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March 24 2021



It is truly noted that hair frames your look. To take that perfect selfie we try to make our hair look as nice as possible. But are you noticing your hair being frizzy and dull? Are you having the problem of hair fall? Let’s look as some of the significant factors which affect the quality of our hair :

The main reason for your hair to be frizzy is due to the lack of moisture. When hair cuticles are devoid of moisture, the hair will remain dry. Due to this reason, hair starts to absorb moisture from the environment and swell up due to which our hair appears frizzy. Whereas when hair seems dull they lack shine, moisture and body. Various reasons for dull to seem dull include: using harsh chemicals, inadequate diet or drinking less water.

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How to resolve the issue of frizz and dullness?

  • Use sulfate-free shampoos 
  • For hairstyling use of hair oils or styling creams which provides moisture to the hair 
  • Try not to use very hot water for washing of hair 
  • Avoid putting the hair in a towel after washing rather start using microfibre towel to gently absorb excess moisture 
  • Avoid too much usage of hot tools for hair styling like a straightener or curling rods 
  • Brushing hair is an excellent habit since it increases circulation and allows your hair to grow, but an excess of anything will hurt the health of your hair. So try to control brushing properly
  • Always oil your hair 
  • Take a healthy diet including various nutrients eg: vitamins and minerals  

Apart from all these factors Hair, fall is another concern for many people. These days the majority of the population suffers from hair fall (minor or major). This may be due to the atmospheric changes, pollution, improper diet and overly stressed jobs. Moreover, the hectic work schedule makes it difficult for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to understand the underlying causes of hair fall for us to be able to minimize it, but the identification of a specific reason might be a challenging task. But you can always look at the common reasons for hair fall and try to make subtle changes in everyday life which can help to minimize this issue. 

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Various reasons for hair fall include 

  • Heredity reasons: It is due to the genetic makeup of an individual and is commonly known as androgenetic alopecia (common in males)
  • Hormonal Changes: There are a lot of hormonal changes which occur in females due to: pregnancy, childbirth,  menopause or by consumption of contraceptives. Post childbirth a lot of stress is imposed on the body which pushes the hair follicle to rest phase
  • Stress: Stress is harmful to our health in every aspect. In the case of hair fall, it reduces essential nutrients in hair, which are required for growth. To reduce stress levels, the best therapy is to exercise or by doing yoga
  • Medication or Radiation Therapy: Certain medications like used for the treatment of antidepressants, hypertension, arthritis or radiation therapy can lead to hair loss 
  • Excessive Hairstyling or excessive use of hair products: Everyone likes to try new hairstyles to enhance their appearance and hence use heat treatments like straighteners, curling rods and even certain hair products daily. Excessive use of such products can also lead to hair fall
  • Lifestyle habits: Due to unhealthy choices such as inadequate sleep, working outdoors and constant exposure to the sun can lead to greying and damage of hair
  • Pollution: The dust particles present in the atmosphere can interfere with the scalp and can lead to hair loss
  • Vitamin deficiencies: Hair consists of proteins and amino acids. Deficiency of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, or proteins, iron and zinc can be harmful to the body

Among all this, Vitamin B1 is proved to be efficient in the maintenance of healthy hair and nails, since deficiency of biotin leads to hair thinning, and cause of frizzy and dull hair. It is a micronutrient which is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It aids in faster hair growth. Due to this reason, many shampoos containing biotin are available in the market. 

Causes of Biotin Deficiency? 

  • It can occur in people consuming high levels of alcohol 
  • Consumption of a large amount of raw egg white (consisting of avidin which blocks the absorption of biotin)
  • Certain genetic disorders like Biotinidase deficiency can also be the leading cause of biotin deficiency
  • People suffering from IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease): since Biotin is synthesized in the intestines hence this condition can disrupt the production of biotin

But it is extremely difficult to develop biotin deficiency since the bacteria present in our intestines can produce enough biotin for normal functioning of the body functions.

Most of the time one can easily consume biotin-rich foods like egg yolk, bananas, cauliflower, mushrooms, salmon, carrots or sardines. 

But if you are unable to consume a lot of these foods regularly and you need to consume biotin safely and effectively, you can always go for natural health supplements.

Now, where to find Biotin supplement? 

Alvizia Healthcare provides just the right product for this called Alvizia’s Hair and Nails Supplement consisting of Biotin (1000 mcg), collagen, Vitamin E and other nutrients as well. This product consists of 90 capsules. All the excipients used in the product are FSSAI approved and safe to administer. 

The capsules must be stored in a cool and dry place. 

The product helps to :

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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