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October 01 2021



Lungs are responsible for making us breathe. Lungs serve as the last cord of the respiratory system but are the most important. The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen all takes place in the lungs themselves. Hence it was not for the lungs then our life wouldn’t have been possible.

Composition of the lungs

Two lungs are present inside the body. These lungs are well protected inside the rib cage. The lungs inflate and deflate on the movement of the air in and out. The air tract called the trachea takes air towards the lungs this air is rich in oxygen and carries back the air, which is rich in carbon dioxide as CO2 is the waste residue of your body. After the process is completed the body moves to the heart. The pipe that extends down is divided into two that enter each of the lungs, which is further divided into many branches called the bronchi. These have air sacs present on them where the whole process of exchange takes place.

Problems related to the lungs

Asthma: This is a common disorder in which people hear about very often. In asthma, the mucus lining of the air passage gets thickened and inflation occurs in them. Therefore, making it difficult for the air to make its way through. The tract becomes swollen left almost no space. Though the person suffering can breathe normally most of the time, but it becomes difficult in times of some emotions when they are overwhelmed with them. 

Treatment: There is no cure for asthma as such, but with proper medication, it can be controlled. Asthma pumps can be used in cases of extreme difficulty in breathing. Omega 3 capsules could also is effective in such situations as they have anti-inflammatory properties that help you to fight any kind of inflammation. If you are looking for a good brand to buy some omega 3 capsules then go for Alvizia. Its fish oil capsules are rich in omega3. 

Asbestosis: This is quite a rare lung disorder as it occurs only when you have inhaled asbestos fibres. Asbestos is a common material that is used in floor tiles and is a very common element that is used in chemistry labs. Asbestos if inhaled in its minute or powdery form leads to asbestosis. The fibres of the asbestos remain in the lungs for a long time and infect directly the alveoli that are the air sacs. 

Treatment: there is as such no treatment that is mentioned as this condition is not very widespread. The precaution that can be taken is to wear some protective equipment that would filter out the asbestos particles from getting into your nose. 

Bronchitis: This the inflammation of the bronchi. When the bronchi get inflamed due to one of the many causes it develops mucus lining which makes it less functional when it comes to absorbing air. Heavy coughing with mucus is common in bronchitis. 

Treatment: There are two particular types of bronchitis present. One is acute bronchitis, which lasts for a short time and may get cured automatically. The second one is chronic bronchitis, which can last for a larger time or may not go at all. 

Bronchiectasis: This is again another one of the diseases that is also related to the bronchi. In this condition the cilia get damages. Cilia is the tiny hair present inside the nose. These cilia go deeper as well. The main function of this cilia is to trap all the dirt and dust and prevent it from entering the lungs. When these cilia are themselves damages, then they fail to do their work and all the dirt and dust just sweeps into the lungs. All this is very harmful to the lungs and hence leads to bronchiectasis. Pneumonia and tuberculosis can also be the prospective causes of bronchiectasis. 

Treatment: In this condition, the entire airway gets damages, so the treatment and the process of curing may take a while but can be cured with the proper consultation with the doctor and following a strict medical routine. 

Cystic Fibrosis: This is a genetic condition in which there is an excessive mucus build up in the lungs. This build-up clogs the lungs, making it difficult for the person to breathe. This one is a severe condition that can lead to a threat to life if not treated. This condition that is called CF also damages the liver and also plays with your digestion. As the mucus can inhibit your liver to function properly and alter your digestion. 

Croup: This is a condition that occurs mainly in childhood. This is a disease that catches hold of the infants because of the size of their respiratory tracts. In this condition, the vocal cords and respiratory tract swell up making it difficult to breathe.

Treatment: Consuming hot liquids like lemon water, milk plus turmeric can help. Turmeric having anti-inflammatory properties help to lower the pain and milk is easy is gulp down without any much problem. Medicines are also taken to counter it. 

Pertussis: Also known as whooping cough is common among people who have crossed the age of sixty years. Children can also get this disease, but not is very common with them. Whooping cough as the name suggests has been given the name because of the extreme sounds that a person makes while suffering from this disorder. 

Treatment: vaccination is done of pertussis in the very beginning. If the effect of the vaccination fades away, then the child is more likely to get the disease. 

This was all about lung-related disease and their treatments that can be followed. There are many superfoods that if consumed can also help to keep the lungs in good condition. Food items such as turmeric, tomatoes, green trees are consumed can give good results. 

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