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September 28 2021



Heart in the real sense is not the thing that feels pains and all of your emotions. It has nothing to do with so connecting heart to all the heartbreaks is really stupid but could be metaphorically correct though, well that’s something different and out of our today’s context. This blog is all about your heart. 

The main function as we all know is receiving the blood from different parts of the body and then pumping the oxygenated blood back to the body via arteries. So in simple words, this is the sum-up of how the heart works. The heart beats non-stops and never rests. If there is some component of a machine which never rests it would automatically wear out and would also be subject to some damages, the heart in the same way prone to some damages but we can all overcome them if maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Emergency heart symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored

These are some of the symptoms that if encountered should not be ignored at any cost because ignoring them might result in a greater loss and can be harmful to you as well. 

Pain in the chest: This is a symptom in which you can feel undue pressure in the heart and pain. This pain is unbearable and can lead to a heart attack as well. This pain is felt differently by different people. Everybody has their own experience and a different story to tell. A slight burning sensation can also be felt. 

Heartburn: Heartburn is another such symptom that should be paid attention to. Nausea, dizziness, and indigestion can also be accompanied by heartburn. Such symptoms should not be ignored at any cost.

Problems of the stomach have no direct or indirect connection to any heart problem but in the case of a heart attack, it may have some very strong connection. 

Pain in the arms: if your arms are paining without any reason even when you have not done any physical exercise then this might be a symptom of an impending heart attack.

Pain in the jaw: Pain in the jaw is a 4muscle or tissue issue but can be related to a heart attack in a way. If there is a pain in the heart then so much pain can spread to different parts of the body. One such area is the throat and jaws. 

Dizziness: If a feeling of lightness and dizziness continues then should see a doctor as these might be the symptoms of some underlying disease.

Snoring: You are likely to think that how snoring while sleeping is going to affect you causes heart disease but yes it does. Snoring is not only bad for the people around as it can cause sleep imbalance to them but is also harmful to you as snoring is just not a breathing disorder. Sleep Apnea is a term that is used for snoring disorders in this situation snoring might lead to increased blood pressure and heart attack. 

Sweat: Unnecessary and excessive sweat is one of the reasons for an impending heart attack. If you are sweating badly without any reason then this can be a serious health hazard that you are overlooking. 

Swelling in the hands and feet: Persistent swelling in the hands and the feet is also a great indicator that there is something very wrong with your delicate heart and it is demanding your attention and care.

Irregular heartbeats: Irregularity in the heartbeats needs to be checked immediately as this is not a good sign.

Heart-related problems

Heart attack:  This is probably the type of heart problem that we all know. Myocardial infarction is the scientific name for heart attack. In this condition, the heart muscles do not get enough blood supply. This might be due to a blockage in the way of the veins that carry blood.  

Endocarditis: This is a condition in which the inner lining of the heart gets infected. This infection of the inner membrane can pose a danger to the health of the person. Fever, difficulty in breathing, development of rashes on the skin, and cough are some of the symptoms of endocarditis. 

Blockage in the coronary artery: This is the most common type of problem diagnosed. In such a condition, the coronary artery gets blocked. This blockage is the result of heavy cholesterol deposition in the artery that makes it difficult for the artery to carry blood. Avoiding foods that can increase cholesterol levels should be avoided and health supplements such as fish oil should be included which is very good for the heart.

You can also try out Alvizia’s Salmon fish oil with omega 3, its flaxseed oil is also one of the best options for people who prohibit the consumption of any animal related product. 

Alvizia also has fish double strength and fish triple strength oil capsules that are equally good and effective. 

Inborn heart defects or congenital heart defects

  • Heart valve: These are the defects that a person has from the time of his or her birth. These may include irregularity in the size of the valves present in the heart. 
  • Hole in the Heart: A hole in the heart is also a common inborn defect. Hole in the heart does not mean that is a hole in the heart but means that the wall that separates both right and left side of the heart has an opening through which the oxygenated blood mixes up with the deoxygenated blood.
  • Atresia: this is another inborn defect in which one of the valves of the heart is completely missing.
  • Arrhythmia: This is a condition in which you can observe irregular heartbeats. This condition is further divided into categories according to the problem like a slow heartbeat or a very fast heartbeat.

These were some of the things that you should take care of can should be well informed about as well.

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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