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February 17 2021



Brain, as we all know is an important organ of body. The brain acts as the controller of the bodily activities and its well being and maintenance is equally important. Although from the outside nature has taken the sole responsibility of the protection of the brain by covering it from the outside by a hardened protective layer called the skull. From the inside as well the brain is covered by layers called as meningitis that is also filled with another fluid that acts as a cushion. So much is done by the nature itself, but what about the internal care of our ever working and ever functioning brain ? 

Keeping the brain healthy is not that difficult a task, all you need to do is to follow some simple self care tips and tricks. There are some super foods as well that can help improving your mental health and brain activity. Walnut also known as the brain food and many others can help. 

If neglected, there are many mental issues and problems that can occur. Mental problems occur slowly and gradually over the period of time when you are totally unaware of them. These problems if persisted for a longer time can cause severe damage to the brain and can also hamper the normal day to day functioning of the body as well. 

Proper education in this field, that is related to the brain and its activities is really th need of the hour. Initiatives should be launched to make the people aware about the structure of the brain. People should also be made aware that mental health problems are as common as a minor fever or headache. In this fast pace lifestyle with so much societal burden and competition it is natural for any healthy person to acquire some or the other problem. Being vocal is the first step in the direction of making your brain stronger again. 

Let’s see what are some of the most common causes that can affect your brain and which mainly result from our very own negligence.

Lack of Sleep: Sleep cycle imbalance is the major of cause the abnormal functioning of the brain. In the pressure to complete assignments and to meet the deadline , we always do tend to skip our designated sleeping time which in turn leads to poor quality of sleep that to for a shorter duration. The old saying “ early to bed and early to rise “ is the one that we should always follow. 

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Emotional imbalance : This problem is the one that is mostly encountered in teens who are just growing up. Lack of sleep and loss of concentration are the major complains that people have who suffer from emotional imbalances. In simple words, when you are suddenly  exposed to an unexpected condition ( which in most of the cases is saddening ), your brain reacts to it because it is not in a condition to fight back. 

You experience a flood of emotions but do not know how to express them. The lack of not being able to express , accept and change the situation is what leads to emotional imbalance. Teenagers brain is in the transitional phase, and they are undergoing many life changes. In these circumstances it is difficult for them to accept the way of life and adapt to things easily. 

Stress : Stress is seen as a wide factor that can cause any mental problem. When people are under stress they tend to lose control of the things and also the ability to think in the right direction. Not taking stress is not in our hands but we can certainly reduce it to the least possible limit by incorporating some healthy lifestyle practises such as yoga and meditation. 

Neurological Problems 

The brain is a complex network of many small neurons that are responsible for conveying the messages or the stimulus for some action to occur to the brain and also carries the brain’s response back to the concerned body part or the muscle which has to take the desired action. When any of the neuron in the network becomes damaged or is even exposed to the slightest of damage, it results in some king of neurological problem. 

Usually it is said that old age is the biggest cause of acquiring some neurological problem because the activity of the brain reduces with age but it is also observed that these problem can occur at any time and with anyone. 

Alzheimer / Dementia : This is the disease that most of us are aware about. I person suffering from Alzheimer tends to forget the information provided. In some extreme cases people forget most of the things, if not treated then it seen that the patients do get their whole memory erased and don’t even remember their own name. There is no scientific cure available for this disease but this can be prevented to occur at all or the speed at which the disease if affecting the brain can be reduced by indulging in activities that require the brain to function. Reading books, solving problems , playing puzzles are some of the examples.

Depression : This is something that most of the people around are suffering from. The above mentioned factors are mostly responsible for a person to go in the state of depression. If not treated, depression can also push a person to such an enormity that they can even take their own lives.

Schizophrenia: This is a condition in which a person is assumed to go mad by the people because they can see things which the normal people couldn’t. This happens because of some disruption to the neurons in the brain. With proper medication and pills this condition can be cured.

Preventive Methods

Having a complete 8 hour sleep cycle.

Indulging in yoga, exercises and meditation.

Eating right and at the right time.

Reading books, newspaper, journals, etc.

Playing mind games such as jig saw and puzzles.

This was all about discovering the cause and working on your mental health. It is never too late to begin for the good, all you need is to move in the right direction.

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