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April 26 2021



If you are not taking proper care of what you are eating and how much amount of vitamins does it contain then you are somewhere closer to acquiring a vitamin deficiency. A balanced diet is something that is prepared in such a way that it can take care of your overall nutrition and vitamin requirement. You alone might not be able to know the exact amount of vitamins or the king of vitamins that a food product might contain. Another drawback could be the vitamin deficiency that you might be going through, without proper information and the right amount of knowledge regarding the kinds of problems that you can face there are little chances that you can save yourself so all we can do is to accumulate all the required information about the subject matter.

How to identify vitamin deficiency?

Nails and hair: Biotin that is responsible for your gorgeous and healthy-looking nails and hair can at the same time damage them as well. Biotin is the other name for Vitamin B7 that can make the nails and hair turn brittle. If you want to avoid such a thing happening to you then start to add a lot of biotin-rich food to your diet also use products that are biotin-rich.

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Ulcers in the mouth:

This is the commonest thing that mainly goes unnoticed and we often tend to ignore it anywhere. As most of us do not consider it to be the cause of any deficiency in the body. Everything or every change that occurs in our body is the result of some of the other changes. If we observe them minutely then we can understand our body in a more precise and good way which would also prove to be healthy and beneficial for us. 

Mouth ulcers occur when our body is trying to signal us that we are deficient in one or the other vitamin. Though another cause of mouth ulcers can be the stomach heat that can be cured by avoiding spices and consuming food items that are cool and soothing in texture. Cracks can also develop on the sides of your mouth if you are deficient in some vitamins. Eating fish, pulses, and other green leafy vegetables is a good way to cure mouth ulcers naturally and also to improve your health. 

Bleeding gums:

If you are experiencing some bleeding in your gums then this is a clear signal of vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is responsible for your healthy gums. Including a lot of citric fruits like lemon, oranges, and grapefruit, can help. If the situation persists for quite a long then you should consult a doctor. One confusion that most of us go through when witness bleeding gums is that it might because of some cuts but it’s not so. Now you know the exact cause of having some bleeding gums. 

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Difficult night vision:

If you are facing difficulty at night with something related to your night vision then this may have to do something directly to vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to a situation that is called beriberi, in such a condition you would be able to see clearly throughout the day but will have much difficulty during the night time. You can experience blurred vision. Treating such a case is important as it can lead to some accident in the night as well.

Hair fall:

Now this is no disease but is a cause of some deficiency. Vitamin B3 which is also known as niacin plays a vital role in strengthening your hair and maintaining them. Deficiency of B3 can lead to hair fall in the initial stage and after that if the deficiency continues to persist it can also cause the appearance of small hairless patches on the scalp. Though zinc and iron are other elements the deficiency of which can lead to hair fall. Eating lots of leafy vegetables is the simplest way to avoid most of the problems and deficiencies.

Restless leg syndrome:

The restless leg syndrome makes you and your legs way too restless. It is a syndrome in which you don’t feel like sitting at all or in other words even if you are tired there would always be a sensation in your legs persuading them to move constantly and so some work that is why this syndrome has been named as the restless leg syndrome. There is also a feeling or vibration sensation going on in the legs. Some may also feel their legs shivering or fidgeting without any cause. This is a deficiency related disorder.

These are some of the multivitamin deficiencies that can happen at any time. Some of them are extreme cases that happen over a long period when appropriate attention has not been paid to the problem and the problem has been neglected for a long time. Doing this can land in much greater difficulty. So it is best to keep a check beforehand and prevent any such situation. 

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