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April 10 2021



Have you exhausted a handful of techniques and failed to lose those few extra pounds? Looking forward to fitting into last year’s outfit to attend the upcoming get-together? Tired of squeezing your way into those skinny jeans that have been pushed to the back of your closet? 

We’re aware of the various nefarious methods floating around the web that claim to be more than 100% effective to lose quality weight. Sites with little to no medical knowledge or background tend to shell out weight management advice and the population gets tricked into believing the same. 

It’s beyond important to take accurate notes and be damn sure of what you’re consuming. Data fraud is a serious issue and getting misled into believing false information could lead to serious repercussions down the line. 

You could rest assured with this handy post that shall work towards busting a series of surprisingly common myths associated with Weight Loss. Only digest information that’s 100% backed up by facts and proven figures. We’ve curated data from trusted

sources like acclaimed research case studies to bring you the best and the most honest reviews! It’s time to clarify some age-old facts that hold zero truth! 

Myth 1: I need to lose fats to lose weight!

The Truth: Weight Loss and Fat Loss are surprisingly different medical terms and it’s time the public is made aware of the same. When you weigh yourself on the scale, the indicated value speaks about your weight loss. This could be in terms of fat weight, muscle weight, or even water weight! Yes, that indicates the water volume existing among your joints, tissues, and body cavities within cells. So before you go about getting excited about a sudden drop on the weighing scale, it’s best to get the facts straight. The main goal is maintaining a healthy muscle mass while simultaneously getting rid of unwanted fats. 

Myth 2: It’s super easy to lose weight!

The Truth: Weight Loss can be a very stringent and strenuous process, sometimes taking months or even years. It differs with various body types and lifestyles. It’s a constant competition of gaining and shedding! It’s by no means a linear process, people should view it as more of a generalized trend. As long as that curve is moving lower on the graph, you’re good to go! Gaining some amount of weight in the middle of a weight loss regimen is normal and no reason to fret! And this process is no easy feat - it takes challenging yourself, lifestyle changes, hardcore effort, and motivation to stick to a certain life pattern and follow through. 

Myth 3: If you’re obese, it’s your diet’s fault!

The Truth: As mentioned before, everyone’s body type and lifestyle differ vastly. There are no comparisons or generic conclusions to arrive at when talking about obesity. A complex disorder like this one could have a tremendous number of causative factors. It’s often a common symptom in people suffering from depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism, PCOS, etc. Such people’s body’s regulatory pathways and biological hormones face dysfunctioning which leads to random weight gain. 

Myth 4: I drink a lot of water so I’m bound to lose more weight!

The Truth: Water as a standalone component has absolutely no weight loss properties. It is the life-source of humans, helping you stay fit and healthy, and keeping your system well-hydrated. Some individuals tend to misuse drinking tons of water to suppress their hunger, which has negative effects. However, one cool fact is that it has zero calories, so by replacing your calorie-drinks (coke, soft drinks, juices, milk) to some extent with water, you could control your calorie intake. 

Myth 5: I skip a lot of meals so I’m going to lose a lot of weight!

The Truth: This is a big ‘No’ even warned by plenty of nutritionists and diet specialists. Oftentimes, this misconception gets into weight-conscious people’s heads and they ruin their gastrointestinal system. Increased rates of lethargy and lack of adequate nutrition will only diminish your body’s essential functions. If you skip meals, your body’s going to have excessive cravings, thereby disrupting your regular schedule. Secondly, if you wish to work out intensely, skipping meals shall take away the necessary nutrients that keep you rejuvenated while you exercise. 

Myth 6: I am going to stick to a juice cleanse and avoid solid foodstuffs!

The Truth: People tend to associate a total juice cleanse as a way of detoxifying their system from harmful toxins and thereby feel they might lose massive weight. This is by far false, as excessive consumption of only juices shall increase your intake of high amounts of liquid sugar, raising your blood sugar levels which leads you to gain weight! It’s said that your body shifts into ‘conservation’ mode as it’s unaware of when it’ll receive the next essential meal. Shifting completely to a juice cleanse is hence never advised! 

Myth 7: I’m having only gluten-free diets to lose weight!

The Truth: Gluten is a kind of protein that could be found in various kinds of wheat, rye, and barley grains. The sensational news that gluten-free diets could help cut down on bodyweight holds little to no proof. Some individuals witnessed a weight gain after consuming a gluten-free diet. Unless you’re suffering from Celiac Disease, there is absolutely no reason you should refrain yourself from it. By itself, gluten is not harmful and is often found alongside vitamins, minerals, and fibers in many healthy foods. 

Myth 8: I often tend to have cheat days and they don’t affect my weight-loss process!

The Truth: Imagine you’ve curated the perfect diet plan for yourself, suffuse with essential ingredients, and cross-checked by your dietician to regulate your food intake. Taking entire days off from this personalized schedule could drastically affect your weight! In case following a rigid pattern feels tough, a few cheat meals like snacks or small treats could do the trick. You’ll find plenty of cheat meal strategies to stick by without compromising completely and letting go for days together! 

Myth 9: Even if I follow a bad diet, I can exercise to lose weight!

The Truth: We’re sure many of us have this belief, however, it has been proven wrong time and again. No matter how strenuous you design your workout regimen to be, once you’ve stuck to a certain diet and deviate from it, indulging in weight-gaining ingredients on a large-scale, there’s no turning back! If you think you could exercise just the right amount to lose unwanted weight, you’re mistaken. Avoid constant consumption of processed snacks, fried meat, oily junk food, high-calorie sugary drinks, etc. 

Myth 10: If I can’t fix my diet, I will opt for diet pills or surgery!

The Truth: This is usually how teens self-conscious about their body physique and weights think is the last viable option. Unfortunately, young adults get so fixated on the body images that they tend to overdose on diet pills or resort to performing unwarranted surgery to shed away their weight. This ‘quick fix’ could have serious side effects namely, dysfunctioning of heart rhythms, a disrupted digestive system, possible seizures, hypertension, etc. This in turn lowers your quality of life. The easy way out could twist your entire lifestyle into something dangerous! It’s best

to stay clear of these invasive ways unless specifically prescribed or recommended by your healthcare professional. 

The above were just a few instances where the general public tends to go wrong about losing weight! It’s best to avoid falling prey to such misconceptions and enjoy a fruitful and smart way of living! 

Alvizia Healthcare presents some seamless options to invest in, so you could shed away those unwanted pounds in a safe and effective way. You could choose from the following: 

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) capsules to help boost fat metabolism, strengthen your bones, and maintain immunity. 

L-Carnitine capsules as effective pre-and post-workout supplements to help your fats be converted into energy sources.

Garcinia Complex (consisting of Green Coffee beans extract, Green Tea extract, and Garcinia Cambogia extract) to help regulate your appetite and assist with weight loss. 

Always remember, no two body types are the same and  everyone’s journey to weight loss is unique! 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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