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September 20 2021



The key to preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease is directly linked to our lifestyle conditions which implies that it lies within us the will and the way to improve our heart health naturally. Even though medications are essential for the treatment of disease, studies show that lifestyle modifications also contribute significantly to improving heart health naturally.  Alvizia healthcare supplements of flaxseed oil and salmon fish oil capsules help in naturally attaining a healthy heart. 

By implementing changes in the diet and exercise, various beneficial effects can be achieved such as a drastic reduction in developing the risk factors of heart disease, diminishing the risk of deposition plaques in the arteries which does not enable them to cause a trigger in the formation and bursting of blood clots which may lead to the blockage of blood flow which may cause heart attack and causing a reversal in the rate of progression of coronary artery disease as well as atherosclerosis. 

The lethal combination of various health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes along with their long-term complications like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and sudden death have prompted a drastic modification in the management regimen from treatment to prevention of such diseases. Medications that are used to lower cholesterol, serum blood glucose levels, and in the treatment of other associated cardiac risk factors, even though essential cause side effects on prolonged use and the disease condition are benefited immensely on supplements these treatment modalities with diet and lifestyle modifications. Some of the major ways of improving heart health naturally include :

Reduction of a sedentary lifestyle and incorporating a mobile lifestyle 

Studies show that including regular physical activities as part of daily routine help in achieving various beneficial effects such as weight control, decreased risk of heart attack, a vast improvement in the body composition which includes fat to muscle ratio, lowering of blood glucose levels and thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome, regulating blood pressure and thus reducing the risk of hypertension, eliminating the risk of developing cancer, strengthening of the bones, reduction in stress levels, improvement in the sleep quality, enhanced ability to carry out day to day activities with increased vigour and energy and prolonging life by making it healthier.

Losing the excess body fat

Along with an increased weight gain, the risk of plaque formation and build-up in the arteries also increases significantly thereby increasing the probability of getting a heart attack. Increased body weight is often associated with several major cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and increased levels of serum bad cholesterol levels. Unchecked obesity may also be responsible for causing heart failure in the long run where the heart is rendered incapable of pumping adequate blood for the body’s requirements.

Research shows that excess body weight, especially belly fat is an extremely harmful occurrence and increases the risk of developing health conditions mainly cardiovascular disease. Deposition of fat promotes the release of various chemical compounds such as cytokines which in turn trigger a chain of inflammatory reactions throughout the body. Abnormal accumulation of body fat also leads to negative effects on insulin sensitivity thereby increasing metabolic disturbances in the body. Adequate and regular exercise goes a long way in shedding excess body fat. Achieving the recommended body mass index and maintaining optimal waist circumference helps in attaining the targeted body weight. 

Lowering non HDL cholesterol 

Even though it has been believed for a long that lowering low-density cholesterol or bad cholesterol is the correct line of treatment for reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Recent studies have shown that non HDL cholesterol is a more apt indicator of getting heart disease as it is found that non HDL cholesterol contains other substances in addition to LDL cholesterol that plays a major role in the buildup of cholesterol-filled plaques in the arteries. 

Stop smoking

Smoking tobacco is the causative agent of many health disorders such as heart disease, respiratory problems, lung cancer, kidney ailments, and emphysema. Thus the use of prescription medications in addition to nicotine replacement substances such as patches, gums, and sprays help in effectively quitting the addiction of smoking. Various medical smoking cessation programs are available in leading health care centers that help those individuals who want to stop smoking and attain a healthier lifestyle.

Regulating blood pressure 

It is extremely essential to maintain adequate blood pressure as hypertensive individuals are more prone to various heart disorders, stroke, congestive cardiac failure, kidney dysfunction, impotence, loss of cognitive function, and dementia. Many hypertensive individuals can maintain the recommended blood pressure even without regular medications by following a healthy lifestyle which includes dietary intake of fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Getting rid of excess body weight also helps in regulating blood pressure.

Reducing the consumption of foods that are rich in fat, sugar and refined grains also helps in reducing the dependency of hypertensive patients on medications. Limiting the intake of sodium and salt also helps in lowering the blood pressure readings. Limit alcohol consumption also helps in reducing blood pressure. Regular physical activities help in maintaining proper body weight which in turn helps in maintaining the required blood pressure.

Controlling diabetes 

Diabetic patients are more prone to develop heart attacks than non-diabetic individuals. Hence stabilizing blood glucose levels also indirectly decrease the risk of incidence of developing heart disease or stroke. Cessation of consumption of toxic substances in the diet and sedentary lifestyle help in reducing diabetic complications like diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral artery disease, erectile dysfunction, poor wound healing, gangrene, and amputation.

Reducing inflammation 

The presence of excessive bad cholesterol and other conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and smoking are triggers of inflammation in the body which are detected by measuring the levels of c - reactive protein. Reducing inflammation by the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods helps in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Lowering triglycerides 

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of various conditions such as high triglycerides, accumulation of belly fat, low HDL levels, high blood pressure, and elevated blood glucose levels. Lifestyle modifications to reduce the levels of triglycerides include losing excess body weight, reducing sugar intake, consumption of omega -3 fatty acids, reducing alcohol intake, and exercising regularly.

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