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March 13 2021

L- ARGININE - Alvizia

L- ARGININE - Alvizia

L-arginine is an amino acid that helps the body to make proteins. It can be obtained naturally in the diet and is also found in the dietary supplement form. Various foods that are rich in L-arginine such as dairy products, poultry, meat, fish, soy, whole grains, and nuts.

As a supplement, it can be used orally or topically. 

Besides building protein in our body, L-arginine also releases nitric oxide in the blood. Under normal circumstances, a person's body produces L-arginine naturally but people also take L-arginine as a part of their regular diet.

Alvizia's L-arginine is used for chest pain, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction (ED) and also acts as a precursor to other amino acids, including glutamate, proline, and creatine, and is highly essential for the functioning of our immune system. 

Benefits of L-arginine 

There are numerous benefits of L-arginine. Some of them are mentioned below.

Treats Heart Disease

L-arginine helps in protecting the heart and benefits people with heart disease.

It has been shown that the consumption of L-arginine before exercising can help in improving blood vessel function in people with heart disease. However, it doesn't help to improve blood flow to the heart.

Enhances athletic performance

Few pieces of evidence have suggested that the supplementation of L-arginine may enhance exercise performance by increasing nitric oxide in the body, which helps in improving blood flow and oxygenation to muscles.

In 2017, a study has shown that 56 male soccer players found that the treatment with 2g of L-arginine for 45 days has increased sports performance, compared with a placebo group.

Helps in Erectile Dysfunction

Taking 2.5 or 5 grams of L-arginine by mouth daily is found to be very effective in improving sexual function in men with Erectile Dysfunction.

Some evidence has shown that taking L-arginine along with maritime pine bark extract and other ingredients, might help in improving the effectiveness of low-dose L-arginine for Erectile Dysfunction.

Helps in High Blood Pressure

There is certain evidence that the consumption of L-arginine by mouth can help in reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure or people with slightly high blood pressure with or without diabetes.

It helps in lowering both our systolic (the upper number) and diastolic (the bottom number) blood pressure readings.

Helps in narrowing of blood vessels that causes poor blood flow to the limbs

Few kinds of research have shown that the consumption of L-arginine by mouth or by taking intravenously (by IV) for up to 8 weeks helps in increasing blood flow in people suffering from a narrowing of blood vessels which is known as peripheral arterial disease.

Helps in reducing high blood pressure during pregnancy

Certain studies have shown that the intake of L-arginine can help in reducing high blood pressure in pregnant women.

Though it's unclear if taking by mouth helps in lowering blood pressure during pregnancy, it might reduce the need for taking blood pressure-lowering drugs during pregnancy.

Helps in preventing necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC

A decreased concentration of nitric oxide is one of the possible cellular mechanisms of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Arginine acts as a substrate in the production of nitric oxide in the tissues, and also the supplementation of L-arginine acts as a saviour in preventing NEC.

Protects the heart during CABG Surgery

Some research has suggested that giving L-arginine intravenously may be helpful in people undergoing CABG (Surgery to improve blood flow to the heart).

While other research has shown that it didn't help. Therefore, there is a piece of mixed evidence regarding CABG surgery.

Helps in improving menstrual function 

Early research has suggested that the intake of N-acetyl-cysteine and L-arginine can help to improve menstrual function and also help in reducing insulin from people suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a hormonal disorder that causes enlarged ovaries with cysts). 

Helps in treating and preventing preeclampsia 

Few studies have shown that the supplement of L-arginine during pregnancy can help in preventing and treating preeclampsia i.e., a dangerous condition that is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine.

Helps in preventing the infection of the airways 

Early research has suggested that the consumption of L-arginine by mouth has helped in preventing the recurrence of respiratory infections in children when taken for around 60 days.

Helps in improving complications after a heart transplant 

Early research has suggested that taking L-arginine by mouth helps in increasing walking distance and in improving breathing in people with a heart transplant when consumed for around 6 days.

Effective in migraine

Taking L-arginine along with the painkiller ibuprofen is found to be highly effective in treating migraine headaches. This combination of medicine starts working within 30 minutes.

However, it is unknown how much of the pain is relieved by L-arginine since ibuprofen can relieve pain on its own.

Improves sickle-cell disease 

Early research has shown that the consumption of  L-arginine by mouth or injecting as an injection for about 5 days might be useful for adults suffering from sickle cell disease who have high blood pressure in the lungs.

Helps in improving painful bladder syndrome

Consumption of L-arginine by mouth helps in reducing pain and also some symptoms of bladder inflammation.

Though, it may take around 3 months to occur.

However, it has been found that L-arginine doesn't seem to reduce the need to urinate at night or doesn't improve the frequency of urination. 

In addition to all these benefits, many people take L-arginine for a variety of other health reasons that include reducing the risk of the common cold and boosting weight loss.

Though, they are not backed by scientific research.

Safety of L-arginine 

It is not recommended after a heart attack because of the concern that the consumption of L-arginine might increase the risk of death. Also, not recommended for people suffering from Asthma. The higher dose of L-arginine can cause diarrhoea as well.

 Dosage of L-arginine 

Dosage of L-arginine depends upon what it's being used to treat.

Studies have shown that for blood pressure, 6-30 grams per day is taken for around 2-24 weeks while for Erectile Dysfunction, research shows that 1.5-5 grams of L-arginine may significantly improve its symptoms. 

Like other single amino acids, L-arginine is recommended to take between meals for maximum absorption. 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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