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January 30 2021



This article will be talking about the many benefits of maca root and how maca root powder and taking a maca supplement can help naturally boost your health.

Maca root is grown typically in the high altitude mountains of South America, most commonly Peru, and it's been used throughout history for its benefits of balancing hormones and improving libido. Maca root, as mentioned earlier, is known as an adaptogen herb, which means it helps the body better adapt and deal with different stressors. For that reason, there are several benefits of using maca root on a daily basis.

1. Balancing hormones

Number one, maca root can really help with naturally balancing hormones. Whether somebody has an issue like PMS i.e. Pre-menstrual syndrome or going through menopause, or especially an issue like PCOS, that's polycystic ovary syndrome, maca root can help. There are some good studies that speaks of its hormone-balancing benefits. The reason why it's so beneficial is it helps lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is popularly known as your aging hormone or your high-stress hormone, and when you can reduce those levels of stress and hormone imbalance, that's where the real healing starts to take place with maca root. Again, maca root can help with issues likes PCOS and hormone imbalance.

2. Infertility

The second thing it can also help with is infertility. There is a large population of women who are trying to find different strategies to get pregnant. Of course, diet is important. Lifestyle is important. But there can be other complicating factors. There is evidence showing that maca root may be one of those supplements or herbs that can really support the body in balancing hormones which could improve overall fertility. It's been used that way throughout history throughout South America to really support the reproductive organs of both men and women, which leads to the third reason why maca can be beneficial.

3. Improving testosterone

It is used for naturally improving testosterone in men. Now, it's not going to do this for women. If you're a woman and saying, "Well, I don't need my testosterone to be high," really maca shows it action by balancing out hormone levels. In men, if you're struggling with low T or low testosterone, maca root can absolutely aid in that aspect as well. There are other strategies available as well. But maca root is one of those herbs that can really benefit your body in that aspect. You can check out Alvizia's Alenup testosterone booster with maca root that can enhance your stamina and performance.

4. Boosts energy

The number four reason for why people are recommended to use maca root is for boosting energy levels. If you are struggling with low energy, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, one should know maca root can help that as well. So again, start supplementing with maca root. You can do it before workouts. You can do it first thing in the morning as well, a way of sort of getting your energy up. What people do is take one tablespoon of maca a day in a superfood smoothie. That's how most people personally take it. They mix it with some cacao and dark chocolate. If you mix cacao, some coconut oil and maca together, talk about an energy boosting smoothie at that time for breakfast.

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