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February 27 2021



The one thing you can maintain even without exercising - your Nails! 

This blog targets all you beautiful women that wish to create a style statement and display their finesse in a simple yet efficient manner - using their precious nails. Now mind you, this isn’t a fashion-focused article since we’re sure you’ve got pretty amazing options to undergo nail-designing and artwork. Through this data, we present to you significant techniques and tips to provide accurate and seamless nail care to your dainty companions, without much hassle, and with minimal expense! 

It’s a well-known fact that one can determine your hygiene just by having a glance at your nails. Maintaining proper etiquette requires you to showcase them regularly, be it at a restaurant surrounded by your loved ones or while traveling, or even when you’re sitting in the comforts of your home. It’s the common human courtesy to invest some amount of time and effort into making your nails look

clean, presentable, and most importantly, healthy! When well taken care of, nails tend to boost one’s confidence and give you that surge of energy to get through a rough and hectic day! 

Here are a few necessary tips, well-acclaimed by plenty of dermatologists, for you to efficiently maintain your nails and gift them to care and comfort they deserve! 

- Keep them Clean, Keep them Dry 

Always ensure you wash your hands and your fingernails thoroughly after digging into a delicious meal because leftover particles tend to remain embedded below the lengthened nail or get stuck into the nail bed for a prolonged time. To maintain a healthy set of nails, it’s vital to keep tabs on their general outlook, wipe away any greasy/oily residues, get rid of stuck dirt/debris, and polish the skin around your nails too. Wet nails are a breeding ground for bacteria to settle in and create long-term problems like possible infections. 

- Retain your Nail Length

It’s okay for you to get overly excited and maybe outgrow your nails once in a while, maybe for an occasion or for your fancy. However, uneven nails are an unpleasant sight for anyone around you and call for trouble. Having extremely long nails, if not well-managed and maintained, could lead to impromptu breakage or sudden clips and disrupt the integrity of your nails. It’s always advised to select a certain length and have all your nails replicate it. Regular trimming, filing, and shaping could do the trick. 

- Refrain from Biting your Nails

Most people tend to chip off their nails when they bite or nibble them when anxious or in deep thoughts or even out of sheer habit. This makes them uneven, rough at the edges, and is an unsanitary habit. This also causes severe damage to the nail bed and cuticle. When in contact with saliva from your mouth, nails tend to get weak and brittle, making them an easy target to breakage. On the other hand, biting your nails could lead to dirt and debris from your nails to enter your digestive system, causing infections or illnesses. 

- Moisturize your Nails Gently

When working with dainty things like your nails, a gentle approach is the best approach. Avoid using harsh nail paints or nail oils, roughly handling your nailbeds, or excessive rubbing. This makes those regions brittle and hampers nail health. A wet toothbrush or even mild soap could be used instead. Flakiness makes delicate nails chip off or sheds layers in some people. This could be avoided by using hand creams, moisturizing oils, cuticle oils, or even lip balm. Natural ingredients like almond or avocado oil could also help keep your nails shiny and healthy. 

- Apply a Base Coat at all Times

Yes, you read it right! We advise you to apply a base layer of coating using a trusted company at all times. This is whether you wish to apply a coating of nail polish or do nail art or even just nothing at all. Having a base coat prevents your nails from chipping easily, delivers a smooth texture and shine, and acts similar to sunscreen. It has a protectant action, preventing the nails from getting stained easily. This keeps them prepped and primed and retains their color even after a hectic day. 

- Be aware of the Contents of your Nail Polish

Treat your nail polishes as important medicinal drugs. Just as you make sure to check the ingredients and safety warning instructions like adverse reactions or side effects on your drugs before consuming them, make sure to read through the contents on the back or bottom of your nail paint bottles. Toxic chemicals could cause more harm than good, leading to serious infections or making your cuticles brittle. Nail splitting or cracking is enhanced due to these. Animal-derived ingredients are a heartless approach in the industry and should be avoided at all costs. 

- Avoid using your Nails as Tools

We are quite used to using our nails to scrub out dirt or dust from narrow corners of furniture or using them as a bottle opener or removing stickers from, particularly difficult surfaces. This leads to weakened nailbeds and adds a lot of pressure on your cuticles, making them brittle and prone to breakage. Your nails should be treated with the utmost care and not be used for such hasty tasks. Wear gloves for protection while washing utensils or cleaning rough surfaces to avoid easy chipping of nails. 

- Stay Clear of Gels and Acrylics

We’re aware that gels and acrylics work towards beautifying your nails and giving them the desired outlook you were aiming for, but they cause more trouble than you may notice. Acrylics have been reported to damage the nailbeds, causing dents in otherwise healthy nails. Their toxic chemicals are a big No for your cuticles. 

- Your Nails Require Supplements too!

When damaged or brittle, supplements help restore the essential nail health you were aiming for. For renewal of your cuticles and strengthening, nourishing, and conditioning them, investing in some choice nutritional supplements benefits your nail health. So, make the wise decision to consume these to help nourish your nail growth and overall vitality, keeping them brittle-free and glowing! 

At Alvizia Healthcare, we come fully prepared with acclaimed ingredients like vitamins required for maintaining healthy cuticles along with their many added benefits as mentioned below: 

Hair, Skin and Nails Formula (28 vital  ingredients like biotin, collagen, and vitamin E supplements for enhanced nail care).

Biotin (water-soluble vitamin B7 capsules to enrich your nail health). 

This article is the sole opinion of the author and Alvizia Healthcare holds no responsibility for the content. *

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