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April 21 2021



Traditionally named Silybum marianum, Milk Thistle is popularly known as a liver elixir - claiming powerful advantages through its mix of active ingredients present in a concentrated solution of milk thistle seed extract. In the olden days, the seeds of this breed were roasted in coffees and even utilized in salads as nutritional additives. 

A tale as old as 2000 years, this natural supplement has been detoxifying livers and providing a healthier, active lifestyle with its splendid benefits. This renowned herb extract, called Silymarin has shown numerous scientific pieces of evidence supporting liver health, catering to gastrointestinal problems especially circulating the gall bladder. 

Thankfully, at Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve derived the accurate formula to keep you covered. Here’s a superb addition to your daily routine - Milk Thistle capsules at decent rates to nourish your metabolic requirements and keep you healthy and fit!

Keep in mind that your liver works non-stop and puts in immense energy in keeping your metabolic cycle hassle-free and constantly churning. It’s nature’s rule that such a vital organ must be replenished and undergo its smooth nourishment on a daily basis too. And that’s exactly where Milk Thistle extracts step in. Its effects help enhance the general functions of your liver i.e. Detoxifying harmful foreign substances from the body and filtration of your blood supply for better circulation. Upon consumption, the liver cell membranes remain strong, and clumping up of unwanted toxins is greatly reduced. The entire detox process is due to Milk Thistle boosting the secretion of glutathione, which reduces oxidative stress, prevents cell damage among many other functions. 

Here are a few key surprising benefits upon consuming Alvizia’s formula of Milk Thistle extract: 

Liver Detox Agent

Along with Silymarin, an ingredient called Silybin has similar liver-protective abilities, in that it assists with toxin-elimination, prevents alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease, and lowers liver scarring. These benefits also have a therapeutic effect on indigestion problems and heartburn. Its capability to block out pancreatic enzyme Lipase helps in reducing the volume of fat absorption from your diet. 

Anti-diabetic actions

Prominent research suggests that people suffering from Type 2 diabetes experience relief after consuming Milk Thistle extract as it increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood glucose levels. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing roles. 

Skin Health 

Reports have proven that the extract aids with acne reduction, sensitive skin, thereby soothing the quality of the skin and preventing breakouts. Its redeeming quality is said to be anti-aging, thanks to its scavenging of free radicals. 

Brain Well-being

Its positive effects have been showcased in infection-induced inflammation within the brain, memory loss caused due to oxidative stress, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s related symptoms, stroke conditions, etc. 

Overall Immunity 

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, Milk Thistle is also capable of improving your prostate health, your bone integrity, it acts as an iron-chelating agent whereby it helps during iron-induced genetic disorders. Some anti-obesity effects were observed too. Occasionally, people also use it to get rid of hangovers. This extract is said to improve your tolerance towards infectious diseases and prevent you from falling prey to common cold and flu-like symptoms. Silymarin was also proven to increase skin regeneration, indicating it might play a role in wound-healing. 

Stake your claim over this immensely beneficial nutritional supplement as people all around the globe are consuming its healthy contents for a smoother, better functioning life! With Alvizia Healthcare, you’re in good hands! 

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