing the risk of cancer.

Here, you will find a summary of the healthy advantages one can draw from consuming green tea.

Lowering the risk of cancer

According to a lot of studies, green tea has shown to reduce the risk of cancer, which is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells. Being one of the world's leading causes of death, cancer can be caused by oxidative damage . And green tea, loaded with antioxidants can help to prevent cancer damage. Even though, as per many observational studies, green tea drinkers are found to less likely develop several types of cancer, but more high quality research is needed to confirm these effects. In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated, "there is no credible evidence to support qualified health claims for green tea consumption and a reduced risk of gastric, lung, colon/rectal, oesophageal, pancreatic, ovarian, and combined cancers."

Losing weight

There are evidences that suggest that some active ingredients in green tea help in promoting weight loss as it increases metabolism and burning of fat. This might be sue to the polyphenols present that increases the process of oxidation and the rate at which body turns food into calories. You can check out Alvizia's green tea supplement with green tea extract shown to increase fat oxidation at rest and during exercise leading to fat burning and ultimately loss in weight.

Reducing cholesterol

Green tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol and improves the overall cholesterol levels in the body. According to studies, green tea catechins, an antioxidant found in green tea, reduces total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad") cholesterol in people with high levels of blood fats or cholesterol.

Preventing cardiovascular disease

In a study published in 2006, Journal of the American Medical Association it was concluded that green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality due to all causes, including cardiovascular disease. It is said to protect against the formation of clots and in preventing heart attack.

Improving brain function

The caffeine present in green tea has a stimulating effect and keeps the brain active. But green tea also contains an amino acid, called, L-theanine that has a calming effect on the mind. Therefore, the combined effect of both caffeine and L-theanine, works to improve the overall performance including the cognitive and memory functions of the brain. Green tea is said to delay the degeneration caused by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in people.

Increase in longevity

In a study, researchers studied 40,530 Japanese adults over 11 years and found that those who drank the most green tea — 5 or more cups per day — were significantly less likely to die during the study period.

Preventing type 2 diabetes

The number of people with type 2 diabetes has become increasingly common. It involves, increased blood sugar levels caused due to increased resistance or inability to produce insulin. Some studies have shown green tea to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the blood sugar level, while others have found no relation between green tea and diabetes.

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