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January 08 2021

healthy liver function and prevents hangover symptoms and boosts liver health, liver detox, and supports overall wellness goals

healthy liver function and prevents hangover symptoms and boosts liver health, liver detox, and supports overall wellness goals

Alvizia's Milk Thistle is a very useful health supplement. Its scientific name includes Silybum Marianum. Its capsules help in keeping the blood sugar, cholesterol in check. Also, does wonder about other liver-related issues.

Milk thistle is a herb which is conical in shape and is about 30 to 200 cm long. A native plant of Southern Europe but now it can be found throughout the world.

Silymarin's seeds commonly known as milk thistle contain a flavonoid known as silymarin. Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant that is highly effective in treating various diseases.

Silymarin protects the liver by optimizing liver function and detoxification. It is also known for repairing damage to the liver cells.

It treats various liver conditions.

There are various benefits of milk thistle.

Some major benefits of milk thistle include:

It helps in the protection of liver

  • It is very useful in treating liver conditions. People who have liver damage due to various conditions which include alcoholic liver disease, non- alcoholic liver disease, and hepatitis too.
  • It protects the liver against various toxins like amatoxin produced by the death cap mushroom and is injurious to the liver if ingested.
  • It is highly effective in lowering liver inflammation and prevents damage which is caused due to free radicals.

    It protects our bones

    • Due to Osteoporosis disease, a person can have weak and fragile bones that can break easily.
    • Milk thistle is used for stimulating bone mineralization and protects the bones too.
    • It majorly prevents bone loss in menopausal women and supports bone health.

    It promotes skin health

    • It acts as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory benefits. It is useful for treating skin rashes.
    • It prevents dark spots and has anti-aging properties. It blocks harmful Ultraviolet radiation that can affect skin cells.
    • It suppresses the enzyme which produces sebum production.
    • It also has significant moisturizing effects. Thus, milk thistle is useful for dry skin.
    • Lab tests have also proved that milk thistle blocks inflammatory enzymes which causes psoriasis.
    • A compound named silymarin present in milk thistle helps in protecting against glycation. Glycation is a process which contributes to wrinkles. Thus, milk thistle prevents wrinkles.

    It promotes brain health

    • Milk thistle work wonders when it comes to sharpening or promoting brain health.
    • It is useful in treating neurological conditions like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.
    • The effective antioxidants present in milk thistle act as neuroprotective agents which prevents the degeneration of brain function as you grow in age.

    It can lower blood sugar level

    • It does wonder for type 2 diabetic patients.
    • It is very popular in treating diabetes because of hypoglycemia which means it helps in lowering blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity and decreases blood sugar levels.
    • It shows a significant reduction in hbA1c and fasting blood sugar levels.
    • The antioxidant and inflammatory properties of milk thistle are very useful in reducing the risk are developing diabetic complications like kidney disease.
    • Some studies on diabetic animals have shown that silymarin, commonly known as milk thistle can be useful in triggering the pancreas to produce more insulin which can regulate blood glucose levels.

    It helps in improving cholesterol

    • Researchers have also found that milk thistle is highly efficient for people with high cholesterol levels.
    • It can reduce low-density lipoprotein which is termed as LDL or bad cholesterol.

    Treats Chronic Hepatitis C

    • It is very useful for people who suffer from chronic hepatitis C which is a viral infection characterized by the progressive scarring of the liver.
    • Studies have also shown that milk thistle delivers a placebo effect in which a person feels an improvement in symptoms of chronic hepatitis C.

    Helps in improving cognition

    • Milk thistle increases resistance to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a fatal disease that is a potential cause of Alzheimer's disease.Thus, it helps in improving cognition and treating degenerative conditions that affect the mind.
    • It strengthens immunity.
    • The intake of milk thistle regularly strengthens immunity and the body becomes better to fight off infections and diseases.
    • It removes pollutants from the blood, thus aiding the immune system.

    Promotes cell regeneration

    • As we know, the liver regenerates itself naturally. Therefore, dealing with a constant barrage of toxins may slow down the regeneration process. Henceforth, the milk thistle comes into play.
    • Silymarin stimulates protein synthesis in the liver which is responsible for speeding up the production of healthy new liver cells.
    • Since, toxins are a great part of our daily lives, in that case too, milk thistle plays an important role. It defends our body from harmful agents.
    • Silymarin helps in the repairment of the previous damage as well as provides a good defense against future damage.

    Helps in relieving indigestion

    • Milk thistle aids healthy digestion. It is great for people who have an upset stomach or have issues with indigestion. 
    • It draws out the toxins from the body and boosts the liver's ability to produce bile. Thus, Silymarin helps in relieving indigestion.

    Some other benefits of milk thistle includes:

    • Gallbladder problems
    • Pain in the uterus
    • Jaundice
    • Cirrhosis
    • Menstrual problems
    • Hepatitis

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