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January 21 2021



This article will share with you the best vitamins and minerals for your skin. If you want to have a healthy, beautiful skin there are certain vitamins and minerals that are crucial for that.

Vitamin D

Okay, so vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin but it's also really important for your skin health and your hormones. In fact, often times vitamin D is referred to as a prohormone. And it really is sort of that, where immune system meets hormonal health which means skin health. All kinds of benefits of vitamin D. You want to make sure that you have quite a bit of vitamin D and here's the thing to know. First, when it's the summer or spring or fall and the sun's out, try to get twenty minutes a day.

You might not want get too much or you never want to get burnt or red but getting a little sun each day is actually good for your skin. So one would say again, try and get the sunshine vitamin via the sunshine. If not, you want to take about 5,000 to 10,000 IUs of vitamin D daily, according to most physicians.

Vitamin C

Number two thing, you may want to consider taking for your skin is vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, okay. Your body works with vitamin C and proline, a key ingredient in collagen to create new collagen so vitamin C is great. And you can also get vitamin C from foods everything from broccoli to bell peppers to strawberries and citrus fruits and kiwis. Those are all going to be great. You can also get some of those super berry powders like camu camu, acerola cherry, schisandra berry powder. All these are really good, and you can add them into smoothies for your skin. But vitamin C, another critical vitamin.Let's jump to a mineral, zinc. Zinc might be one of the most important thing on this list if you have acne. If you have skin breakouts and acne a lot of times it's caused from a zinc deficiency. Here's what zinc does. Zinc is known as the regenerative mineral, so if you actually have an open wound or cut your body uses zinc to help regenerate and create new and healthy tissues.

Zinc is also known as the most important mineral for your immune system. Therefore, zinc is really important, so if you have acne and breakouts and skin issues, a lot of times it's caused because you don't have enough zinc. Typically, if you have a zinc deficiency you want to do about 30 milligrams twice a day for about a month and then afterwards about 30 milligrams a day. After the course of six months to a year 15 milligrams a day but remember, zinc is extremely important for your overall skin health. You can try Alenglow glutathione and vitamin C supplement for skin whitening and anti-aging.

Vitamin A

Another important vitamin is vitamin A. Now, for many, vitamin A, your best sources for that most often, outside of a multivitamin is going to be obtained via liver supplements or eating liver, or ofcourse carrots or foods that are brightly colored orange and are high in beta-carotene. Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes but getting some of those foods or beta-carotene in those sources. In fact, there's some good beta-carotene and green foods as well like spinach and kale. So again you might want to get some vitamin A in your diet there.

Vitamin E

And last but not the least vitamin E. You can find vitamin E in a lot of nuts and seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of vitamin E, as are almonds. But getting some vitamin E, in case if you ever have a scar or you've cut yourself and you want to prevent scarring what one would do is put a mixture of essential oils on there like lavender & helichrysum. They'd put vitamin E on the area and then put calendula. That being said vitamin E is amazing for your skin.

Additionally, as a bonus, a few other things that are beneficial for your skin health, and that includes bone broth and collagen. Again you've got to be getting bone broth and collagen in your diet if you want to support skin health. Moreover, there's other superfoods in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine that are recommended. Berries like Schisandra, herbs like tumeric can be good for your skin in a lot of cases, rehmannia, fo-ti can also be good for your skin, hair and nails. But in general the ones shared about, especially zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E. All these are critical as well.

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