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April 26 2021

Hair, skin and nails, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, capsules

Hair, skin and nails, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, capsules

Nails are the protein extensions that cover the front delicate portion of our fingers. The nails rest on the nail bed and can grow long. Nails are now the vestigial part of our body. Vestigial organs or parts are something that in a sense is the unnecessary organ. Though nails were developed to form claws or to protect us in the ancient days, now they are basically of not much use to us. However, they are a part of our body and need to be taken care of. If not some many deformities and diseases can attack them and spoil them as well. 

Nail related problems

Acral Lentiginous Melanoma:

This is the first one of the nail problem which can also be addressed as the dark streak. In this condition, a dark black colored streak starts to appear on the nails. This could appear on any nail whether it be of your toes or hands. If the dark streak is melanoma then its treatment becomes very difficult in the latter stages but there is a sign of relief as all the dark black streaks do not always indicate a melanoma. Sometimes it could be some other problem or rather a deficiency of something.


The second one on the list is Onycholysis which is also known as lifting the nail. In such a condition the nail starts to leave the nail bed and rises upwards. This is a condition that can result from some kind of fungal infection. It should also be noted that not every nail lift can be a disease many times a condition that is similar to nail lift can arise because of some beauty treatment that is a manicure. Manicures if not properly done can lead to such operations. Another cause could be the trimming of nails. If not done with precision then it can lead the complete nail to chip off. The commonest reason remains an injury.


In this condition, the skin around the nail becomes swollen and gets reddened. This can be a painful condition and can also lead to severe consequences if not treated properly. 

There is one more variation to paronychia when the redness around the nail also turns greenish-black. There is a discolouration of the nail accompanied by the pain.


Pitted nails is another disorder that can occur. Though there are several other diseases linked to it the exact cause is still unknown. In this condition holes or dents develop on the nail giving it a very absurd look. 

Yellow nail syndrome:

This is no disease but just a way of your body telling you about the harmful substances that the beautiful looking nail paints contain. Paint colour looks appealing from but much of the danger lurks inside. Such things turn out to be bad for your nails. Nail paints contain heavy amounts of zinc which can lead to discoloration of your nails. Nails turning yellow is a commonest example. It’s not that, that you applied nail paint and suddenly it will turn yellow but this condition happens either if you are using some cheap quality nail paints containing zinc and other harmful elements or you either always keep your nails covered with nail paint. Nails do need to be left in the original state as they are for some time. If you are someone who likes applying nail paints then give your nails a regular break and always apply some good quality nail paint. 

Beau Lines:

These are the grooves that get formed somewhere in the middle of your nails. It is like a depression in the form of a line that appears. There is nothing to worry about in groove lines and hence this condition goes away in a short time. It is possible that the nail might not grow for some time till the time the groove stays but will regain its normal shape.

Stress is said to be one of the major causes. It could also be the side effects of some other problem.

Ram’s Horn Nail:

This is a condition that has to do with your genes. If a member of your family has suffered from this disorder before then you are more likely to contact it as the traces of it would be present in your DNA. In this condition, the nail becomes very thick and a nail overgrowth is seen. Such a condition could be very obnoxious to look at but can be cured with proper consultation and medications.

Spoon-shaped nail:

In this condition as the name suggests the nail turns into the shape of a spoon. Though it is very difficult to imagine such a situation or condition it is very true. Poor nutrition is one of the top-ranked reason for the occurrence of spoon shape nail. Another reason is celiac disease. Celiac disease is a condition in which the walls of the small intestine become very sensitive to any gluten substance that is present in food. For such people, it is advised to stop the consumption of gluten-rich products such as wheat. 


This is the term for curved nails. Curved nail is a situation in which the nails start to feel spongy and get curved. In the initial stage, clubbing is hard to detect as it is very normal and people confuse it to be the regular shape of their nails but it isn’t so. When clubbing occurs fingertips and the area around the nail bed becomes swollen.

This was all about the nail and its related disorders. Though all these nail disorders can be a bit new and weird in a sense all of them are genuine nail problems that people face. To avoid such problems you can also go for some nail supplements. Try out Alvizia’s nail and hair combo capsules.

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