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May 10 2021



Have you ever pondered over the thought of ‘being asleep in this world, while being awake in another’? That’s the primary concept behind dreams and that’s why a majority of the human population boasts an insane fascination with trying to demystify dreams and their vivid significance in our lives. 

Popular Psychology enthusiast Sigmund Freud presented his collections of speculations (or the truth, we’ll not know for sure) in his best-selling book titled ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ and brought us a step closer to decoding the reasons behind certain dreams and why they take place, what drives our mind to conjure such images and scenes and fall prey to such captivating unreal scenarios. 

We’ve conjured up a list of the most common occurrences the average human will encounter in the form of dreams in their lifetime. If you’re curious about what your recent dream could potentially indicate about your life, feel free to dive into this informative and research-based articles. There’s plenty to learn from such studies, but things might differ from person to person, hence this article cannot be dignified to hold the absolute truth, but a very near correlation with the same. 

Did you dream about being chased by someone? 

If you’ve dreamt about trying to flee away from someone or something that’s keeping you on the run, it’s by the reports stating that this is the most frequent type of dream incurred by almost everyone. It typically shows that you’re running away from something that induces anxiety or nervousness in your life. At times, this could also indicate your tendency to shirk away from responsibilities or a leadership-like position. Your cation of opting to physically run away actually correlates to your response to coping with fear or anxiety-ridden situations. 

Did you dream that you were falling from a height?

A popular myth associated with dreams relating to falling from great heights is that the minute you feel yourself moving with immense speed towards the ground, that is magnetically journeying towards gravity, it indicates that your time of death is nearing. This is a major misconception and has caused a tremendous amount of misunderstandings, especially in backward class households. However, falling in your dream does explain how your life has some sort of problem/issue going on at the moment. This could suggest how you might want to opt for a new direction or way of thinking and change your direction of thought or action. It’s surprising but important to note that not all falling dreams are a sign of pessimism, some also signify a slow falling similar to serenity or moving towards peace of letting go of some toxicity in your life. 

Did you dream of your teeth, breaking or falling off?

Dreaming about the incident of losing your teeth or them chipping off and breaking could have multiple meanings as per Psychology experts. The three most common sightings of such a concept are your teeth falling out one by one, or they are rotting or them coming out loose in your hands. Sometimes, these depict your internal worries or anxieties about your physical appearance or the way other people project you in their minds. It could also indicate your ability to communicate with people or fear of embarrassment while speaking (maybe in front of a crowd). As your teeth function by chewing, biting, and crushing food, sometimes this could denote a sense of powerlessness or fear as well. 

Did you dream of a school or college setting where you’re taking a test?

One of the common dreams some people are faced with is that they’re stuck sitting in a classroom or a conference room attempting a very difficult test. This is typically known to be an example of what we call a ‘dream pun’ whereby the mind takes a word or a concept and portrays it from a different angle. Mostly, adults and the elderly report having such dreams, those that have long-since finished school as this denotes a past incident or troublesome problem that’s putting them to the ‘test. Such dreams also signify how an individual might be unprepared to take on certain challenges in life and find it difficult to progress to the next stage. 

Did you dream about soaring into the sky and flying high?

So there could be a series of multiple scenarios or directions in which these dreams proceed to progress in. Firstly, if you dream of flying high in the sky, but experience some difficulty and are unable to move forward, this could indicate the presence of barriers or obstacles currently obstructing your path towards a goal or motive in the present life. Being totally unable to fly indicates that you personally feel you don’t possess the skills or qualities required to achieve said life goals. Psychologists have described such dreams to be highly stimulating or rejuvenating once you wake up, but sometimes, like in cases of falling or obstructions, these could turn out potentially disturbing to the mind. 

Did you dream about dying or someone else dying?

Even though most people take such dreams in the literal sense, it’s not the case at all, because as stated time and again by many experienced psychology professionals, dreams do not have the ability to predict the future. What this could pertain to in the real-life scenario might be a sudden and challenging change you must have experienced or a strange shift into a difficult phase of your life or something that has been on your mind, nagging at the back, troubling you and keeping you wary. Some studies showed how people that were extremely worried about their children crossing into a new milestone or changing life phases happened to dream about them dying too. 

Did you dream about being naked in public?

Oftentimes, such dreams are associated with you are finding it difficult to find yourself or accept your true self, something to do with your internal conflicting feelings. Some people stated having such dreams quite often and they were found to have a fear of being exposed or having recurrent feelings of guilt. At times, seeing someone else in your dream that seems naked could indicate your fear of exposing them or revealing their secrets to others. Public nudity in a dream is often a sign of fearing the revelation of your shortcomings or yourself feeling like being a phony. 

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This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *



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