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March 12 2021



The underlying skeleton system of our body is made up of various bones and joints. Not only bones but there are many tissues and cartilages as well. All of these together form the skeleton and muscular system which enable us to do our day to day with ease. With any of these things not working properly, we would lose much of our control. So it is very important for us to keep our joints and muscles in a working condition and prevent them from any damage. 

Damage to them may be caused by various factors

Not eating properly: Deficiency or certain nutrients and vitamins can cause your bones and muscle tissues prone to easy damage. Balanced diet ion such cases are very important. It is also important that you take the right amount of protein and carbohydrates to build up your muscle. Without proper intake of the required amount of protein, your muscles would become weaker over time and eventually would cause a problem for you.

Lack of Calcium: Calcium plays a very vital role in our body. As most of the internal structure is made up of bones which in turn are made up of calcium. So in this way calcium becomes very important but this the commonest mistake that most of us commit. We miss the consumption of food items or health supplements that are a rich source of calcium. Reports by various government departments such as the food security and family welfare department of India and MOSPI ( Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation)  have published various reports stating the high deficiency of calcium. They have also stated that women are at greater risk in such cases. Pregnant women and lactating women are at a higher requirement of calcium-rich food supplements. When they are deprived of such an essential nutrient it causes them painful labour and many complications after giving birth. The children born such mothers are also, in a way fragile and deficient. Stunting and wasting are some of the most common problems faced by such children in their early growing years. 

The reports have mentioned that there are only 18% of women who consume milk and other dairy products on a regular basis. This is the cause of some serious concern when every other woman bears children but is highly deficient in the most important nutrient. 

Women in India who belong to the lower sections of the society are also involved in physical activities to a great extent. These physical activities are not what you think like sports, running and athletics by are physical labour. Women serve as cheap labour in such work and are employed easily. Such women are in need of more calories and more calcium which isn’t available to them. 

Joint related problems

Osteoporosis: The word “porosis” in the word osteoporosis means porous in plain terms. It is a condition in which the bones lose their strength and become weak. The bones become so weak that they can easily be broken. Fracture of the bone can occur very easily. The repairing system of the bones also weakens taking a lot more time than the normal to get back to normal. Back pain, Loss of height and irregular posture are some of the symptoms.

Osteoporosis is more likely to occur in women than in men. 

Osteopenia: When bones begin to lose much of their density and weight, such condition gives rise to a bone disease called osteopenia. It is commonly referred to as the loss of bone disease. Symptoms are not seen easily can it takes time for the patient to themselves to detect the disease. The cure for such a disease is having a full and healthy diet that is rich in dairy products to fill up for the loss. 

Bursitis: There are many small sacks present in between the bones and tendons. Sometimes these sacs are inflamed due to some bacterial action. The inflamed sacs are called bursae. There is much pain involved in this condition. The main affected area are joints in the shoulder and arms.  

If not treated for a long time then this can lead to a chronic condition and can even lead to permanent loss of movement in the affected area. The affected area starts to develop calcium deposits which become a real problem. 

Arthritis: The most heard of the bone disorder is arthritis. People who suffer from this disease complain about painful joints. There is a swelling in the tendons which causes arthritis. Weakness, Muscle wasting and inflammation around the joint are the early symptoms. 

There are many kinds of arthritis that can be observed

Osteoarthritis: In such a condition bones lose their usual flexible movement and sometimes an extra bone is seen protruding out from the affected site.

Thumb arthritis: As the name explains itself it affects mainly the thumb area. There is severe pain near the thumb and the adjoining area which make the movement very difficult. It is even very difficult for a person who is suffering from thumb arthritis to even pick up an object. Picking up things and doing tasks that require using the thumb become very difficult. 

Septic Arthritis: This is the condition that is found in children as well. There is a bacterial infection in the joints. Knee area is the most affected part of children. In the worst conditions, surgery is the only resort. 

Joint hypermobility: This is also a joint-related condition in which only a limited joint movement is allowed. 

These were some of the problems that people face. Now it’s time to know something about the cure as well.

Keeping the joints healthy

Correct posture: maintaining a correct posture from the very beginning can help later in life. As a good posture is very beneficial in keeping away many joint-related disorders.

Healthy weight: If you are overweight then it may lead to joint problems as well because too much pressure on the joints is not recommended.

Movement: Movement of the body is the most important things to keep in mind. Physical activity and keeping the body strong is important.

So these were all the major things that should be kept in mind when it comes to joint support.

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