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February 18 2021



L-Carnitine is taken as a supplement and is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative. It helps the body in the conversion of fat into energy. The body can also convert L-carnitine into other chemicals which are termed as acetyl-L-carnitine and propionyl-L-carnitine. 

Alvizia's L-carnitine is highly effective in increasing L-carnitine levels in people whose level of L-carnitine is too low. Alvizia's L-carnitine is also taken by the people suffering from conditions of the heart and blood vessels, overactive thyroid, inability to become pregnant, kidney disease, and many other conditions.

L-Carnitine is a biologically active form of Carnitine that is found in body, foods, and in most supplements that are being consumed.

Below are the various types of carnitine.

Acetyl-L-carnitine: It is known as ALCAR, it is the most effective form for your brain. Studies have also found that it may benefit people suffering from neurodegenerative disease.
D-carnitine: It is the inactive form of Carnitine that can inhibit the absorption of other useful forms in your body.
L-carnitine L-tartrate: It is majorly added to sports supplements because of its rapid absorption rate. It also helps in aiding muscle soreness and recovery in exercise.
Propionyl-L-carnitine: It is well-suited for circulatory issues such as peripheral vascular disease and high blood pressure. It also helps in boosting the production of nitric oxide, which eventually helps in improving blood flow.
However, it has been found that for most people, Acetyl-L-carnitine and L-Carnitine are the most effective for general use.

There are numerous benefits of L-carnitine. Some of them are mentioned below.

Exercise Performance and Recovery

L-Carnitine optimizes the use of fat in our body for fuel and thus allows us to exercise for longer.
Few pieces of research have also shown that 3 weeks of supplementation of L-carnitine helps in reducing muscle damage from high-intensity exercise bouts.

Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

Studies have shown that taking L-carnitine helps in improving various symptoms such or pounding heartbeat, nervousness, and weakness in people with high thyroid hormone levels.

Reduces chest pain

L-carnitine by taking from the mouth improves exercise tolerance in people suffering from chest pain.
Consumption of L-carnitine along with standard treatment helps in reducing chest pain.
It helps in improving exercise ability in people suffering from cardiac syndrome X.

Reduces the swelling of the heart

Taking L-carnitine or D-carnitine by mouth seems to reduce the risk of death from swelling or inflammation of the heart which is known as myocarditis.

Treats male infertility

Most of the research has shown that taking L-carnitine, alone or in combination with Acetyl-L-carnitine, increased sperm count, and also the sperm movement in men suffering from fertility problems. 
Some research has shown that it increases the chance of pregnancy.

Treats Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS

Clomiphene is a medication that is used to help with ovulation. But it doesn't work well in some women with PCOS. Thus, L-carnitine works effectively in these women.
L-Carnitine increases ovulation and the chances of getting pregnant are also increased. 
Also, intake of L-carnitine helps in weight loss and improves blood sugar levels level in these women.

Prevents liver toxicity

Toxicity which is caused by valproic acid is linked with L-carnitine deficiency. Thus, giving the dose of L-carnitine intravenously (by IV) helps in preventing severe liver toxicity in people who have taken too much valproic acid.

Improves the symptoms of heart failure

Intake of L-carnitine increases the ability in people with heart failure.
Taking a specific product that contains L-carnitine and coenzyme Q10 helps in improving symptoms of heart failure.

Treats serious kidney disease

Most of the research has shown that taking L-carnitine by mouth or intravenously (by IV) can help in improving red blood cell counts during hemodialysis.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved L-carnitine for the treatment of serious kidney disease in people who are undergoing hemodialysis.

Lowers L-Carnitine deficiency

L-carnitine deficiency is caused by certain genetic diseases in people.FDA has approved L-carnitine in treating L-carnitine deficiency in people.

Helps in treating weakened and enlarged heart

Adults suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy(an inherited disorder that leads to the weakened and enlarged heart) have low levels of L-carnitine in their heart. 
Thus, L-carnitine has been studied in treating people with dilated cardiomyopathy. 
Few pieces of research have also shown that it is beneficial to the functioning of the heart too.

Treats dry eyes

Early research has shown that using eye drops that contain L-carnitine decreases dry eye symptoms in patients.

Improve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Early research has shown that L-carnitine is useful in improving performance in people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Helps in treating swelling of the liver caused by hepatitis B viruses

Research has shown that taking a specific vitamin complex and L-carnitine together with drug entecavir daily for 12 months can improve the functioning of the liver in people with hepatitis B. 
Though it does not seem to affect the amount of hepatitis B virus in the blood.

Helps in treating the swelling of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus.

Consuming L-carnitine with medications interferon-alpha and ribavirin seems to improve the response to treatment in people suffering from hepatitis C.

Decreases fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis

Some people having multiple sclerosis have low blood levels of L-carnitine, which may fatigue. Early research has shown that the consumption of L-carnitine daily has decreased some aspects of fatigue in people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. 

Helps in treating Type 2 Diabetes

  • L-carnitine is also known for reducing the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and its associated risk factors. 
  • Some studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes indicated that the supplement of carnitine has significantly reduced blood sugar levels. 
  • It may also combat diabetes by increasing a key enzyme called AMPK, which helps in improving the body's ability to use carbs.

Dosage of L-carnitine

 The standard dosage of  L-carnitine is 500-2,000 mg(0.5-2 grams) per day.

Although the dose of L-carnitine varies from study to study, here is a brief overview of the dosage for each form.

Acetyl-L-carnitine: 600-2500 mg per day and is best for brain health and function.

L-carnitine L-tartrate: 1000-4000 mg per day and is most effective for exercise performance.

Propionyl-L-carnitine: 400-1000 mg per day and is best for improving blood flow in people with high blood pressure or related health conditions.

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