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May 12 2021



The most vital organ monitoring and looking over every other activity within the body is your Brain. It requires a large amount of intensive care and critical efforts into making sure it’s functioning smoothly and undergoing replenishment as and when needed. 

As humans age, their brain starts getting older, registering certain diminishing functions, and your memory, as well as concentration powers, could get affected. This is why it becomes increasingly important to delve into methodologies or techniques to keep our brain churning, keep it working constantly and help it regain the lost pace as life progresses. 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we’ve got a batch of simple brain-stimulating and revitalizing solutions for your cognitive health, ensuring a smooth transition across all ages. You could invest in some of these for rejuvenated brain functioning:

Triple Ginseng tablets with the powers of Korean, Siberian, and American ginseng extracts, helping to stimulate brain cells by increasing your focusing powers. 

Milk Thistle (Silymarin) softgels that contribute to replenishing brain health after strenuous activities. 

Biotin capsules containing Vitamin B7 that works towards improving your memory and retention powers. 

Omega-3 Double Strength Fish Oil softgels for improved overall cognitive functioning and consistency in brain activities.

We’ve tried making things easier for you by curating a list of scientifically proven and beneficial brain-stimulating methods in a concise manner: 

Physical Well-being is Key to Brain Health 

Your all-around wellness is guaranteed when you give equal attention to both, your mental and physical well-being. You should try indulging in physically stimulating exercises like performing squats, skipping, benchpresses, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. Simply signing up for the gym only to pay it quarterly or bi-annual visits is a big no. Try invigorating physical peace and serenity by practicing mindfulness and yoga techniques - switch to calm mediation processes to gradually synchronize your mind’s activities. Within a few weeks, you shall experience a sense of bliss and fulfillment spread into your life, shifting your brain health for the better. 

Join Dance classes or simply watch Videos to learn

Dancing stimulates your hormonal workflows and encourages a steady supply of blood to your arteries, energizing your weakened brain cells too. Memorizing new dance moves and routines in a month or so can help revitalize your memory and concentration powers. It’s regardless of what type of dance you indulge in - be it Zumba or Salsa or Jazz or Ballroom dancing, benefits are tremendous and assured. In today’s digital age, you won’t even need to sign up for classes if you’re not seriously passionate, just browse through YouTube’s vast variety of videos and dance away! 

Improve your Dietary habits

Your body’s control center deserves healthy nourishment which is only obtainable from the type of food you consume. Inculcating healthy nutritional habits will pave the way for empowering your brain in the right direction and accelerate its memorizing and retention powers too. Try consuming high amounts of Omega-3 fatty fish substances, turmeric, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, unsaturated oils like olive oil, etc. as these have immense positive effects on your cognitive health. 

Manage your Lifestyle disease levels

For those diagnosed with lifestyle sicknesses like Diabetes, cardiovascular problems like hypertension, Cholesterol, etc. need to keep a constant check on their health levels. Always monitor and maintain health records when you go for routine physical checkups, and effectively follow the medication procedure recommended by your attending physician. Sometimes, your lifestyle sickness could be a risk factor for developing brain-related disorders or conditions like early onset of dementia, anxiety, depression, or scarier diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. An efficient way to control your lifestyle symptoms would be healthy nutritional intake, weight management, maintaining an active lifestyle, reducing stress, avoiding alcohol and tobacco use. 

Work on Enhancing your Vocabulary skills

Were you aware that training your brain to comprehend new vocabulary words and terminologies every day is a great way to enhance your brain health? Sharpening your memory by recalling words is a vital way to involve maximum parts of your creative brain and thereby potentiate your overall brain development. Cognitive upskilling by strengthening your vocabulary is helpful for visual and auditory health too. 

Focus on using all your Senses in a single instance

Picture this scenario for a clear example: You’re visiting a restaurant near your home. You visualize the path to your seating area, you touch the forks and spoons to set them on the table, you hear the waiter calling out your order, you then proceed to sniff at your freshly delivered meal and then munch away to taste your scrumptious order. In this manner, utilizing all the five senses you train your mental functions into churning all at once, which is a great cognitive exercise as per renowned scientists. 

Learn a new Skill to involve all your brain parts

Asynchronous collaboration between all your brain parts takes place when you learn a new skill. This could be learning to swim or ride a bicycle or wood chopping or even something basic like watering your plants. As long as the activity involves you following a fixed set of instructions with cause-and-effect instances. This drives your brain into memorizing smaller movements and motions associated with the said activity, as it learns these minor actions, it becomes stronger and gets refreshed! 

Vibe to some Soothing Music

Enhance your brain’s activity further by jamming to some good music, try staying away from vigorous or extremely fast-paced tracks as this sets your heart rate into Overspeed too. Listening to happy melodies and positive lyrics sets the brain into an optimistic mood and promotes innovative thinking. Another great method is to learn a musical instrument, as this also contributes towards learning a new skill, offering double the stimulation your brain deserves. 

Pay More Attention to your Interactions

The next time you mingle with a person or a group of people, start taking mental notes. This is a great Kickstarter for churning your brain when you’re stuck facing awkward conversations or left speechless for a while. Try noticing tiny things about the person you’re talking to, their dressing sense, the way they phrase their words, their intonations, and gestures, facial expressions, etc. Keep these things in mind, try noting down your observations in a small diary at home. This refreshes your memory and enhances your retention skills. 

Push yourself towards more Strategizing Games

Your mind needs a certain push to help drive those wheels into developing sound yet insightful thoughts. For this purpose, strategizing games form an effective way to instill greater brain volume in many regions of your brain. You could indulge in card games like solitaire, hearts, bridge, poker or even learning a few magic tricks online. Another powerful technique is solving jigsaw puzzles, be it small 5-10 min ones or even 3-4 day-long puzzles that cover up a vast expanse with their miniature pieces. This helps slow down your visuospatial cognitive aging and helps you conquer vital brain activity. 

In this manner, by following the aforementioned brain-stimulating activities, you could diverge into a powerful and augmented segment of your life, progressing towards revolutionizing your cognitive abilities and surpassing the rest with your memory retention, concentration, and problem-solving skills!

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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