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September 03 2021



Molybdenum is a metallic compound that is predominantly found in nitrogen-fixing bacteria and it is one of the essential nutrients that is needed for the maintenance of optimal health. The main contributory role of molybdenum is that it serves as an important source of enzyme regulation and it also aids in the metabolism of fats along with carbohydrates. Molybdenum is found to act as a catalyst for the binding and activation of the enzymes and it also plays an important role in the breakdown of amino acids in the body.  Supplements of Alviza one daily multivitamin contain molybdenum which helps in maintaining overall health. The various functions of molybdenum are:

Alleviating metabolic disorders 

Metabolism is the primary process by which the body breaks down various molecules for the attainment of energy. Molybdenum has been found to have excellent metabolic interaction properties as it acts as a catalyst that stimulates the occurrence of metabolic chain reactions which in turn help in the production of energy. Another important contribution of molybdenum is that it improves the process of oxygen transfer as a result of promoting metabolic activities. One of the most important enzymes in the body that contains molybdenum is sulfide oxidase and its main function is to stimulate the conversion of sulfite to sulfate which stimulates the metabolism of sulfur. 

Activates enzymes for removal of wastes

After the breakdown of proteins, the waste products that are formed include urea. When carbohydrates get disintegrated, the waste products produced are water as well as carbon dioxide which are eliminated from the body by the excretory system which includes kidneys. When this system gets affected, the waste products get accumulated in the body which can also endanger life. The major role of molybdenum in such conditions is that it stimulates the urinary system which in turn ensures the proper disposal of water, urea, and other such waste products from the body. 

Molybdenum has also been found to be beneficial in stimulating other excretory organs like skin to eliminate the waste in the form of sweat. By the formation of uric acid, molybdenum also helps in the process of removal of nitrogenous waste products from the body. The other significant role of molybdenum in the body is that it helps in the metabolism of drugs in the body thereby reducing the risk of developing harmful side effects.

Supports the immune system to prevent anemia 

Because of the inadequate amounts of hemoglobin in the red blood cells, anemia occurs where the efficiency of carrying oxygen from the lungs to other body parts is compromised. The most commonly occurring symptoms of anemia include tiredness and weakness along with shortness of breath, dizziness, and headaches. In such conditions, molybdenum plays a major role in supporting the immune system as it stimulates the immune system to overcome disease in the body. Molybdenum is extremely beneficial in the treatment of anemia as it mobilizes the iron that is present in the body thereby reducing the symptoms of anemia. Molybdenum also interacts with vitamin B2 for the increased production of iron along with hemoglobin which in turn helps in the formation of an adequate number of red blood cells.

Helps in controlling inflammation and autoimmune disorders 

The various body parts that can get affected by autoimmune disorders are the heart, skin, joints along with the nervous, respiratory, digestive, and excretory systems and are characterized by pain and swelling which occurs as a result of inflammation in the body. To fight and elicit an adequate immune response, various minerals such as molybdenum are required by the body. Molybdenum contributes to the process of reducing inflammation in the body as it reduces the number of copper levels that are potent inflammatory agents. Molybdenum has also been found to prevent the occurrence of liver damage from drugs like acetaminophen and heart damage from doxorubicin which is an antibiotic. 

Activates sulfite oxidase for the treatment of asthmatic allergies 

Asthma is a condition where shortness of breath occurs as a result of allergy triggered by various stimulants such as pollen, dust, pets, or environmental toxins. In conditions like sulfite-induced asthma, molybdenum has been known to detoxify sulfites which act as its triggers. Molybdenum also stimulates the production of sulfite oxidase which promotes adequate immune response in such allergic reactions. 

Increases detoxification in the body 

One of the most effective alternative techniques to eliminate wastes and reduce the severity of the disease is carried out by the process of detoxification in various health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, joint pain, asthma, cholesterol, and others. Molybdenum intake reduces the harmful bacteria and toxins in the body and minimizes the symptoms associated with inflammation in the body. Molybdenum also prevents the depletion of vitamin B which is essential for carrying out a wide range of metabolic activities in the body. 

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